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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> It's possible they're nipping at his delicate bits, but I hope not. They do sometimes get algae on them and even climb on each ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 02-28-2013, 05:16 PM   #211
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It's possible they're nipping at his delicate bits, but I hope not. They do sometimes get algae on them and even climb on each other to remove it. lol I don't think they can do any damage, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. =( Those babies are like little piranha's. Always hungry and mobbing anything and everything that looks like food to just chow down like they're starving. Almost scary. >>;

Well, I lied, all is not going THAT well. Well, just with Chelsea it seems. The poor thing has not gotten any better, and has in fact slowly gotten worse. I hope she doesn't have any babies stuck or something. She's been hanging out alone since she gave birth a few days ago, not interested in much aside from food. But now she's gone to hanging out on the bottom in a plant and breathing VERY heavily and fast since last night, she's worse today and is kinda jiggly-like, almost like her heavy breathing is making her unable to stay still. I'm not sure what to do for her. Far as I've seen, nobody bothers her at all either. She's just not doing ok. I added in a little aquarium salt to help her out this morning, but thus far it's not done much. All my other fish still seem fine. Everyone is acting normal, though I have noticed my albino pleco seems to look a little odd. Like he's...wrinkled or something, but he's otherwise acting normal. x.x Dunno what's up here. Chelsea moves to a different location here and there, but just continues the same old same. She has no physical markings or things I can see that are abnormal...aside from heavy breathing that is. Yeah, I don't think she's going to make it.
Well, my water parameters show normal to me, but I'm gonna go get them tested anyways.
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Old 02-28-2013, 08:44 PM   #212
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Ah, today has been one of THOSE days. My swordtail Chelsea isn't doing the best, I'm still holding out hope, Benni decided he'd had enough of my cat avoiding him and tried to play with her...which resulted in a fight where the only person injured was me. Went to four shops to find some female guppies that looked to be in good health where the tanks themselves weren't having trouble...finally went to my more liked shop and they had some lovely ones...they did not have dwarf cories which my grandma has been after for several months, nowhere has them. lol
And the newer workers there were idiots. Teenage boys that acted like they were drugged. =-= Ignored us for two hours, grandma was blistering and I was too. I finally got their attention and one of the boys got me some guppies I asked for, and a singapore(spelling?) bamboo shrimp, which I've been after for a while. That little jerk popped the bag twice. LOL They may not have big claws, but they're sharp. He got me good when I picked him up off the floor so he wouldn't get hurt. And then he popped a second bag before he could double bag him, and he popped one on the way home, thankfully the second bag saved the day. LOL

While at the shop I was carrying around their white cockatoo who is about thirty years old. She always loves on me. We walked around for a while before she started grabbing my hat and yanking it up and down, which was hilarious. But then she tried for my glasses over and over and I had to return her to her cage, which she can be in or out of at her leisure. Anywho, that didn't happen...she did not WANT to leave me, she loves me every time I go in there and holds out a foot soon as she see's me come in the door. lol Anyways, I tried to trick her back, succeeded...but she latched onto my hand before I got away, and my god she got me really good. I have a bruise the size of a fifty cent piece and two big holes in the back of my hand, and then she asked me to hold her again. LOL Nah, she can wait. =p I was warned she would bite, I know they do, so it's not like it was anyone elses fault. ^_~ It didn't hurt much until later either, I still love that bird! Much rather see them outside in my bushes and trees than in a cage though.

Nowhere had any plant food tabs for me either. =(

Well, on the bright side, after a five hour trip around town...I got some nice female guppies. And for the trouble, the guy at the shop, who was the only one actually doing work(The nice guy I call Petshop Guy who knows everything), gave me a free female guppy of choice and a bunch of babies. ^^; That was nice of him, he also apologized and said everyone is tired, which isn't an excuse. Heh. So I guss the day wasn't a complete waste. I also got grandma an el nino fern for her betta tank, he LOVES it. lol And I finally found some medicine at Petsmart because they have a vet on site. I am debating on whether I should just continue the clean water thing, or add in some maracyn II for my betta who has had cloudeye for a few months now, we can't seem to get it gone! =( Well, we'll see. He's acting better, but not looking it. ^^;
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Old 02-28-2013, 09:16 PM   #213
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Poor lil' Chelsea. . . she's had a rough time of things. I hope she pulls through. . . or goes peacefully :(

That bird sounds awesome! Good luck with all the new babies, and the betta!
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Sylverclaws (02-28-2013)
Old 03-02-2013, 02:11 AM   #214
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Well, today was better. lol I have a guppy that is about to explode, she's huge. I've had big fish before, but she takes the cake, that's for sure. lol I imagine she'll drop babies within the week, if not the night.
Ah, and Chelsea is looking and acting a little better too, still not out of the woods. I'm hoping she'll still be fine tomorrow and not dead like my hi-fin was when she started doing better. Seemingly.

