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Oh yes, I heard that I can use them together. However, it's just the one fish that is really bad, the Balloon Molly. This strain isn't supposed to be contageous, but my Black Molly got it. I can only assume it was because she was biting on the Balloon molly where the fungus was. When I found out what it was, I was terrified. I am a huge fan of the TV show "The Incredible Dr. Pol" And they JUST had an episode where Columnaris wiped out four calves, two of them over night! This is that one with the sorta saddleback kinda fungus that starts around the back of the head. I am actually wondering if she has two kinds of fungus, or if she just had a weakened immune system, which I am sure she did, and got the other effects that come with Columnaris. Like fin-rot and sore patches, unless it can spread to their eyes too. But it's deffinatly the saddleback strain that isn't supposed to be contageous. My black molly ONLY got it on her eye, no saddleback stuff or big fuzz. But it also took a few days for the Balloon molly to actually get that fuzzyness.

Also, I am kinda scared to use more than one medication. Infact, I was scared just to use the one, if I mess up the dosege I am afraid it could hurt them, so I mark the time very carefully when I use it, every 24 hours. I also have 13-14 of the juveniles in there and I'm afraid they couldn't handle it. The Primifix is a seven day treatement, 5 ml per ten gallons of water. It did not come with a measure! However, I had an empty bottle of AquaClear that had one with it in ML, so I use that over a medicine teaspoon for people. lol
The fuzz is actually going away already, so this is pretty fast acting. She's still a little fuzzy, but not swollen and nasty like she was last night. She still seems tro be alright considering. I figure once she looks completely cured, if she survives, that will mean my other fish are fine too. I'll give them a few extra days after the water change(Recommended on the medicine after a week), and see if anything goes wrong. If not, they are going to new homes. They grew extremely fast compared to when I kept my fry in the breeding net. They're double the size right now compared to the fry at two weeks older last time. Room is good, and so is the food.
Many changes have happened since I started giving them things you recommended to me. Less waste, less blaoting and big belly issues. They have brighter colors, which I didn't think possible since they were never dull to begin with, and seem happier and less easily stressed(They used to freak when I walked by the tank, now they beg foir food when they see me, although if I sit there and stare, my creamsicle always starts pooping a lot, but she hangs out near my face like she's curious, I try not to do that to her though, but I have to check everything good daily).
I keep seeing new plants I want to get too...but how many plants is too many in a twenty gallon? LOL I have one great big leafy one that takes up a bit of room, the rest are more viney, they were the ones you said they were, I've forgotten again though. x.x Anachris and Anubias? I probably spelled them wrong. Haha, those ones don't take up as much room, but I imagine they will once they sprout! I'm turning into a plant finatic...After I got my first plants and saw they didn't die in two weeks, I got really excited. I've always liked house plants(Can't keep them anymore because of kids and cats), and I know dense planting is good, but how far is too far with plants? Right now, I think I'm set on plants, those baby ones will probably grow in perfectly and I wont need more, if I did get more, it'd probably take up too much room. Currently they just love to swim around in the leaves. x)

I am also debating on giving away my Silver Sailfin/Lyretail male...I really don't want to, but my only other option is the Balloon Male...>>; And Grandma would be upset. v.v; He is a rather pretty color, but he reminds me of a drunk penguin. ^__^ However, the Silver is more aggressive than my other three males(The black one is either going a week from Friday to my aunt, or to a shop, it's really pushing my patience waiting several weeks for her to decide, I don't mind the extra work, but I DO mind the lack of female companions for the boys when there are so many, I think I'm at only two per male now, I have four boys right now, two absolutely have got to go). I don't like having more than three males, regardless of female numbers, two is preferable to me, but I'm stuck with the balloon and I am not giving up my sailfin or dalmation. Ha, the only option I REALLY have more tanks. lol I don't have a constant job though, I dogsit, and with the economy, it's been less and less, people don't travel as much when low on money. x.x Infact, I haven't seen my relatives from across the states in over five years!

