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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Oops, edit time out again. lol Took forever to upload the photos, I shoulda done that first. Anywho, here's the big one. The other ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 03-26-2013, 05:41 PM   #281
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Oops, edit time out again. lol Took forever to upload the photos, I shoulda done that first. Anywho, here's the big one. The other two are hanging on the glass so I can only see their bellies. I shoulda gotten photos anyways. lol And yeah, my photos always come out grainy or smeared. >< So hey, Chesh, you can't complain about your awesome photos when no matter how I try, mine come out like this!

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Old 03-26-2013, 07:10 PM   #282
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I can! My thread is on the photography forum, so that I AM allowed to work on getting it right. . . we're all learning on our own level, neh? Pretty fish, though! If they're in your tank, they'll probably have babies. Hundreds of 'em!
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Old 03-28-2013, 06:59 PM   #283
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Meh, got a nasty in my tank again. I think it's the same one from before, looks like it. Lost a guppy this morning, she had NO marks on her, no problems with her mouth or eyes I could see, nothing on her tail, she was plump and looked healthy, no fungus or spots, I dunno what happened with her. Maybe it hit her inside. My young male gold molly on the other hand, his tail is covered in the white film-like yuck. I'm thinking some sort of columnaris(Spelling?) like last time. It looks like the same thing, I thought I had gotten rid of it! It's probable someone was still carrying it though, and something triggered it. Thankfully I have some of the meds left that worked last time. I have that Maracyn II. Using that with Melafix and salt. Turned up the heat a tad too. Hopefully that'll work before I lose anyone. The gold molly has it, but he seems to be dealing with it better than the two mollies I lost last time, I don't see anything on the other fish...but if last time was any indication, as well as this guppy I lost, it doesn't always SHOW. x.x Meh. Everyone else seems happy, eating, swimming about, mating. Got my two new mollies in the QT, but the QT wasn't big enough for my plecos...I doubt they brought it in's possible. Bah. They look fine though, going for food and such, but one was trying to eat the dead guppy, I hope he doesn't get whatever it is. I finally found what I wanted, nice and hardy, perfect size, look nice and are peaceful...that would be a real shame to lose them, I'll probably have trouble finding them again. =-=;
I'm actually wondering if my big male molly killed the guppy trying to mate. He is always after my guppies, but he's five times their size! That's be a heck of a way to go.

Well, guppy has not dropped babies yet. It's been about a month or so since I got her, she's still huge but not as much as she was...and has yet to drop, so that has me worried. At her size, she shoulda dropped within days of being purchased. If she is reabsorbing them, I hope it doesn't kill her. But the chances at THIS stage are fairly high that they will rot and kill her. v.v; Ah, love my bad luck!

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Old 03-29-2013, 12:31 AM   #284
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I haven't done a photo update in a while, let's do that! :3 The plants in the 55 gallon are really starting to look great, not that they didn't before...they look better now, especially that sword plant that was having trouble.

Flash on...had some trouble getting good shots without the flash for some reason today. I just couldn't get it, so I put it on stabilize...>>; Can't turn off the flash for that. I think it looks pretty cool though, even with my movies, books and anime in the back. I need to find a background thing soon:

And flash off, my usual thing:

THIS is how it looked right after I set it up on New Years Eve I think. I had moved everything over from my other tanks. The fish, substrate, plants, filter, water, as well as conditioned some new water since thirty gallons wasn't enough. It looked so bad. LOL I had actually added in the newer water two days before and let it condition and cycle a bit. Maybe that's why it was so bad, I probably shoulda just moved everything, ti woulda been like a big change over partially cycling it getting all the junk going.

This is how it looked about three weeks ago...I HATE that orange vase! I'd rather have a big driftwood tunnel or something:

A lot of changes, eh? And healing plants, less murk...I hate when it murks, but I expected that when I moved everything over. xD It cleared up in...I think within a month.
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Old 03-29-2013, 07:41 AM   #285
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You have to stop putting sad posts and happy posts back to back, I never know how to respond! I'm sorry your tank is sick again, did you add new creatures since the last time it happened?

The tanks are looking good! I'm very happy to see that you've gotten your little sword all root tabbed up and happy again :D More plants!!!

ETA: I saw this post somewhere around 2am, and it took me a minute to figure out how you'd managed to build a library into a fish tank. Dur. . . it's a neat effect, but a backround will be nice! You can just cut/tape pieces of poster board instead of spending the money on a 'real' backround. The posters are usually only 2/$1 or so at any crafty type store :)
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Old 03-29-2013, 10:30 AM   #286
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lol But I like my Library Tank. :3 It's so cool. If only all that stuff was stuff I liked. Most of that is old movies that belong to my grandparents. The books though, that's my special Book Shelf for my favorite books and Anime. Ah, and a few video games. ;D Grandma was gonna toss my stuff so the fish tank could go there, but I dragged the stand up so she couldn't. I can just crawl through to get to my stuff.
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Old 03-29-2013, 10:33 AM   #287
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HAHAHA! Books and fish are a great combo. I'm planning on turning my living room into a tank/library paradise!
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Old 03-30-2013, 03:57 AM   #288
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AKH! Oh dear...someone killed my blue/ivory mystery snail, the one that is always mating with my dark striped purple. I know someone did it because he was very active and healthy...and because someone literally ripped it apart! Who should I suspect more? The betta or the frogs? I am moving them. >>; I never thought such a thing would happen, and I'm not mistaken on it...I found most of him, he was chewed up and someone just ripped him from his shell. He was fine ten minutes before I found him dead! I just put food in for him and the other two, then I went to take the dog out and when I came back he was just trashed, his shell on one side of the tank, the rest of him on the other side. How sucky!

