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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Haha, love the 'mob' shots! My livebearers always have been very interactive, too. My rams are hilarious, though - they stalk me. It's different ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 03-03-2013, 09:54 PM   #221
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Haha, love the 'mob' shots! My livebearers always have been very interactive, too. My rams are hilarious, though - they stalk me. It's different with cichlids, but very cool. Naaaaaah, that's not the kind of shrimp I'm drawn to. I like the littler guys. . . But thanks for the info!
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Old 03-04-2013, 12:31 AM   #222
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I forgot to put up the video. It took SO LONG to upload, my net is being horrible lately. x.x;

Anywho, my nursery tank, ten gallon and my 55 gallon tank. Jack the betta was REALLY wanting attention. I fixed up my filter last night so it was hanging right and the power is too high, I think I fixed it. Didn't seem to bother Jack too much though, he likes dancing in the stream. lol

I dunno if you can see Chelsea in there or not, she is NOT doing well. Poor girl, she's back to hanging on the bottom breathing really hard. She was doing better, but now she's not. Very unfortunate, I only have two swordtails left, I'd like her to heal up, but I can only ask so much before it's too much. I'll never get another like her though, so I hope she can pull through.

Anywho, video! :3
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Old 03-04-2013, 07:49 AM   #223
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It took me pretty much overnight to upload a 3 minute video last night, I think it was Youtube being a brat - not your net :)

Your tanks are looking good and colorful! You're doing a great job over there, can't wait for those lil baby plants to fill in!
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Old 03-06-2013, 06:59 AM   #224
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Well, lookie here. I'm doing something right, eh? lol

Bouncing baby snails. LOL They're growing pretty fast! =)

Unfortunately I knocked down one of the nests when I cleaned the tank. =( I bumped it when I moved the lid and it fell into the water. It wasn't in there more than a few seconds, and the nest seems to be newer than the three that already hatched, two of which are still hatching but almost done. I put it on top of the breeding net like the others, hopefully it'll be ok. x.x

And lookie here. LOL My shrimp and frogs get along just fine, and here I was worried! She had two hanging out with her before, but those photos smeared so bad you couldn't tell what they were. x.x I think my shrimp is a little lonely, I hope I can afford a partner for her soon. They're certainly not cheap. lol

Say, how long do Creamsicle mollies usually live? I'm starting to wonder if that white patchiness on her that looks like dry scales is just age marks or something. They don't seem to bother her at all, and nothing helps get rid of them. I'm wondering if it's just how she is and it's natural or something. Nobody else has a problem like that, and she's had them for several months. =/

Speaking of sick fish though...unfortunately Chelsea passed away last night. I guess she just couldn't handle it anymore, the poor thing. I hope she went peacefully, but it was a long, rough road. I'm going to keep her baby. It's the smallest baby at the moment, but it's doing fairly well and growing quickly as well. It looks like it may end up like a red neon like she did, but a bit more red. I assume either my red tiger platy is the father, or my red swordtail male...who knows though. =) It does look a good bit more red. I hope it ends up more like her though instead of solid red, but we'll see. She was a lovely little fish.

Well, that baby wont be the smallest for long! I have two very pregnant guppies in my tank and a few less along the way. But two of the females I have are absolutely huge, one looks like it'll pop any second now, but she's looked like that for several days and just gets bigger. LOL The one that is a little smaller seems to be laborey sometimes, I like her. She's got blue markings on her tail. THE bigger female looks like a yellow/cobra cross, she also has nice markings...I'm very partial to the blues though, but I think the guppies I ended up with are very pretty and full of personality. I expected them to kinda just BE there and be dumb, but they're pretty nice little fish. One of my smallest females is all attitude though. xD

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Old 03-06-2013, 09:25 AM   #225
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Forgot a little something...I am having a battle with myself on whether or not to put my molly babies in the big tank yet. Sure, they're big enough to not be eaten...By far, but I'm always afraid they'll be bullied and killed as happens occasionally with juveniles and greedy larger fish. x.x; It's happened before, but these are a tad bigger than usual before going in with the adults. lol

Well, I think I'll wait four more days or so, I was using the last of the ampicillin to see if I could fix up whatever was eating at my hi-fin and Chelsea, but they've both passed and nobody else has shown any signs of being ill at all in weeks.
It's back and forth with the "Are they big enough to go with the adults and not get picked on and mobbed to death...are they too big for the other much longer can they stay in a twenty gallon with fifty other babies?" LOL Ah, I'm sure I'll figure it out. I'll update how it goes when I do. =)
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Old 03-06-2013, 11:34 AM   #226
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Heehee, you know where I stand on nature vs nurture when it comes to Livebearer fry :) You'll figure it out!