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No worries, momma! You do whatever you feel comfortable with - I'm really NOT trying to push you into anything! Clean water is the very best thing for a fish. Period. The right conditions and time will heal pretty much anything that CAN be healed - and the ones that are affected are recovering so well under your care already! I know you've actively been doing all that you can to make the lives of the creatures you keep as happy as possible - I'm so proud of you! *HUGS* I really wish everyone showed as much concern and care over their fish as you do

You're right, she rode into your tank with the infection, and it seems to me that she was very likely kept in poor conditions before she got to you. There are so many types of illnesses and fungi that live in our tank(s) that never become a problem until the poor little fish has a weakened immune system (unfortunately, one of the main reasons for the weakening is poor water quality - makes me so sad to think of what they've been through), and once ONE infection takes hold, it leaves the fish wide open for many secondary infections to flourish. The fact that she's healing up so quickly is really a testament to how well you've been doing over there!

Just for the record these two meds are about the ONLY ones that I am comfortable enough with to recommend to anyone, ever - and that's pretty much because, like you, I am SO leery of dumping crap into my tanks - these are more or less the only two meds that *I* am comfortable with using myself! I have used both Pima and Mela fix, both together and separate, on Mollies and Molly fry. The only issue that *might* come up is that it *could* lead to a bacterial bloom, which is really no big thing. Melafix is wonderful to promote healing in torn or ragged fins, and so, if you find that your fish could use a little bit of help in that direction (you did say she was showing signs of having been picked on, finrot, or nipped fins, right?) then Melafix is a safe way to promote rapid healing - and you want that baby healed up so she can stay well! Again, NOT trying to push you into anything that you aren't comfortable with - just letting you know my experiences! Clean water is STILL the #1 cure all, and it will always be - and it's free. . . and you've GOT IT!!!! HOOOOORAY!

Room IS good, as is food! Isn't it astounding to see how much more quickly they can grow in a larger tank? I can't tell you how HAPPY it makes me to know that I've been of some help to you in getting your tanks and fish on track to a better world! I'm glad I could help - but it's your care and concern that really has helped them to flourish! 42 fry. . . *shakes head*

Girl... if your mollies are curious about you... let them be!!! The fish that you've had in your tank for some time are used to things now, they're not stressed out anymore. Mollies are curious little critters, and they really seem to ENJOY being paid attention to! Go ahead and stare! If they don't want you to, they'll leave! You deserve to enjoy your babies! I've had to keep some of my Mollies, for one reason or another and from time to time, in QT. Either to break up an argument, or when fry were being born, etc. My QT tank is in a very quiet area of my home with little traffic - perfect for de-stressing and recovery. And I am absolutley certain that my mollies, provided that they are healthy and not stressed out, DO get lonely/bored when they're left all by themselves! Mollies are so much fun, they're silly and curious and very active. When mine were in community, they were always the first to explore changes to the tank, and ... don't laugh! ... I even play 'games' with them! They seem to enjoy a round of 'find where she put the food' when I 'hide' their meal inside of a tank ornament or under a sword-plant - it's so much more FUN than just nabbing it from the top of the tank! And sometimes we play ball with a skinned, uncooked, whole pea. They're so silly as one will get ahold of it and try to get a bite, only to have it be 'stolen' by another fish, or drop it and try to get it back before it hits the ground. You'll see that they DO take small bites when you do this, and the pea is entirely gone - but it does take them some time, and a LOT of play - to get it all eaten! (I only do this when they already have eaten, otherwise it'd be mean). I've also been known to move things in their tank - just for fun. A plant moved from here to there, an ornament turned on it's side - nothing to disrupt their entire habitat, mind you, but just enough to make life interesting. They're always all over the new change, trying to figure out what's going on. I'm not an expert, but I SWEAR - they LOVE this kind of thing! Now. . .my other fish? No. My rams prefer things to ALWAYS be according to schedule. Food goes here, lights on now - they thrive on routine and get VERY upset when things are moved from where they 'belong' in their tank. My tetra? Couldn't care less about anything one way or another. But the Mollies (and the loaches!) love to play. I really do think so!

