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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> hmm... the part about "mom does pretty much nothing after laying the eggs" sounds lovely from here! ;) I'm sure you're right, as I ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 03-30-2013, 11:51 AM   #291
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hmm... the part about "mom does pretty much nothing after laying the eggs" sounds lovely from here! ;)

I'm sure you're right, as I said, I've never kept these fish before, so haven't done the research. To the best of my understanding, they do not have anal fins. The diagram above shows the many different fin-types on one fish - but in reality, you will NEVER see a single fish with EVERY one ;)

As for the illness, if it is something that you won't be able to get fully rid of, that's an even better reason not to add stock to a sick tank - even when it's stable. I do hope you figure out how to get this thing gone, though. *sigh*

Good luck over there!
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Old 03-30-2013, 02:14 PM   #292
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Yeah, that was dumb of me, wasn't it? lol I thought for sure it was gone since no other fish got it after the initial ones that died. x.x Ah, what suckiness. I'm hoping it's not that and is something else, and with enough medications and cleaning it'll be gone for good. But how will I know when it goes all stable like? x.x
What's worse though, the baby mollies I added in there, and five or six others as well, I had added in some baby swordtails and red calico platies mere hours before I noticed yuck! Tried to make room in my nursery(which isn't doing the should be fine soon though, I think I have the BAD fixed up, now to let the fixed filter do its job of clearing the murk, with a tad of help from stress coat/zyme+ and water clarifier. The babies don't seem bothered by the murk like I am. The initial ones were killed from lack of oxygen)They seem to be doing as well as the other fish that didn't get sick. I am wondering if I am mistaken this time too...That gold molly that has whatever...he just looks like he's got some severe clenching going on. I was sure it was the Yuck again, still thinking it is...but no others are even showing signs of anything, just him. I can hope, right? xD I am hoping.

Speaking of the nursery, yes, all the babies are still doing fine, but I cannot find that baby molly that initially survived. I am hopeful he's just hiding, but I think I lost him, I figured I would but I had hoped not.
Ah yes, I have two blue platy babies...or so they look! I think those were the two I saved from my bumblebee platy. o-o; I do not know. I have no male blue platies, and it is entirely possible one of my females dropped some babies along with another mother, so who knows! They look old enough to be my bumblebee babies...I have no yellows. x.x I was so hopeful they'd be like her. But the only males I had to breed with her were a panda and red tiger. lol I dunno how I got blue babies if the blue females didn't slip. One of them seems to be a mickey mouse, the other looks like it has twin-bar markings on its tail. Both have scattered stripes and spots too. They're so cute. I hope I have better luck this time and can raise them to adult-hood. I'd love to see how they turn out! It's usually the babies I have my eyes on from the start that end up dying one way or another, but for once I hope I get some luck! I say this a lot, but I really need some luck, and so do they.

Well, I'm gonna crash, been up about a day and a half again. LOL Happy Easter! Or Happy Sunday, if you don't celebrate...or Happy Egg Day? lol I'm gonna try to be up for it, my days and nights have been messed up back and forth forever. Every time I reset to sleep at night, someone kills that by leaving the heat on 74 and a light in my face. Hate that. But hey, I'm sure I'll get to spend about half of the day with everyone. I am hoping since I am so tired I'll sleep the rest of the day and most of the night. ^_~
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Old 03-31-2013, 11:35 AM   #293
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Yeah, I gotta do good and bad updates all at once, bad news is always first. ^^; Good news later makes it less hard to take...

Well, Bad News: My grandma's Julii Cories died, all three over night. I think my mom went overboard with cleaning sprays. v.v; She sprayed the stairs, which are on the other side of the house, with fabreeze...we have 14 steps or so and she sprayed each one about ten times. x.x Good lord! I shudder to think what she may have done near the tank. It did not occur to me to tell her to open doors and windows and cover the tank! I was so tired when I went to bed yesterday, nothing much occurred to me. Poor things.
I managed to save the betta though. He was being a bit sluggish, I brought him up here, cleaned out the five gallon completely and filled it with water from my only tank that HASN'T had any problems since November, added in some beneficial bacteria and pre-conditioned water with a little extra conditioner and stuff just in case. And then I added fry. I added in a few guppies, swordtails and platies. They look like they've been colored up for Easter, so I think the kids will enjoy that. Hopefully everything will be ok, it'll be perfect for a temporary nursery for a handfull of small fry, but not for long. lol