Mollies. . . I *think* are supposed to live for 3 years. But it's one of those tricky things. The closer to the wild-type that they are (less breeding for specific colors/fin shapes, etc), and the closest to their natural waters they're kept in, the longer the can live - up to 5 years or so, I believe. But some of the more 'fancy' varieties will have shorter lifespans, and a lot of it with females can depend on how many broods they've had. Also. . . you know, how many illnesses they've come through, how many times they've been 'burned' by ammonia in their water - there's really so many factors to it. So. . . all that to say, with Livebearers, it's really hard to know!

Sorry to hear about your babies :( But glad your shrimpy and frogs are getting along. That's one beast of a shrimp, I swear, lol! Hope you can afford him a buddy soon!
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Old 03-07-2013, 03:53 AM   #227
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Yes, another shrimp buddy soon would be lovely. lol

Well, far as I know my creamsicle has avoided the majority of the illnesses that have gone through my tanks. She had a slight case of ick only once, just a couple spots on her tail was all she got. To my knowledge she's also only had the one brood of babies, but she looks about ready for another. She just gets bigger and bigger, making my guppies look bad. LOL She grew a bit since I purchased her, she's the only original I have left in my tank. So I've had her about a year and a half maybe...she grew about an inch or so if I recall correctly, since I pourchased her. This means she was probably about a year old when I got her. I've noticed they don't grow as fast as people say, the bigger ones take longer to hit full size than smaller types do. By six months or so, they are usually about half the size they should be, for smaller types anyways, but after they hit three months of age their impressive fry growth slows down a great deal.
My gold dust molly and the one that came out like a marble, the two I raised from my gold dust molly, they're not full grown yet and I'd put them at about nine months old or so. If they get as big as mom, and they are still growing(but they're pretty close to her size, about the size she was when I bought her), they have another quarter inch or so to go. But if they have black molly, or sailfin in them like I think they may, they will probably get a tad bigger than her, but I estimate full growth within four months or so, give or take. lol
Raising platies and mollies from fry have given me some good knowledge on how fast they -usually- grow when nice and healthy. Now I have some swordtails and guppies to raise as well to see how fast they grow.

That red platy fry I had, well, he's not a fry anymore, but I still consider him a juvenile. Since he's a male red platy, and about...I dunno anymore, he's a little younger than those two molly kids are(so about eight months, I estimated him to be about two weeks old when I got him if I recall correctly), give or take a couple weeks....He's only about half the size he should be, if that, as an adult. They sure mature slow in comparison! lol He was almost the same size as my molly babies when I adopted him and his sibling, who went to a new home with the guy that bought a lot of my babies a few weeks ago...but now they have about half an inch on him in size, he'll most likely be bigger than both when he's full grown. =)

Well, as for my newer molly babies, they're growing way faster than my gold dust babies did. They're already almost the same size as my red platy juvie! Almost. I'd say they're the same size as the male gold molly I got was. He's still growing too. So it's probably safe to put them in, but I've worked hard at raising them...I'm so nervous! One time I put the juvies in with the adults, they were a tad smaller than these were but still WAY too big to be swallowed whole...and the adults grouped up on them and tried to rip them apart. I removed them for an extra week and they still tried to bully the kids when I put them in again, but they got over it. As you can see, or I wouldn't have those two juvie mollies. LOL They survived a rather brutal beating too, it was very upsetting to watch, I didn't think they'd make it. They did, somehow. x.x Well, I am positive they can't be eaten and are probably big enough to survive the initial bully they'll most likely get...but it's still just so unnerving! I may or may not get anymore babies from my creamsicle molly. She tends to reabsorb her broods, or so it seems. =( Gets pregnant, nice and large, and slowly shrinks over the course of a month or two. x.x You know when she's pregnant too, you can see the babies through her. I can now too, but she's gotten so HUGE! I am hopeful I'll get babies again, so very hopeful. Raising her brood has been particularly fun. =) I am also hopeful my half black, half gold molly will eventually have babies. So far none, and it's impossible to miss little half black and half gold fry. I raised two broods like her before, but it's been so long! And they're getting hard to find around her. I got lucky with my current female, but she was the only one I'd seen in months before and after my previous female died.

Well, I'm still waiting on my female guppies. Any minute now, I swear they'll just explode! I'd heard stories about buying pregnant females and having them give birth the same night, or holding it and usually dying from it. I even had two do that. x.x But my girls seem perfectly happy in the tank, they just keep on getting rounder. LOL I have two females slightly less pregnant than my two golfballs, I wonder if they'll get that big. =o I should put up photos of these guys, most of them are rather pretty for guppies. Maybe video would be better so you can see they have personalities to go with those looks...although I can't say they're STUNNING, my two males certainly are...but they're nice for guppies. One of my really pregnant females has a half blue tail and half green/gold tail with those black designs on them. All of my girls have interesting designs on their tails, some just moreso than others. I'm fairly partial to the female that has blue on the edges of her tail and black spots and lines in the middle. lol Oh, speaking gold dust molly has been breeding with my guppies. That should be interesting. I've also seen my blue guppy male breeding with my gold dust female. That would be so cool!