Ummmmm.... I don't think there is really such a thing as too many plants - provided the fish still have room to swim, lol. They absolutley DO love to swim around in the foliage, and as long as the plants are thriving - they're excellent for water quality! I DO think you ought to do your homework on the plants you HAVE before adding to the pile - as well as on the plants you would like to get before bringing them home. Do you have proper lighting? Do you dose with plant nutrients? These things are very important to the well-being of the green stuff - but if you have that under control, plant away!

I agree with you - females galore and 2 males is MY ideal, too. 3 can work, too! Hopefully your aunt figures out what she wants to do so that you can move on from there. It's kind of a bummer that you're stuck with a fish you aren't terribly thrilled with, but. . . grandma deserves it for all the help she's given in making their world a happy place! NEXT TIME, she'd better pick NORMAL fish without fungus, tho - or we're going to have to fight!

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She also picked the black mollies! =) I was there to help with that one though, but I mistook a male for a female, he was alone in a tank with swordtails and I adopted him so he could be with other mollies, but I thought it was a she, good sized fish too, so I shoulda been able to tell. Usually when females press their fins to their stomach, they go pretty flat, but when males do it, they usually have a bit of a hook/bump, and I didn't see that on him. lol I really like that male though, he is gorgeous. If I come into some money before my aunt comes callin, I'll just get a bigger tank and keep him. xD I wish I could!

Now, a bit on the matter we started with, my Creamsicle...I am wondering if she is holding. I don't think she stressed and dropped her pregnancy, but I think she stopped it...I am not sure though, she stopped getting bigger about a week ago, and hasn't gotten smaller either. She's got that nice round momma belly, but it hasn't changed in a week. I'd expect her to get bigger in that amount of time...I was so looking forward to her babies...I think I may cry if she aborted. But honestly, since illness got in my tank, even though she didn't get anything, I can't blame her. The temp changes, the water being all medicated and the two new fish being added in. She doesn't seem stressed, but I'm sure she is regardless. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If everything is fine, she should be due any day now! =) Actually, she should be due this week if she allowed the sperm to go where it was supposed to. August 21st was a few days after I saw them mating! Though I know full well it's impossible to actually guess it, it could be days or weeks from what you think. lol I shall be keeping a very close...closer eye on her from now on. She did act like she was going into labor a few days ago, but it seems it was either a false, or she changed her mind. This is why I am assuming she is holding the babies. She doesn't look or act sick, and I've had my sick mollies you think it would be safe to move her into the nursery now, I have some older fry in there in a breeder, and the two new dalmation mollies. The only difference in the water should be the medications. I keep them both with a little aquarium salt, and have started moving the temp in the big tank back to what it is in the little tank(I try to keep them exactly the same should I have to move anyone, or for when I move fry once they grow too much. Columnaris strain I have needs 75 degree water to hurt it, or so I read when looking into it, and I naturally keep the temp in my tanks at 79-80F). I would have moved her over there several days ago, but that columnaris scared me. ^^; The only other fish that got it or any other illness symptoms has fully recovered. That was my female black molly, she's the only other to get sick in any way. She lost that film on her eye and has acted like her normal self for about three days now. I think that may have been something else, but I have no idea what it was. Obviously heat and salt fixed that part, same with my balloon molly, that mostly went away on her as well.
So, do you think I might be safe to move her, I don't want to contaminate my nursery tank, but she and the others seem perfectly fine in every way. And when I move them to new tanks, I basically kinda get them in a pitcher or a container I can put right in the water and scoop them up. They usually don't seem to know they're caught!

The other reason is...I absolutely don't want babies born in the big tank, it'd be a disaster for both the mother and babies. x.x The babies would get eaten, the mother would get bullied, it'd be very hard to find and catch them all...and my breeder is currently in use. lol She would be in the nursery with my two dalmations though, but three fish after them is better than ten.

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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PERSONALLY. . . I wouldn't. For several reasons. . . one is that even though this medication is very gentle, (and I have reason to believe it is only active in the tank for 24 hours, anyway), it can still cause stress to go from one type of water to the next without an adjustment period.

Next. . . I would be VERY cautious about the possibility of spreading the disease. Again, I'm not trying to knock you, it sounds as if you've got the illness pegged, though you do have some lingering doubt as to if there may be more than one type of illness going on in there. The NEW fish are going to be a bit stressed from the move, and the younger ones will also be at risk. It's. . . just opening up the possibility of having two 'sick' tanks, and well. . . personally, I'd err on the side of caution!

