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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Tada! Jeez, I was wondering how long you guys were able to go on about a molly having fry.. Problem solved. ;) Do you ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 03-09-2013, 12:37 PM   #231
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Jeez, I was wondering how long you guys were able to go on about a molly having fry.. Problem solved. ;)
Do you want to move it to a different section too, possibly? Cause I can do that also.
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Old 03-09-2013, 06:26 PM   #232
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Haha! Not JUST Mollies. . .Platy and Guppies and snails and loaches, too! Sure I missed some in there. . . ;)

You're right, tho. . . it probably DOES belong in the journal/photo area of the forum, where the rest of us weirdos hang out! *giggle*
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Old 03-09-2013, 06:44 PM   #233
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There's a journal area? I missed that. =o It might go there, but for the most part it is updates about breeding and babies. lol

Oh, Chesh, you forgot Swordtails. ;D And my failed attempts with African Dwarf Frogs and Cories. x.x They just don't want to breed! Then again, mister and misses frog have tried three times that I know of...but Mister Frog can't figure out which end is which, resulting in him getting bitten on the leg and run off usually. Wimp! >_>;

Well, miss golfball---ahem, my guppy looks like she's laborey. I'm not as experienced with guppies as I am with I don't know if she's actually in labor, or just pulling the wool over my eyes like my mollies do all the time. Ha.

Well, I lost a baby. Occasionally I lose one on the first day. Looks like it was one of the creamsicle babies, and I'm not surprised. I wonder how many got injured before I caught them. I turned on my lights this morning, but nature called so I couldn't look for babies right away. x.x Normally I turn my lights on after, but I was having one of those half asleep dream things going on and already knew there would be babies. Or at least I was dreaming about it. xD It was one of the more silvery/gold ones. Those are fairly pretty, and so far the older ones I had that started like that are a more cream color with bright orange and black speckles. Doesn't sound very attractive, but they are pretty. =)

So, I am thinking of moving the older babies into the 55 gallon tomorrow. They're bigger than two of the female guppies I have in there, so they should be fine. They're a tad longer, but MUCH thicker. They're big. Not fat, but....big boned. LOL Best excuse ever. ^_~ So they should be just fine, although they may get bullied a little bit. They should be able to handle a little bullying. They do need to go in the big tank as of like a month ago, but as you know, I was worried about sickness and size differences. However, I have to keep my newborn baby guppies and mollies in the breeder with the snails until the big mollies are out. They are beyond big enough to kill and eat them...they seem used to little ones being around and not eating them, but it still worries me because newborns have that flee instinct that could up the older babies want to hunt.

Speaking of my snails, I think a few of the babies did in fact die. I'm not sure, I'm scared to stick my hands in there, I did that and squished one already removing the fish food lid I dropped in there on accident. >_>; I'm hopeful it was just a shell though, or I may cry. >< Well, in anycase, the majority of the babies are growing very quickly. I had no idea snail babies grew so fast. And one of them is electric blue! Another is violet, I may get my colorful babies yet. =) The ones I'm worried about may actually just be new babies, and the rest could just be white. It's hard to see if they're still all intact when they're that small. x.x Ah yes, new babies, that nest I bonked down when I cleaned, it's now hatching. I've noticed when they get wet, even for just a few seconds, the babies start popping out. o.o; I don't think they liked it. LOL The other nest has been slowly spitting out babies for the last couple days, it's almost gone. When I cleaned the tank today a little bit, I found a lot of snails not in the net...I THINK I got them all back where they belong, I sucked many up in the vacuum. I was hoping that would not happen since they stick to whatever they're on. =( Well, it's something I kinda have to deal with though. >< I can't clean that tank full of babies any less! I will say this though, there is surprisingly little to suck out of the substrate, those babies and snails really know how to clean their plates. =)
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Old 03-10-2013, 08:01 PM   #234
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Well, we hit a snag again. lol I was gonna move the larger babies to the 55 gallon after they got something to eat, but then I noticed one of my calico platy adults was being clenchy, and my half gold, half black gold dust molly has a big white spot on her tail. It doesn't look like ich, it's too big, and just the one spot. I'm hoping it's just a cyst or something that wont spread to others or do her real harm. I've added in some pimafix and aquarium salt just in case, and turned the heat up a little bit. I never fail to hit a snag! x.x Better safe over sorry, regardless of their being anything contagious in there. This means my newborns will have to stay in the net for a while longer. x.x; That also means I risk losing some. Bah. Maybe I could just put them in the nursery, but my mollies have gotten pretty big and are showing their aggressive natures like mom. lol Pushing each other around for food and space and the like, nothing too bad. Mom is the same way.

I guess we'll see how things look tomorrow. If it's ich, it'll spread or be gone from my girls tail by morning. I do have salt and heat, so if it's ich, that's what it should do. As for my calico platy, I've noticed this one seems to clench up from time to time. I'm not sure what's causing it, but she seems to get over it within a day or so. I gave them peas for lunch today and an emerald entree yesterday, so if they're easily constipated, that should clear it up. I'd say she gets that way about twice a month, and it's not constant, but it is noticeable. @_@; Well, my water parameters are fixing themselves as well, I had zero ammonia and nitrites, but my nitrates were high, they've gone down since then, so maybe that caused it this particular time. lol The rest I am thinking is probably constipation, she may just get it easier than most. I may have to start feeding them all peas more often again, I used to do it twice a week or so, now I just do it once per week, once every other week, since I heard it can give upset tummies, but I've noticed more issues since I stopped giving it to them a couple times per week. Meh.
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Old 03-10-2013, 08:59 PM   #235
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AH, snail babies. =) Many have turned very purple. I sure hope they stay that way! And that gunk is algae, it started out as a chip they massed on and spread it all over. c.c It's so hard to keep that clean, I'm afraid to suck up babies. ;_;

But hey, pretty babies, and look how big they're getting! :3 Again, I had no idea they grew so fast. lol I know, it's a bit smeared because of all the baby fish swimming around causing the focus to die. lol There's also a couple newborn fry you can see in the net.
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Old 03-11-2013, 06:55 PM   #236
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I've moved my juvenile mollies into the main tank. Yesterdays scare seems to be nothing serious. I think what my gold dust molly has is a cyst, and it seems to be getting smaller little by little with salt and a light antibacterial in the tank. My calico platy is no longer clenchy after a day of eating peas and other greens, she was just stopped up.