Oh, speaking of muppies know that juvenile molly you had that we weren't sure what he was? The one that looked like my big male that I just got? I was looking up photos of muppies, they very closely resemble the more common gold muppie. Maybe that's what we got. lol I can't say he's extremely colorful or anything, but he sure is pretty! Lovely fins and duller colors...I find that oddly pretty. >>; Most people like those big bright colors, but I have to say I've become more fond of the duller colors. lol Probably why I like female gourami's so much. ^_~
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Old 03-07-2013, 09:38 AM   #228
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Geez, well. My Nitrates went rather high this week. Last week I had a very small amount of ammonia and Nitrites in my 55 gallon tank, I assumed it was from adding a few guppies. Ammonia went up to about 0.50 ppm the next day, and Nitrites went up to 0.25 ppm, my Nitrates then were at about I did my weekly test and it was 7.6 PH, that went up, I was wondering why my fish were banging themselves on things...It was also 7.3 last week. My Ammonia is now 0, as are my Nitrites...but my Nitrates went up between 80 ppm and 160 ppm, I can't get an exact color on the chart, so I assume it's in between. It came out cherry red, but wasn't dark enough to be at 160ppm. x.x Holy cow. I'm shocked none of my fish seem sick as they're well above the danger levels. Guess it's water changes for the week and maybe some more plants. I never thought it'd spike so high so fast! If I ever add fish in again, I'll do a change the next day, and a smaller one the day after it, maybe that'll keep it from happening again. lol Well, I did add in five more fish, but before that all my stats were normal. PH was 7.3, Ammonia and Nitrites were zero, and my Nitrates were at 5.0 ppm. Bah, well, at least it's not an unfixable problem. lol I had done a 30% water change about five hours prior, I'm gonna do a re-test tonight, maybe I did it too early.
Well, so much for adding in my juvenile mollies. LOL That will have to wait. I wonder what caused my PH to go up though. =o
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Old 03-08-2013, 09:24 PM   #229
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Well, my smaller golfball...I mean guppy, gave birth tonight. I had two very pregnant females, one looks like a golfball, the other looked almost like one, she gave birth. I got about 10-15 babies and moved them to the breeder in the nursery because they mothers were really going for the poor things. Makes me wonder how many I lost. ^^; I turned on the light to check and see if everything was in order, no dripping water or anything and saw these little wigglers in there.
The other mother in the net with her looked like she was having very large...poo. >>; Visibly constipated, I'm assuming she ate a lot of babies before I got there since she had normal outtings this morning. It'll be peas for breakfast tomorrow, that's for sure! But hey, I finally got some little guppy babes. :3 Well, I had some already, most rescued, some from my gold and cream female. This female is the one that has a half gold tail and half blue tail, some of her babies came out looking blue all the way, so I'm always excited when blue colors pop in. ^_^
I rather like the blue guppies, I have a blue male and he's very flashy, always flirting and dancing for the girls. Seems they display for their girls unlike the pushy mollies and platies. Then again, I did have a dalmation male I called my Resident Peacock since he would also flare for the female he was chasing and wasn't rude like most seem to be.
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Old 03-09-2013, 09:09 AM   #230
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=O!!! YEAH! My Creamsicle molly has done it again. Cute little orange, silver and both with black on them, babies all over the place. I will never catch them all. If there's one thing I can say though, she has pretty big babies. So if any survive more than a couple days, they might just be left alone. I hope. They're rather pretty babies. I think I caught anywhere from 15-20+ of them, hard to count when you're netting several at a time, and I always guess or count wrong. lol So I dunno, I have some cute babiez. :3!!
The bad part about this is...well, I knew she was gonna give birth soon, but none of my nets are big enough for me to comfortably put her in over night. x.x With a guppy or smaller molly or platy, sure, overnight wont hurt. Lights out, can't see, no stress, soft walls to slam into when the painful pop happens...yeah. But with her, she's too big. =( I mean I COULD, but I think it'd be cruel, she'd only have a couple inches of space in either directions...So yeah, catching babies = stirred up tank. I hate when that happens, but there were so many and they're so fast, and my fish are so used to be being in there they ignored the net instead of running...they ran to the babies. Half of those fish couldn't eat them if they HAD to, not whole anyways. >>; Like I said, she has big babies. lol But my gourami's, my gold gourami especially has gotten used to me, I was poking him with my finger to move him away from one baby and he was like "Nuh, nuh, you can't move me." Of course I can't poke hard or I'd injure his scales. @_@ This is the same gourami that would slam into the glass every time I walked within three feet of the tank a couple weeks ago. >>;

Anywho, I know my little monsters are still doing their job and hunting down the stragglers I couldn't I'm gonna go have a second look. lol

WOOO! Molly babies! I looked in and said "YEA---ouh, CAPONE NO!" lol

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