Then. . . you aren't SURE! She *might* be holding. . . but there is always the possibility (however unlikely) that it could be something else entirely. . . or. . . stress-related. Mollies are amazingly adaptable in my experience. It takes them next to no time usually to adjust to whatever it is that you throw at them. But these guys have had a LOT of changes over a fairly short period of time if you think about it! All temp changes and medication aside, it wasn't that long ago that they were pretty cramped in a 10g tank, so she's had to deal with a lot, and she might not be ready just yet. You said she's showing no signs of being in active labor, NOR does she appear to be stressed out. . . so I don't see that a move now would in any way be actually beneficial to her - if that makes sense. If she was being harassed, or trying to hide away, that might change things a bit.

Again, personally. . . I don't try to save my babies. I think that it's more stressful on the mom to be moved while already under so much stress from the pregnancy. But MY experience has been very different from yours - my mollies tend to leave the fry alone for the most part, and my tank is much more lightly stocked, and planted more heavily, than yours - and each fish has their own personality, mine are so laid-back :)

It's your decision to make - do what you feel is right. I'd say you've been doing a good job thus far, go with your gut! Personally, yeah - I'd just wait and watch things closely for a bit longer. . .
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My gut is telling me to hold off on any moves, but it's also telling me she needs to get used to her birthing place before going into labor. x.x; So, I suppose, as much as I HATE it, it's gonna be every fry for itself unless I SEE her giving birth. I actually usually like to have the mother in her own tank with a docil buddy atleast a week before she may go into labor. That way she's less stressed from the move, and used to any differences there may be in the waters. Moving them is stressful, but I've found if I move them in something I catch them with, say the breeder box or a pitcher instead of a net, they are less stressed from the move, or seem to be. Usually when you move a fish to a new location, they hide a bit and poop a lot telling you they're stressed out, but usually when I move them in whatever I caught them in, and I usually trick them by holding it there until they go in themselves and slowly move them out, they go into the tank as if they never left it. lol Usually as in most of the time, not always. Some get confused, but are otherwise ok. ^^;

Tomorrow evening I am going to let the Balloon Molly out of her box. Now that she's doing so much better, she's kinda getting miffed that she's not with the other fish and with the lack of space. Before she seemed energetic, but HAPPY to be in there with the plants, now she seems mad if anything, she tries to go through the net when I bring food to eat with the other mollies, she eats what I give her, then tries to get out and get the food the others are eating too. Since she only gets the one piece off a flake or a single small frozen bloodworm or brine shrimp(I defrost the frozen foods in warm water while in the container so I don't lower their internal temperature with cold foods). Usually give her the smallest I can find in the pack or break one(shivers it bugs me with the worms, the shrimp kinda come apart easily, but the worms always squirt red yuck in my face LOL) when my mollies eat them, they...well, unintentionally share, usually someone has a halfy sticking out and another takes it. lol I don't want her to over-eat, and when she's alone I can judge better.
I like that mixed frozen veggies stuff. I didn't at first because it kinda explodes and goes everywhere once it hits the water, but then I realized they have to work for each little piece and even have to search for it in the plants and rocks, and my cory actually gets something besides algae and flakes! I am having trouble getting food to my Kuhli though, I am worried about him. =( He doesn't seem interested in tthe veggies at all, slight interest in the algae wafers....but he goes berserk when he smells the bloodworms or shrimp, problem is, those are my mollies favorites, so even with the lights out, little to none is left to hit the ground. I tried hiding some bloodworms, he visibly wants them, but he can't seem to find them in the plants on his own, or under decorations(I have gravel, I wish I had gotten sand, but I have no idea how to care for a tank with sand substrate, so I can't put it too far under gravel, usually between one on top). I have managed to get a little to him by putting it in his rock, but the other fish mob in there as well. x.x They also get any I bury, they're greedy little brats, aren't they? You'd think I never feed them. lol I feed my adults once per day, either a small pinch of flakes, or one container of the frozen stuff. I'm worried he's not getting enough, and he wont eat from my hand or anything else I stick in there, he just flees and the mollies eat it before I can get it out. Any ideas for me? He doesn't LOOK malnurished, small though...but the way he goes nuts trying to get the protein foods, I am assuming he's not getting enough.
I intend to move him back to the little tank and get him a friend, since they have very low bioloads and don't get very big. He should get fed better that way without being bullied, but I still have to wait until I am done with the medication rounds and see how things go. I currently have one cory in the ten gallon, but he has to go with his "School" in the bigger tank, a ten gallon is no place for a cory, especially alone. Again, waiting on the medications to be completed. I'm also going to move his cave with him, the mollies can live with their bunch of plants. ^_~ His cave is his love, but I have to wash it in hot water to kill off bacteria and anythign that may have been in the big tank and stuck to it. I found soaking something in really, really hot water and aquarium salt with water purifier helps to kill off ich atleast. LOL Probably the fungus too if it's in that a few hours. I don't know of anything else safe to wash fish stuff with.