Anywho, the babies are doing just fine. The larger mollies chase them a bit, as do my gourami's, but they're too big to really bully much or eat. For the most part they've been let alone after the first half hour, they're now foraging around the tank. lol They're actually bigger than a couple of my female guppies and about the same size as my male platy, like I thought. They're a tad smaller, he's wider in shape vertically, they're thicker though. I think they'll get along just fine, they're far bigger than babies usually are when I put them with the adults, and they have a lot of hiding places. They are naturally jumpy, I am sure they'll get over it in a day or two, so long as my bad luck doesn't catch up to me and something nasty happens. x.x Thinking positive...

Ah yes, I've also released several of the young snails into the main nursery, they seem perfectly happy for it! It was actually an accident...I was releasing the new babies from the net, also where the snails are, and they didn't want to come out! Not only that, but many of the older babies wanted in to see what all the hubub was. lol My fry are very trusting! I could stick a net in and catch them all no problem, at least I probably could until the rest figured it out. ^_~ They come right over to my hands and things I'm moving around, they don't care. lol That makes me happy, easier to work with them, though I doubt they'll trust me again after the first netting! Like my mollies, I bet it'll be a hassle if I have to relocate them again. =p As for my snails, well, most of them fell into the tank and just moved right along to explore, the ones left behind have a cleaner breeder to be in and more room.

lol I just looked over and one of my juvenile mollies got brave, she's challenging one of the adult platies that was trying to chase her and the platy backed down, she just turned in the chase to stare her down and she turned sideways, submitted and then left. ^_^ That's a good sign! They're a little stressed out, who wouldn't be? They're not breathing as heavy as they were before though, so again, good sign. ^_^

SO! Operation Move Mollies: Complete!

Got a few pictures of the snails, and of the babies in the big tank. Big tank is murky because it got a tad murked up from the salt and heat, so I added in some water clarifier and it looks like you dumped milk in there for the first hour or so before it clears up.

Here's the baby mollies behind the vase, I hate that was grandma's pick for her tank, but it was too big so she made me take it. The fish sometimes like it ok. LOL You can see those babies are pretty big, eh? That smear of color is a calico platy, she was the one bpicking at them before one stood up to her, she's let them be now.

And here's another, not as good. x.x

And snails!

Looking sparce in there, eh? Most of them are now in the tank, which is fine with me, they're big enough and there should be food for them to eat near the plants and the window, I haven't washed the windows. ^_^
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Old 03-11-2013, 11:56 PM   #237
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I too wondered how long this thread was going to get, it keeps going and going like the Energizer bunny....hahahaha........

I tried to keep up but got "lost" after the 3rd page. I really try not to talk about my fish too much (even in a fish forum) as I bore myself sometimes...hahahaha....
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Old 03-12-2013, 12:54 AM   #238
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Well, I'm one of those people that has to write things down like that, it keeps me from BEING bored. lol Everyone is different. =) It helps me keep track of what I'm doing and where I'm going, otherwise I tend to forget things I've already done. With fish and other pets anyways. With other day to day things, it's different.
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Old 03-12-2013, 03:07 PM   #239
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Hey, hey, my Bamboo Shrimp is looking good! I was worried for a while there, she never comes out of the "Bushes" in there. I was worried she wasn't getting enough to eat because it's hard to see her through all the plants to see if she's fanning. But I can say for sure, she's looking great. She came out to see me today. ^_^ She's turned a lovely deep brown/red color with a very bright yellow stripe down her back. When I got her that stripe was very dull in color and she was the color of a rock: Grey with black splotching. I know that when they turn red or brown, it usually means they're healthy. And she's nice and plump. I'm assuming she came out to molt...she's gotten bigger. Or because she already did molt. lol
I've been putting in a bit of baby brine shrimp and daphnia, as well as some dusted up algae for her to eat here and there, JUST in case. ^^; She looks lovely and is obviously doing well, hasn't been picking at things and just hangs around in the plants. There's some good flow through the plants, that's probably why she likes it there, usually hanging on the side of the "log" under the big leafy creature I have in there. I've forgotten what kind of plant that is, it sure is nice though. Now I am confident I can get a second shrimp and it should be fine. At least I think so.

What do you guys think? I have a single male betta, four African Dwarf Frogs and a shrimp in a ten gallon tank, very well planted, filtered and heated. Would it be over-stocking with one more shrimp? I initially wanted her in the 55 gallon tank, but I don't think there'd be any food in there for them right now. After some yuck went through, I think I've slowly cleaned all of what they could eat out of there. ^^; But eventually I want them in there since there will be two of them. One would probably be fine in a ten gallon, as she is, but I hear they like to be in at least a pair! So yeah, even though it's well planted, would that be going overboard?
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Old 03-12-2013, 03:40 PM   #240
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I don't *think* that one more shrimp would put you over the top, but I've never had shrimp - and those guys you have are bruisers, lol! I'd say go ahead and give it a go, just pay close attention and have a backup plan :)
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