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Sylver's Fish Updates

This is a discussion on Sylver's Fish Updates within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Here's a video of my adult molly tank and the babies currently in the net. lol They're a bit hard to see, but I ...

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Sylver's Fish Updates
Old 12-28-2012, 12:54 PM   #91
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Here's a video of my adult molly tank and the babies currently in the net. lol They're a bit hard to see, but I got a few good shots. As of this moment all of them are swimming around normally now instead of hanging around, so I'll get some more footage later on. =) I also intend to move a few to the other breeding net, it's smaller and plastic. Otherwise I just wont have enough room for them all, even in the giant net! But I'm gonna wait a day or two to allow them time to settle down.

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Old 12-30-2012, 04:37 PM   #92
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Well, my Dalmation Molly gave birth last night or this morning, not sure when. She did so in the 55 gallon tank...I only found one. And only because one of my juvenile platies was chasing it. It was so tiny! I got it into the breeding net with the other molly fry that are a couple days older now. lol I hope I find more, she was absolutely huge before, and the baby was so tiny, there must be a lot of them. I hope they didn't all get eaten, I couldn't find anymore. =( I was so looking forward to this. I was going to set up an area for her later today so she could give birth in peace. I wanted her to get over any stress she may have had from the move before I did any tinkering. I was just going to block her off in an area, not move her, but I didn't want to chance it. It seems she had other ideas. Darn. lol Well, maybe that little tiny will grow up into a nice female like her mother, and I may keep it. I do intend to keep at least two or three of the current fry I have. There are some nice colored ones in there. But we'll have to see later on. =)

Well, wish me luck that I find more kids. Mom is rail thin now, she was absolutely huge. I didn't expect her to thin up quite that much! She's like a skeleton. Well, I gave them a little food and then it was lights out again, she came to snarf up the food so I think she'll be fine. They all love their new home. Of course, every single male in there is chasing after every single female I have. lol I'll be getting more babies eventually. My Gold Dust molly was mating with my Silver molly who hasn't given me any babies in several months, so I'm hopeful. Hers always turn out pretty too! Ah, I just love raising babies. I can't complain right now since I have 50-80+ babies right now, but I still hate to lose them. Well, you win some you lose some. I wanted some kids from my creamsilce and dalmation, I got one from the dalmation so far, and many, many from my creamsicle. :3 I hope a few end up with good sailfins like my black sailfin had. There is one, maybe two, black ones in the mix.

Meh, I've been up over thirty hours with only a piece of pumpkin pie for yesterdays breakfast and a few cheetos, and I re-did my current two tanks and set up the 55 gallon. All that cleaning and heavy lifting was a real pain. I'm beat. The 55 gallon is huge, I remain hopeful more babies are hiding out well in there. Lights out too. So maybe when I wake up my eyes will be refreshed and I'll spot some more. =p

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Old 12-30-2012, 11:44 PM   #93
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Go to sleep, just reading all you have done is making me tired.....hahaha....congrats on the babies.
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Old 12-31-2012, 09:03 AM   #94
Sylverclaws's Avatar
Nope. Didn't find anymore.
I got some good sleep, just so you guys know. Went to bed at about four-five pm and got up at a quarter to seven am. Boy did I ramble on yesterday. xD I think I repeated myself eight or nine times. Haha.

I decided to move my other cories into the big tank too. I had moved my two girls into the betta tank about...I dunno, a week and a half ago or so now. They loved it in there, acted happy as could be. But it's too small for them, it's only a five gallon. And being in a group of two isn't good for cories, as many know. I also had two males in my twenty gallon. I -thought- I had three, but I miscounted! Darn. I just moved the girls into the 55 gallon with the boys, four is better but not enough. =( Well, I may buy a couple more today, which will set me back, but they'll be happy. I was thinking about getting some of those white ones if they have them. Problem is, every time I go look at the cories, interested in them or no, they usually have something wrong with them, especially the white ones! But it's been a while since I actually went to look. Few months. I'm hoping they'll all be good by now and messed up shipments have settled. Those white ones look like Emeralds like I have, except their white. Well, regardless, I hear they all get along the same, those white ones get the same size too. I'll get four of them. =) This way I can put them in my twenty gallon for QT for a while so I can be sure nothing is wrong with them. I was gonna put my fry in there today since that giant net is just not big enough, I thought it'd last longer. Haha, I guess I'll take some to the other net for a while. After that, they're big enough to be with my cories.
I also have to grab a temperature sticker while I am out. My 55 gallon had one, but it doesn't work, and it kinda fell apart. x.x Thankfully the heater has a dial on it, and I can test it with my hands for now against the other tank which is set at the same temp, but I don't like risky things. xD

Ah, I also need to get two more female swordtails and another female platy. I think I am good after that. But I may get another female molly and another male too, I did lose my dalmation male, and I want another one. lol We'll see, I may do all that stuff later on, unless some catch my eye. I'll be sure to let you all know.

I imagine I'll be adding to the baby talk again within the month, or less. LOL I do have a couple girls I am thinking may be a couple weeks along already, not sure though. But every male in my tank has been after all the girls. They must really like their new home and have deemed it...too big. So they're fixing it. LOL I don't intend to have many more living in there though! I may even get a place for my platies to have to themselves in the near future. ^_^

Well, off to clean my ADF and betta tank. =p They're sure happy to have no other fish in there, it was rather tight and I felt bad, hence the rush to get my 55 gallon this year. My 20 gallon was also over-stocked, so I couldn't move 'em. ^^; Glad everyone is happy now, less work and a lot less worries for me for a while.