Ah yes, my Dalmations are enjoying their new home. (Did I mention they were kept in tanks waaay too cold and the shops wonder why they keep dying? >>; I'm talking 65-72 degree tanks here. x.x Mollies need an absolute minimum of 75-76 I'd think, they like it warm. I keep my tanks close to eighty, if not right at it!) I am starting to wonder what kind of people they hire, they need to know atleast the basics of fish care, sheesh! I KNOW better than that when I started keeping fish. There are a few tropical fish that like 72 degree water, but platies and mollies like it 75 and up. After traveling from where ever, a shock of cold water just isn't good, even if it IS only a few degrees from what they're used to, just a two degree difference can kill a stressed fish. I had to float them for an hour because when I felt their water, even though it was a hot day and I kept them close to me trying to slowly warm up the water, it FELT atleast ten degrees cooler than my 78 degree tank.
Anywho, rant over, sorry. It chaps my hide everytime I got to a petshop, it's a shame, they have some beauties that don't last long.
They are enjoying their new tank. They've also figured out when I'm near the tank, they wont be hurt, and occasionally get fed! The male does not like me though. ^^; Pretty thing, but he threat poses anyone that looks into the tank, he's gorgeous when he does it. lol I am sure he'll get used to me, they always do...if anything I think I might miss his threat display, but it's better for him to get over it. lol Now that they come out to see me though, I can see that the female is rather large...I wouldn't say she's got the balloon gut kinda pregnancy, but she's pretty darn thick! Maybe she will give me a few dozen pretty babies. That'd be a dream come true. ;D Have I mentioned the Dalmation Lyretail was my dream fish? Pretty simple for a dream fish some would probably think, but I'd always wanted one, for years I wanted a nice molly tank with beautiful dalmations that I could grow up and maybe breed if I was lucky. The two I got last year died soon after purchase, one stayed for a few months, but she was always frail, and my Gold Dust male, the one I gave away, pretty much killed her. -sigh- I haven't been able to find any until these two, none that were in good condition anyways, most of the time they had ich or didn't travel well, me "Rescuing" them probably woulda killed them with extra travel. ><

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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T_T My Balloon Molly died. I had a feeling she was going to. They always start looking better before they crash, and there's no way she shoulda been acting fine when that sick. Last night she started acting kinda eratic, so I had a feeling she'd be gone when I woke up, and she was. v.v Atleast she went out looking good, her fungus was almost gone. After all that, after starting to get better and even looking good, this just sucks.
Grandma wants to exchange her, but I put my foot down. No replacement will I get, period. She's still got the male and he's all pretty and as healthy as a balloon molly can be. I explained Balloon Mollies may be cute, but they aren't the healthiest fish in the world and that the balloon effect was originally a deformity they inbred and overbred. >>; So she let that go, but wants another fish to pick out. x.x; Oh joy. T_T Someone help me, I'm not allowed to tell her "no" Permanently.......My writing looks weird, what happened here?