Anywho, slightly better news: My Silver Lyretail I've had for a while is acting laborey. I can see a nice big black blot in her belly and she's being slow and acting like she's pushing, so I am hopeful I will get some Easter Babies! I have learned it doesn't always happen just because they act like that, but I always remain hopeful. xD

Ah yes, that sick Gold Molly is doing much better, can still tell he was sick but he's looking so much better. Never did really slow him down! lol He's a pretty boy, I hope he survives and doesn't have any lasting effects. My blue platies had this thing last year...I thought it was Ich! I treated it as I would ich and that saved them thankfully, they have no lasting effects and haven't been sick since. Hopefully this bug will go away like that. I still dunno what it is. ^^; But it's nowhere NEAR as bad as it was when it hit my ten gallon last...I dunno, August maybe. I dunno why I didn't realize it sooner, salt and heat do the trick! I have salt in there, and the other meds mentioned, and it's working. ;D I am officially very hopeful I wont lose anyone at all to it this time. I have had this three times, but no fish that had the infection has ever gotten it twice, I'm hoping it's like chicken pox without the shingles.

Also have a video I just took of the tank today. ^_^ I am loving how fast the plants are growing! Other than that ugly vase I intend to "accidentally" break very soon, it's really starting to be a fine looking tank. Now to grow everything to like a foot and a half and pile it around more. xD
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Old 03-31-2013, 01:14 PM   #294
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Awwww, man! Poor Cories. *cries*

The plants are growing well in there now! It's getting there. . . the BEST tanks are always those that were done slowly over time, I think :)
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Old 03-31-2013, 03:10 PM   #295
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Well, a lot of those plants were grown in my other tanks over the last two years or so, so I guess I could say I did it slowly. lol But I did buy several more as well to just pile in there. The reason for that being because of unexpected fry...if I can even call it unexpected anymore. =p And because it helps support all those fish! They love it, and so do I, but I'm sure it helps them appreciate their home a lot more. If all goes well, those plants should be pretty big and fluffy within a year. Afterall, I seem to be pretty good with plants once they actually start doing well if nothing happens. My anubias went from like three inches to over a foot in a year.
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Old 04-01-2013, 11:12 AM   #296
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Nope, no Easter Babies. lol I think my pregnant girls are holding just to spite me. ^_~
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Old 04-03-2013, 06:44 PM   #297
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Well, the moms to be keep acting like they're gonna pop, but then they don't. I don't think my mollies gave me this much trouble before, but they do enough. LOL No froglets either, I haven't seen my male even try in a few days now. =( He was trying for about a week there, several times daily...but either the females are too stubborn, or just aren't ready to mate! Because he sure seems stubborn enough like females look for in males. @_@;

On a brighter note than usual, I've had no fish deaths from this most recent yuck outbreak, it is clearing up quite nicely. The little gold male is looking almost normal, still a bit slow in the tail, but I imagine that will be all in the past soon.

And that anubias, it no longer looks that funny. It musta sprouted twenty new leaves since it's been in that tank! It still has three that are taller than the rest, but I'll just call those antennae or something. My little alien plant. lol The other plants are doing well too. The newer anubias I got, I was worried about it, but it perked up. Usually when I get a damaged leaf, the whole leaf dies, but this one healed up even after about a quarter of the leaf was ripped off when I moved it to get fry a while back. I still think it'll eventually start to die, but for now it's'll be a silly looking plant withot that one, but there are three or four nice new ones coming in. I'm hoping not to have to clip that off until those get a tad bigger. So long as it stays green, I'll leave it be. Another plant is not so lucky in my twenty gallon. I've got all the same stuff in there that I do for my 55 gallon, but it just isn't doing well. Two in fact, one anubias and one el nino fern, just falling apart, even with root tabs next to them and fertilizers and Co2 boosts. x.x Only so much I can do, unfortunately. I don't want to over-dose the tank and hurt the fish! They'll either perk up or they wont. Oh well, I have many plants doing well now, so if they do die, I can transport others at a later date.

Ah yes, my black molly. Dunno if I mentioned she was having issues, I thought she may have had a swim-bladder issue, but she sorted it out in two days. I think she was constipated, she always perks right up after a bit of peas and salt. Haven't seen her have a problem in about two days now. Everyone perks up when peas are involved. lol My fish really love those, I may have to start giving them twice a week instead of just once again. They get so happy! And stay that way. My plecos enjoy them as well.