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Old 12-31-2012, 06:42 PM   #95
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Well now, New Years Eve babies. =) My White Calico platy is giving birth. So far I have counted 29 live babies, and four unfortunately never moved. That makes 33 babies. Wow, what a mom. She's still going too, I assume there wont be too many more babies though, maybe between one and five more.

Because she had her babies on New Years Eve, I have decided to name her Eve. lol She's a pretty thing too. ^_^ She's pretty stressed out though, and I've never seen a fish look so sick during delivery. I'm pretty worried for her. I've decided to let her have the rest in peace and cover the tank with the lights out. I hope she'll be alright. She's new, along with three others who are also very pregnant, so she's giving birth in the QT tank, the others aren't bothering her or the kids, so I think the ones born after now will be alright until tomorrow.

So, add thirty some to the 852781234 I already have and I have....more. LOL That's alright, I love raising babies. I just may have to give some away before they're ready to go and raise the rest longer. Even with four tanks in the house I don't have enough to raise them all long enough to sell them. lol

Here's a photo of some of the babies. x) I think I took this when she was at twenty-three or so. Not sure.

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Old 01-01-2013, 06:32 AM   #96
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Awwww! That last one is a great shot! Congratulations to you, and to Eve! I hope she's feeling better now, poor gal! ONE baby was hard enough, can't imagine delivering a brood that big ;)

Just looking back through your posts, I've been away from the computer a lot - playing with MY babies and all of their new toys - but I'm so happy that you finally got some babies (A TON OF BABIES!) from that creamsicle you've been waiting on for ages and ages! Sounds like they're healthy and doing well!

I know how much you love your little Dalmations. Hopefully the little one that make it through from that momma look like their dad - even if its only one, he was a stunner - very sad to see him go. . .

Sounds like you've been having tons of fun over there - as usual - and. . . have you ALREADY managed to overstock the 55?!!! *giggle* It's only been, like, 3 days!!! ^.^
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Old 01-01-2013, 08:59 AM   #97
Sylverclaws's Avatar least I don't think I over-stocked it....maybe. x.x Well, I only added in four extra fish! Those four cories. It was that or give up my four babies I kept. Unfortunately they were so not happy...well, the two girls were just fine and dandy, my two big boys were visibly depressed though. Not moving much, hangy down fins, jumpy too. I got four cories to go with those four and EVERYONE is happy, I haven't seen such happy babies before it makes me happy.
I am using the twenty gallon as a nursery too...well, at the moment it is my quarentine tank for those four girls. I got them because my swordtail males and platy male were fighting with everyone over breeding right. I told you I got that extra boy I didn't want, yeah? lol I debated taking him back, but he looked so happy I didn't want to take him on another 30-40 minute car ride. x.x But no, I don't think it's over-stocked. Maybe a little or right at. I don't intend to get anymore. I just intend to raise up the kids to big enough, some not all as I have too many to do that with, and sell them.

I may actually give the twenty gallon to my platies later on. lol I think I have five, so they'd be alright.

Oh yes...snail problem of the not pondsnail kind....I found what I first thought was some kind of nerite snail, never seen one, guessed it. LOL Well, that one snail turned into many snails...and I took one in to the shop...they are assassin snails. @_@ I have no other snails, what are they eating?! No fry to eat in there, no other snails except themselves...doubtful there's much left-over food, but there could be...but they don't eat that I thought, just meaty things like other snails they can get at and fry or dead fish they can snag.

Ahhh, oh well. I am so tired. xD I pulled another all-nighter, been up over 24 hours again. ^_~ I am having nachos for my new years breakfast and then I'm gonna sleep! I hope you're having fun.

My New Years Resolution(s): Lose weight, make some money all year selling healthy baby fishies and other odd myself either a dog or a third ferret for next christmas. xD Maybe another tank.....>___>; Ma would rip off my hide and sell it.

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Old 01-01-2013, 10:48 AM   #98
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*giggle* I was really imagining how overstocked you'd be if ALL of those new babies grew up and lived with you - not being serious.

Speaking of babies - this is random, but didn't you say that you have a HUMAN little one at some point, or did I imagine that? I hope she had a great holiday

:) Nachos sounds like a GREAT NYD breakfast...I want some! Sleep sweet!!
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Old 01-01-2013, 12:07 PM   #99
Sylverclaws's Avatar
No, not I. I almost had a daughter six years ago, but unfortunately I just wasn't physically strong enough to become a mother at the time.
However....I get enough of the kids I have in my life, for one cousin in particular...pretty much daily and nightly, she may as well be a sister. LOL I have a one year old nephew who I absolutely adore beyond...anything I ever thought I could adore. He lived with us for his first seven months or so and visits a few times per week. A...I always forget their ages, but I believe the two girls I speak of often, them being my cousins(the younger is here all the time, her dad lives here so she does half the time as well, the older one lives far away so I only see her every so often), are six and eight. I might be a year off on the eight either way....I ALWAYS get them mixed up, especially since the older one was born about three weeks before my birthday...messes up my year counting every time. xD I dunno why I'm so bad with that! Maybe it's because I had the flu the day she was born and I didn't get to see her until she was about a week old and her mother FORCED me to come see the adorable new baby, I was terrified. xDWasn't allowed to hold, but she made me come see her. lol But terrified, yes. Both of the kid and the fact I was sick(no longer contageous, but I dun care, kept my face in my shirt for about two hours). ^^;
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Old 01-01-2013, 11:28 PM   #100
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Ahhhh, yes! I must be thinking of the cousin, then. I know there are always little people (and animals) running around over there! Get some sleep tonight, you - have fun with those fishies!
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