I just looked in my nursery tank and saw a's a BRIGHT red baby, brand new, looks like it was just born...but it's bright red...That would be the luckiest thing that ever happened to me. I've been looking for Red Mollies about as long as I've been looking for Dalmation Lyretails. ^^; That's cool, if it's from my Dalmation Molly, she musta been with either swordtails or red mollies. =O It does look like it has some black spots on its head...She's the only female in there, aside from maybe my cory who I can't tell with. And I'm sure she's pregnant. How exciting, a night of loss, and a night of new life. Kinda cheesy, but that's what it makes me think. lol

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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Awwww. . . hon, I'm so sorry! You really did EVERYTHING you cold for her, you know you did. Great job standing up to your Grandmother on the 'replacement'. Sheesh! She sounds like a tough nut to crack, for sure, but you did the right thing. Hopefully this is the end of the line for that illness. If you haven't reached the end of the treatment, I'd say go ahead and finish out the course in that tank, just to be safe, and let them be in QT for a month before adding or removing any others from that tank. Better safe than sorry, and a month is the right amount of time to be sure.

Congratulations on your little red baby! How wonderful. . . it isn't cheesy at all, and it makes me happy that you've got your own in-house 'replacement!' Depending on how h/she develops, do you plan to keep this one? Good luck on the hunt for a red Molly. I've personally been searching for Liberty Mollies since the day I saw a picture of them, but I can't find them anywhere. Shipping is really expensive, but there are some gorgeous Mollies that come up on Aquabid. . .
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Well, I am not going to get a replacement for my balloon molly, just a refund. It's a sad way for it to happen, but it's made more room in my tank. And I am wanting to keep one of my brown spotted fry. I've got my eye on one in particular. It's a good sized baby for its age, and it has both stripes and spots(When he's bigger, I'll get you a picture, I can try to get some now too). =) It used to only have two stripes down its middle, but one broke off and became spots just like you suggested it might, and it also gained a few more. So I suppose I ended up with a kinda marble/dalmation like baby, except instead of having white or silver between the spots, it's more of a brown/cream color, it's a very nice looking baby.

I'm not sure if I'll keep the little red baby. Honestly I'm not sure it's going to make it, and I have no idea where it came from. It's a pretty little thing, but it can't seem to swim off the ground. I'm used to newborns having trouble swimming up to the top after they've been chased and escaped sometimes, but this one isn't leaving the bottom still, but he can move around on the bottom just fine, it just looks more like it's crawling than swimming, it eats just fine though, seems to have a strong bite and jerk, it just can't seem to swim and it's too small for me to tell why. Other than that problem, it looks fully formed and ok, again, still too small to tell for sure, so maybe it'll perk up. Could be something wrong with it, but I don't know, this is the problem with mothers that aren't cared for very well, if it indeed came from my dalmation, or possibly was in the bag I brought home and didn't notice from some other mother). He is also extremely tiny. He might barely hit the quarter inch mark, but I doubt it. Tiny, tiny red baby. I probably wouldn't have seen him if he wasn't red. If there is something wrong with it, I'll either keep it, or give it to someone who knows it's not going to be a normal fish. So long as it can live a mostly normal life though, I don't see why not! It's kinda hard to both give fry away, and choose which to keep, because you never know if you may hit some snag and end up with too little room or other problems.

I have two pieces of good news today though! My little cousins came for a sleepover on Saturday(They usually come stay a night once or twice a month, my oldest is almost fifteen(Actually he might be, I seem to have forgotten his birthday, uhoh, don't tell anyone I said that!) and the youngest is almost 13), and my youngest one wanted some fish! He has a tank at home, a few actually(I'm fairly jealous), and had a QT tank as well. I told him I had a little something going through the tank and asked if he had a set up QT, which he did. I gave him some of the medicine I've been using if he needs it, told him what to look for. I also gave him my male black molly and four fry. Two of the black and gold ones, and two of the more orangey ones, one had a few spots and a striped tail. =) He and his mother like to keep fish, lizards and other critters, so I feel confident they'll all be good! His mother also has a 55 gallon tank she -might- be getting rid of when she gets a bigger one. I am going to ask if I can have it. x) Maybe I'll get some good luck, eh?