And for the juveniles I put in a while back, they're still doing good. All of them but one platy has even become brave enough to hang and eat with the group. My male swordtail is very fond of one youngin...a swordtail I hope it is a female. He's the only swordtail I have aside from the babies, my others died quite a while ago...I was debating on getting him some females, and maybe I will some day, but not now, especially since there are a few babies I wish to keep, I hope they'll be females, but one male wont hurt if the rest are girls. lol Not to mention my tanks recent yuck activities, I'ma wait a few months unless one really, really strikes my fancy...I've been avoiding the shops for that reason. Still WAY too young to tell if it's a female. I hear males don't grow in their swords until they're between six months to a year old! Most commonly between the eight month mark and 12 month mark.

They sure do mature slowly compared to mollies. My platies, guppies and swordtails grow very slow. The swordtails being only three days younger and are still not even the size the mollies were when I added them into the main tank over a month ago. Guppies seem to grow a bit faster than platies and swordtails, but mollies are like...monsters. Speed-growing little weeds I tell ya! The molly that has so many spots, I think I'll call her Koi, because she looks like a koi. lol And she seems to be sweet and has a funny personality like her mom...

Speaking of her mom, she is going through grump-mode again. I think she's got another brood. That'd be nice. lol I can see a dark spot in her belly. You know I'm always happy when she's pregnant! She obviously not. She seems to get very grumpy about two weeks in or so. At least that is my guess, it's impossible to tell. Since she's a big fish, and girthy to boot, it's always been hard to tell if she was even pregnant! I have decided if I notice her getting big again like last time, I am going to move my betta and frogs to the 55 gallon, the betta in a pen of sorts, I'm gonna see if I can make a proper, giant net myself, the breeding pens are too small...maybe I'll just do that for mom instead of moving people! It can't be that hard, right? lol Something big, comfy and has good flow through it....Dunno why I never thought of it before! I just need to find a kind of meshing or netting that will work and not hurt the fish. I'm thinking if I can find THAT, I can make one about a foot long in length, about ten inches in width, and about a foot deep or so...with the plastic beams from my failed divider. :3 That should be big enough for them to be in without freaking and being too stressed for a few days, right? Unlike those little 4-6 inch ones, they're nearly as long as miss Creamsicle is! I may even be able to devise a way to put plants in besides floating ones and have then survive well.

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Old 04-06-2013, 07:14 PM   #298
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Yup, another update. lol

No babies yet! Bah. I have several females looking like they're about to explode, but they wont. And I can't blame them, I had an ammonia spike! So far it's bein handled well in my opinion, unfortunately I only just found it yesterday when I did my test. I always do a test before a water change to see if I need to do anything extra, and the tank had gone ten days without a change because I was medicating and not suppose to, and with little nippers in there to make an extra mess of uneaten yeah, spike. Unfortunately my guppy with the chip out of his tail got some light ammonia burns and I lost my BRIGHT red and black variatus male...males are really delicate, gebus. My boys always die! =( And always the pretty ones too. I'm just gonna start getting ugly fish. x.x; Anywho, did a big 45% change, added in some Ammo-Carb and stress zyme/stress coat to boot. They all look much better now. They were getting slow.

As for my variatus...huh, none of my other fish have hit that skinny problem aside from the hi-fin variatus and my regular variatus. I went from four to one, and she's not looking so hot either. Skinny! I've been trying to get in some extra meaty foods and veggies to help keep up the weight, she's showing a tad improvement, but the male who died with the spike was not, just like a skeleton he was. What a shame, they're VERY pretty fish! -sigh- I wish I knew what this skinny sickness was, it seems to ONLY be affecting my variatus fish and nobody else. It's been going on for a few months now with them and has yet to strike others, I hope it wont. If my female dies, or if she gets better, I will not be replacing them for at least three or four+ months, I want to be sure it's good and gone, whatever it is. Such nice fish they were. =( I was hoping my red male would have babies with my female that has the bumblebee platy coloring, more black splotches and specks and a bright red tail. I have noticed her improving in weight lately, and I'm hoping it's due to getting better and not pregnancy! The last two who had this got pregnant and died after giving birth, babies soon followed. =(

Well, I've made a bit of a change, I hope I don't mess things up! Since I am terrified to buy new cories to go with the two Emeralds and two Schwartz I have...I have moved them to the ten gallon tank. The main reason I did it was actually because one of my emeralds decided she couldn't wait for me to get sand substrate in my 55 gallon, I shoulda done it in the first place! She only has one and a half barbels left. =( Darn, and here I thought I had enough plants and soft enough gravel to keep that from happening! My ten gallon is the only tank with sand, though I may move -everything- over to the twenty gallon once my babies are older. I have enough sand for it. =) Well, they all seem happy about it, and my betta is leaving them alone. I was gonna move him if there were problems, but he's gotten used to everything. ^^; Geez, one of my cories just shot up to the top and bounced around spitting sand everywhere...Wouldn't think they'd have issues with sand since it's where they should be! But I suppose they need to get used to it, I hope it doesn't cause a problem.