Anywho, I have some surprises in my tank, take a look. I have photos. =)

First off, the eggs I had set on my floating breeder in my 55 gallon. The other egg nest that was with it is gone. This one, however, showed no changes. I assumed they were the same age and that this nest had died because it looked like it was rotting or something. It looks pretty gross indeed. I was worried about it. But now I know! I did suspect that rot lookingness was actually growing babies. lol

Today however, this being one day later...that nest has exploded into babies, and I mean that sincerely. xD That fuzziness in the middle I think is actually a mixture of the algae wafer I put in this morning and left-over eggshell as well as babies all over the place. Not so hard to see them anymore when there are so many of them, huh? lol I am pretty sure several dozen more fell into the main tank as well, no telling how many I have, but that nest really did just explode! Same with one of the two nests I didn't bother in my twenty gallon, one is gone, the other is still working on it. ^^l

Yesss, baby mystery snails EVERYWHERE! I am excited. :3

Also, I found another snail with an odd shell...actually, it may be that red one that changed colors a bit as we thought it might, but you can see the shape of its shell better in this photo. Unfortunately it's VERY hard to get a good photo of a small snail on the glass anyways, so it's a bit smeared. But it looks like it's got the ramshorn shell, but I've only seen photos.
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Old 03-02-2013, 07:18 AM   #215
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lol, babies, babies EVERYWHERE!!!!! Looks like a ramshorn to meeee! Maybe you got a random egg in on a plant or something?
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Old 03-02-2013, 05:04 PM   #216
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I suppose it's possible. But then...I haven't gotten any new water stuffs that should have them. All the plants I had gotten were ones from gel packs that are supposed to be snail, disease and parasite free, and I wash them pretty well before adding them in. I haven't had any new driftwood or anything at all in that tank but baby it possible for those snails to come in on other snails? I didn't notice any other critters on my mystery snails when I got them and checked them over for damage, but I suppose it's possible a few took a ride in on or in one. LOL I've actually found a couple of those.

Speaking of snails, wow I got a lot of babies. lol I moved them all over to the nursery so if they fall out of the breeder, less worries for me that my fish may swallow them whole. But I have seen some babies in the gravel of the main tank. I can see some are getting colors, but it's not a definite what they'll look like at the moment...but some seem to be very purple and very blue, while others seem gold(which could be the egg yolk) and others look completely transparent clear in color. It'd be nice if they stayed that color, I'd love some bright blues and purples. :3
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Old 03-02-2013, 05:13 PM   #217
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Originally Posted by Sylverclaws View Post it possible for those snails to come in on other snails?. . . I suppose it's possible a few took a ride in on or in one. LOL I've actually found a couple of those.
*nods* Possible! With snails, I think ANYTHING is possible, lol! I hope you get some color variation sin your babies, too. Not sure how that works with snail genetics...
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Old 03-03-2013, 09:59 PM   #218
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Well, here's my evil Singapore/Bamboo shrimp. lol He's mean, he really is, he tries to stab you. I moved the wood over so he can access the water flow better and he ripped my finger open. They're usually really peaceful, but this one wants to kill everyone. LOL He's pretty though, but I imagine once I've had him a while he'll get healthier and probably turn red or brown. He's already started turning brown. When I got him he was dark grey and black like the rock he was living on. Do they chemeleon a bit? lol
But yeah, I had meant to get a pair of them, and put him in the 55 gallon which has better water flow, but I was so hassled that day I flubbed. He's in my ten gallon and seems happy enough for now, so I'll let him be there for a month or two. That'll also help be sure he doesn't have anything nasty to bring into my other tank. I'd still like to have a pair, but that'll have to wait until we can get to the shop again. And if those jerks there don't pay attention, grandma said she's gonna let them have it for not doing their jobs and being rude. >_>;

Anywho, I'll see about a baby update later on. =) I'll try to get footage of my big tank and of the babies again. But for now, photos! First off, the Bamboo Shrimp:

Now a photo of one of my mystery snails hanging out. He's one of my ivory/blues. He's got more blue than my other ivory ones, but he's not bright like some get.

And another not so great one of the babies. ^^; You can also see my snail in the background chilling out at the top. You can also see a couple of my red painted swordtail fry checking me out through everything, they're very social with me. I can put my hands in the tank and they don't flee. lol ALWAYS coming over to see me, it makes me feel a bit special. lol
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Old 03-03-2013, 10:05 PM   #219
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What a weird little guy, he is! Who ever heard of a mean shrimp!? Lol. You'll tame him right up. . . I don't know anything about them, sorry! PlanetInvert is the place for shrimpies. . . I've always wanted some, but I'm fairly sure my Rams would eat 'em. . .
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Old 03-03-2013, 10:17 PM   #220
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Hm, me and Olympia think Bamboo Shrimp get too big for rams to try and eat. Usually they're already 2-4 inches when purchased, and they get 3-6 inches long. But I do know they get delicate at times of molting, so they need a lot of hiding places, so you never know. lol You should look into it, they're lovely critters to have in tanks. They need good water flow and things to climb on, especially things to climb on where they can reach the water flow better. You'll also want an older well established tank so they have things to eat. If they're picking food off the ground and glass, there's isn't enough in the tank for them and it can be harmful and very stressful to them to have to forage.

Anywho, I was gonna add up photos of my fry mob before and after I fed them. Only got some before because I can't find the food I mixed up for them! Bah, one of those days, small things are frustrating me. LOL I'm sure it'll turn up, the cat probably knocked it under or behind something. I have a little container of dusted up foods for them that I keep near the tank. x.x;

Yes, babies. They still mob over to see me. LOL Not easy to get good photos of so many fry wiggling about though, but it's not too bad.

And another:

Oh, I forgot to add up a photo of my 55 gallon. I added in a few more plants to one area. lol The barren area, they'll probably melt a bit and then grow very well, so I hope.

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