Another bit of good news: My gold molly gave birth again today! I've only got four of her babies though, there might be more. The rest may have been eaten though. =( She showed absolutely no signs this morning or this afternoon, I took a long nap and when I looked in there she was skinny! So I found her babies. She was as big as a barn, I've never had a pregnant female get so big. But I don't think she had as many as I thought she would. The reason for this is: She had some BIG babies. ^^; They're as big as my silver mollies which are a week or so old. lol Really nice looking, bright colored babies! This was her second batch in about three weeks, I had a feeling she was carrying a second batch because she was still slightly plump after her last birth, and usually they look kinda like a rail after they're done. Right now, she's happy as can be. She gets along great with the other three females in the nursery tank. She doesn't seem to be too weakened by it, is eating good and swimming around with the group instead of hiding or acting slow like they do after a rough birth(You'd think it was a rough one with how BIG they are). I may not have gotten too many babies this time, but the ones I did get are absolutely gorgeous little things! A little remorse here that I wasn't up to watch her and take care of her young(I was actually up for about two days on a three hour nap so I just had to crash, always seems to be the case on "Birthdays" lol), but that's how it goes sometimes, I just need to focus on the beauties I have and take care of them. I know I can't save them all, and I still feel bad, but it doesn't make me feel like a failure anymore. If you feel THAT bad over every loss, mother nature wont hesitate to rip you apart, but it's only natural to feel something when things die.

Also, my cousin says he knows a place that will buy them from me instead of just take them in. ^_^ So that will help me out a lot. His uncle will send me the info I need, he's the one that knows all the fish. =)

Actually, I have another piece of good/exciting news. My black molly is about ready to give birth as well. She's almost as big as my Gold molly was.(Just so you know, the gold molly is that little orange one I couldn't tell if it was a gold dust or not, I just call her "Little Orangey" and she's one of my favorite fish.) I'm gonna let Little Orangey stay in the nursery for the night and then move her back home, even though she seems just fine, I don't want to stress her out. I'm pretty good at moving them in ways they don't really notice it, but all the same, there's still the risk she may notice and get stressed which can do a good bit of damage to their systems right after birth regardless of looking good. lol
I can't wait to see these little black molly babies, I haven't had any dark babies born yet out of seven or eight past batches. Usually I am hopeful they breed with my black Sailfin, but I'm actually hoping she bred with both him and my Silver Lyretail and took to it, as I did see her dancing with both(Sometimes they don't get pregnant though). My best guess is they would come out speckled with my silver male, and maybe lyretail-like with my sailfin. Lyretails have a good sail, but it doesn't normally go head to tail like sailfin males do, and they get those longer corner fins on their tails. It still looks great. Of course, anything could happen, surprise babies are awesome.

As for matter on my Creamsicle...well, I don't even know anymore! LOL She still looks the same, and I -think- I see some babies in her tummy when she gets in the light just right....I'm wondering if she aborted and is trying to absorb them though, or if she just paused it. I guess there's no way for me to know though. She seems just fine to me...bit more grumpy than usual if that's even possible, so maybe she's getting ready, she is kinda hard to see through. I can see if my gold molly has babies once she gets on in her pregnancy, under the aquarium lamp, she's pratcically see-through.

Oh yes, I am still keeping up with the treatment. My black molly didn't have the columnaris, she got popeye. I identified that one. It's just the one eye, it did come with the columnaris, but was most likely something she got from her weakened immune system. Pimifix wont cure it, but it'll keep infections from happening and keep others from getting it. My dalmation male ended up getting it too, but his is from an injury. I am not sure how it happened, I think his girlfriend may have bitten him(She is kinda mean! She latched onto him at one point and they went around the tank locked together, but when she tried to pick a fight with my creamsicle, who let her for a short time, she was quickly put in her place and has shown no more aggression. I think having her alone with a male may have made her snappy, she gets along fine now with my three girls), it was bloody on the bottom corner and swelled up pretty bad. Luckily I noticed it fast and already had some pimifix in the tank. As of now, his eye looks normal swelling-wise, but you can see where he was injured on the bottom, it looks like a bruise. This happened about three days ago. I'm keeping a close eye on him! Making sure I keep the tank pristine clean and add in the stuff to keep infections down for injured fish. Salt and pimifix. They're preventatives, not cures.