Anywho, do you think that tank is considered over-stocked? I have a LOT of plants, the tank has been settled forever, four ADF's, one betta, four cories and some trumpet snails(One zebra nerite snail, almost forgot him). I moved all the larger snails out, and the older trumpet snails as well, so I have a handful of the young ones I was sent. I'm debating on moving two, or all, of the frogs to the 55 gallon tank once everything is for sure settled regardless.
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Old 04-07-2013, 06:41 AM   #299
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I'm SURE you'll be able to come up with the perfect thing to keep mom happy, it's a great idea! Why don't you just section off a portion of the tank, instead of doing a hanging job? Or am I misreading that. . . either way, good plan. Moving from tank to tank is stressful on the fish - and you!

Y'know what you need, Sylver?? (and this would be AWESOME, but impossible!) You need hamster-type-tubes connecting the tanks. But with little partitions? So you could get momma to go into one, then block her off from the rest of the tank. . . and she could swim her lil' butt over into the nursery tank all on her own. *nods* THAT would be perfect for you :)

K sorry, haven't had my coffee yet today, lol!!!

I have no idea if the 10g is considered overstocked. I would think so. . . but you know, I would consider it fully stocked with just 4 ADF, lol. *shrugs* Just be careful and keep a close eye on it. . . I hope the little ones barbels recover soon :(

STILL have to update the kindy thread. . . but I'm pretty sure I got the skinny sickness with the treatment I used. We've had no more losses. I agree with you in that the hifins seem to be more susceptible, though I lost regular Platy to whatever we had going through that tank, too. I hope you get it gone. What a nightmare. .

Glad to hear your anubias is popping out leaves like nobody's business! I love those plants, they're so pretty :D

How's the duckweed working out for you? Do you love it, or hate it like the rest of the world? Your little MTS faring well? :)
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Sylverclaws (04-07-2013)
Old 04-07-2013, 01:39 PM   #300
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Well, I was getting mixed answers from people about whether or not that'd be an over-stocked tank. x.x I'm sure it'll be alright. Just so junk doesn't pile up and get spikes going, and so I don't have to over-clean, I'll do mini-cleans here and there like I do with my fry tank.

Yeah, I was talking about something that hangs for a breeder net....just a giant net really. I've found dividing the tank is too much of a hassle and does not want to be done, someone ALWAYS finds a way to escape or get I figured I go the thorough route and make a box where I know it's blocked off. lol Something I can remove when I need to, or pop in if I think it necessary.

Ah, the duckweed does not like my tank. It all just kinda melted away except in my five, ten and 55 gallon tanks, it does NOT seem to like the twenty, just turned transparent and melted away. I got a little left I'm trying to save and re-grow. The twenty is the one that needs it. I wonder if that ammonia spike had anything to do with it...I thought it ate ammonia. o-o The temp is kept at about 79-81 in all of my tanks except the 5 gallon which is at about 78...maybe it didn't like it warm. I just let it go in the five gallon and it stays in one side of the tank and looks happy, but it's in the breeder nets in the other tanks. lol Could that be the issue? I dunno! It's very unfortunate though. =(

As for the snails, they're doing well. I moved some to the 55 gallon tank where they seem right happy(mostly the bigger ones I rescued from the petshop where they were trying to poison them all, I think some of the smaller ones came over on plants I transplanted), but most of the smaller ones stayed in the ten gallon with sand substrate. They seem to not care and like both tanks. They've grown a bit since I got them too. ^_^ Sometimes I can't find them in the ten gallon unless I look for bumps in the sand or tracks. lol In the big tank they also hide in the gravel sometimes, but for the most part they hang out on the logs I got in there, or between the plants.

OH! I almost forgot to mention...about two hours after I moved the cories, my two emeralds started getting...lovey. More than the normal sweet cory cuddles. I thought they were both the same sex, they're practically identical. >>; I am ever hopeful though. xD Ah, I've always wanted to try my hand at raising cories too, but they would never lay eggs! I'm keeping watch for them though. They will have that tank with the betta to themselves soon, I think I am going to move all the frogs just as soon as things are settled and stay that way for a while in the 55 gallon. Last thing I wanna do is put my sweet babies in a tank that will spike just for them and harm them. =(

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