Will the other two be ok in my 55 gallon tank? It's currently being treated with melafix, ampicillin and Maracyn II. I had some of that yuck come back, it looks like columnaris and this mix seems to work...will that stuff hurt my little snail buddies? My other tank has salt in it and is having some trouble clearing up thanks to the filter explosion a week before, they weren't happy about it so I moved them to the ten gallon temporarily. x.x; Where they laid a bunch of eggs two days later. lol

Also, could someone tell me what the Ventral Fins are? Or where they are? Are they like the anal fins on a molly? I am trying to figure out if I have male or female rubber-lip plecos, and I heard you can only do so by the size of their ventral fin.

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Old 03-30-2013, 08:34 AM   #289
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Here... this diagram shows every fin type known to fishkind

I could be wrong, not a pro - but 'ventral' is used to refer to the bottom of a fish. Generally, when people say 'ventral fin' they're referring to the anal fin. In Plecs, I don't think they technically *HAVE* an anal fin. Rather, they have modified paired finlets (not sure if these have their own specific name, sorry). I've read that you can sex them using these fins, because they will be more 'cupped' in females, but I've also been told that this is incorrect, a 'fish-wive's tale,' so to speak. I've never kept these fish, so I have no true idea from personal experience - but I hope this helps you in your further research?!

Frogs? no. Betta? absolutely. And watch the frogs closely, too. One well-placed nip from a Betta can cause a world of trouble to a frog's delicate skin. . .

As for the medications and the snails. . . Melafix and Maracyn II are both snail and frog safe, to the best of my limited experience. I have no idea about the Ampicillin, though. Even if it is safe, realize that you will be running some risk if you take any animal from clean water and put them into a tank filled with medications without an acclimatization process. Could be fine, but I'd err on the side of caution!

Sylver. . . *sigh*

You mention having had good luck treating this same illness with this combo of medications several times in the past. I'm going to play the devil's advocate here and point out that it keeps coming BACK, so your treatment *may* not be as effective as you think. I would suggest that you should perhaps look into trying something else should it rear it's ugly head again.

Possible that these meds are helping with the illness, but not fully eliminating it, thus allowing it return. Also keep in mind that just as with humans, fish pathogens can and will build up a resistance to frequently used medications, so ultimately, you *may* be putting your fish through more stress by treating with 'safer' meds and high temps time and time again, without fully eliminating the underlying problem.

I have to advise you again (even though it's hard!) to stop all stocking for a period of several months. This will eliminate the very real possibility that you are bringing this illness into your system repeatedly from the same source, as well as leaving enough time to verify that it has been entirely eradicated from the tank. If you are treating a form of Flexibacter columnaris, it can be a very difficult bacterial infection to eradicate, as you've noticed, and it is most likely to hit fish that are stressed from recent shipping, moving, handling, etc. You can get around this by not moving or bringing in any new fish from the shop, and QTing all new arrivals ALONE for a period of 6-8 weeks. Using the same buckets, siphons, nets - or transferring ANYTHING (fish, snails, plants, filter media, breeding nets, etc) between the two tanks will completely negate the purpose of a QT.

I'm still really new at fishkeeping, and haven't had too much experience with illness yet, so I can't really advise on what your next step should be. The three issues that I've had to treat for have been cleared up with one course of treatment, and have not returned since medicating/treating. I don't think flexibacter bacteria has been one of them, so I can't really help with this IF your diagnosis is correct. . .

. . . I HAVE learned, however, that the MOST important (and difficult) part of this hobby is to be patient. Wait, watch, when you think everything is fine, wait and watch some more! It's really a hard thing to do when there are so many fish just calling for you to drop them into your tanks, but it is VITAL to running a healthy system. I've been following this thread for quite some time now, and I can say that - even though you do TRY very hard - you FAIL at being patient! *giggle* Just trying to help, no offense intended there!

Good luck getting the yuck out of your tanks, I really just don't want to see you lose any more of your babies. It hurts your heart too much. . .

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Old 03-30-2013, 09:17 AM   #290
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I've never been a very patient person, not in the least...about anything ever unless forced...^^; I just can't help myself.
And what I meant to say is I've had luck treating the tank with one or the other of those meds, although I did use Melafix and Ampicillian before. I'm using them all this time in smaller than required doses because, well, obviously I'm desperate and don't want to do more harm than good! I am indeed having luck with it, my gold molly I thought surely would be dead...has survived this nasty 24 hour killer. Not only that, but he's already looking better. He's not out of the woods by any means, but he does look better. Everyone seems to be fine, but you know how THAT goes with me...seem fine and then drop dead. e.e; But at least it tells me it hits hard and fast so they don't suffer too much, but that's still sickening to think about. It's like the stomach flu, you just want to die and have it over with even though you know you'll probably be better in 12-24 hours.

Also, if this IS Flexibacter...the only way I KNOW of to fully get rid of it, is to bleach the tank. And my ten and twenty gallon tank cannot support my fish buddies in there for the time it'd take to re-cycle and clean out the tank. x.x So I hope it just...goes the heck away!! >/

Yeah, I still don't fully understand the ventral "fin" thing, I think people said it wrong like you think. That's why I couldn't find anything. xD But then they don't seem to really have an anal fin either, but then I've only really gotten a good look at the belly of one, and I couldn't see much, though I THOUGHT I saw something like a male...part, maybe that was it...It's actually the males that will have a more cupped one for scooping fry/eggs and the like, the boys take care of the babies, mom does pretty much nothing after laying the eggs.

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