Speaking of pimifix, did you know it has clove oil in it? Be sure if you recommend it to anyone, tell them to follow instructions exactly, as it can cause a build up of clove oil in the tank and harm the fish, and to keep a close eye out for any fish acting loopy. As with any medicine, it can be dangerous, but it's perfect if used right.

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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I found a few more babies, so I have six or seven. I am going to take a bunch of my older fry to the petshop today, the ones that weren't in the tank of whatever went on there. lol And I'm going to get some more Kuhli Loaches if they have any. I intended to get more sooner, but then we had all this Columnaris fun. I'm going to get three or four more. I initially got the one thinking it may not survive, sometimes I don't do well with a species of fish I've never had before, but she has flourished and needs buddies. She also eats all my snails aside from the two really big ones I have, which is kinda a godsend. lol A few weeks after I moved her out of the nursery tank, I got absolutely swamped with snails. Last night alone I removed atleast fifty of the little jerks. I did intentionally leave a few though, I have some that are pure white. =o I've got some caves and hiding places for the loaches already too, and I've turned over my fake plants and put their leaves half under the gravel, my current Kuhli loves that and it keeps her from beating herself up. Since I did that, she's started eating better, I didn't know that they could get lonely enough to stop eating! But she had a few snails today and a few bloodworms to boot.
I'm thinking I'll give sand substrate a try as well...Can I clean it like I would with gravel? I use the vacuum every once in a while, I know using it too often is bad for the fish and health of the tank so I don't do it too often, but will it work with sand, or will is just suck it up? If it wont work on do I clean it? =o That was my biggest worry about getting sand, I don't know how to clean it. ^^;

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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Well, I've got my sand. lol It looks really nice, actually! I was going to get white sand, but the bag had a huge hole in it! Worst part I went through the whole store with a leaking 25 pound bag of sand. Haha, the sand I ended up with is just normal colored sand. It really does look nice. Still murky waters though...But it's not too bad. I only have the Kuhli's in there right now. They're loving it. Speaking of Kuhli's, I now have five of them. ^_^ They will have the nursery to themselves for the most part, only sharing with mothers about to give birth and fry until they're old enough for the big tank. I -think- I have three females and two males, but two are too small for me to tell. It's hard enough to tell as is! They say there isn't a really definable difference between males and females, but there actually is...IF they hold still long enough for you to look. Females are usually larger and thicker than the males, and males first pectoral fins are supposed to be longer and pointier than the females. I have one male and two females for sure, I'm not sure about the other two. They're still pretty young. I am hoping they might breed naturally, though I know it's a very, very rare thing. I wont be putting any hormones or the like in there, if they don't want to breed, I sure wont make them. But they're nice little critters. =) I've got a lot of plants, their favorite foods, the sandy bottom they like to dig under, and a big rock cave with three ways to enter that are about half buried under the sand.
That's still going to be my nursery tank...but right now I think it may be too murky for them, even with the bio-magnet. That seems to have done it's job with the sand itself, but not the murk. Any ideas on how to keep it clearer? I DID get the sand that doesn't up the PH and stuff, but I think it said it lowered nitrates, which I didn't need, but hey. =)

Oh yes, onto my Peacock(I call my Dalmation male a peacock because when he tries to mate with a particular female he puts his fins up and looks pretty. lol He doesn't try to fight or hit her, just puts his fins up and tangos), his eye looks almost fully healed, He's got a small dot that looks like bruising, but it's almost gone and he's not acting weird or anything. ^_^ My new fish are getting on well with everyone, no nasties left in my tank. I actually cleaned it a little early because all my fish were starting to spin and act loopy, like hang with thier faces aiming upwards and I cleaned it out and they were all better by the next day. x.x I heard that was a side-effect of the Pimifix if the fish didn't handle it well, and only three were doing that. My silver sailfin, my gold dust and the dalmation. That was actually the day before, they haven't done this since about two hours after I changed out some water. I'm not going to be continuing with the medicine, I've seen no evidence of any fungal infections, no more pop-eye or anything else visible on them or in how they act aside from that. lol =) So I'm certainly pleased, now to give away more fry, but I'll still be waiting until next week to be sure.

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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