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Yeah, my Balloon molly is giving birth right now actually...unfortunatly all is not going well. I've done everything I can to keep stress down on her after being moved from the pet shop, unfortunatly I think she was already sick or something, she's been slow and hanging out in the corner since I got her. I found her at the bottom this morning on her side and gently scooped her into the breeding/QT tank, I don't think she even knew I moved her. I thought she might be constipated because I could see her having trouble with something stuck and she hasn't gone in the three days I've had her, and they do get that issue. I moved her about two or three hours ago and she started to pep up a bit, that's when I noticed something was stuck. I thought it was poo. I went to get her some cooked peas, since they are a great constipation remedy in fish, and in the three minutes it took, she had fourteen babies(Only two were alive). It's been about half an hour since then now and she's had a few more.

She looks sick, she really does. She's got one eye filming over with this grey bubble that wasn't there this morning, what in the world is going on here? x.x Right now I only see five live babies. The rest are still partially in eggs, and a few not very formed eggs, more coming I am sure. Obviously she miscarried, but that doesn't explain why she's got that film over her eye, she has a white patchyness on her back I thought was scarring from an old burn...I really hope I didn't get a sick fish. ^^; Next time I'll be looking before my grandma does any buying! In anycase, I've tuend out the lights and shut off my TV so she has no noise, no light, and can just relax. I really don't think she will survive though. =( But atleast I'll do what I can to give her a chance.
If this sounds like anything you know about, please share it. ^^; I've never seen anything like it, and I am new to fish, I can spot dropsy, ich and ammonia poisoning, but that's about it.

As for the plant, I have no idea what it is called, I lost the container it came it...well, the bag it came in. lol I'll see about a photo later on.

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Awwww, man, I'm SO sorry to hear such bad news. You're right, it sounds as if she aborted the pregnancy due to the stress of being moved. Usually white patchiness is a sign of a fungus - and to be honest, most of these things are already IN our tanks, but when a fish is stressed out, just like in people, their immune systems are not as able to fight off infection, and they succumb to things that they otherwise could have fought off. :(

I really am wishing you had a QT tank, and if there is any way to put her in the 10g, and get the fry into the breeder trap in the main tank, I would do so ASAP. It sucks to move her again, but better to do THAT than to have any of the others get sick. . .

Good luck. . . :( what a night!
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Yeah, I thought it might have been a fungus too. But her eye looks like it has a grey shell over it that is popping off, her eye looks normal under it. Funjgus on the eye? Poor baby. >< But the white patches on her back...I really should have known! It's so obvious too, that the lady at the petshop(who knows better than people like me and they have a policy not to sell sick fish!) who gave them to my grandma should have seen it, I noticed it when I saw her, but Grandma didn't want to go back. =-= Stubborn. I also thought it may have been burn scars, because they had a heater malfunction that also burned two other fish. But I am looking into what type of fungus it could be and I'll see about treating the tank. No sense in contaminating my big tank and my nursery, she's already been in there over three days. I DO have her in a Quarentine. That breeding net doubles as one, or so they say. Atleast it does contact-wsie, which -might- help, but damage has already been done. I WOULD move her to the nursery, but I have so many fry in there it would just be impossible to move them all out, and I don't have a net big enough even if I used both of the ones I have, some of them have gotten big, six of which are three weeks old and surprisingly big enough for the adult tank, where they are already. I intend to nip this in the bud, I will not have a tank I worked hard on be destroyed because my grandma wanted a powder puff! But I wont yell at her either. >_>; I'll just do damage control, she's helped a lot so I'm not saying anything at all to her. lol She came to look at them when I told her the Balloon was giving birth, she had this HUGE ear to ear grin. I just can't bring myself to tell her she may have brought a big nasty into my tank. >>;

I also turned the heat up to 82 from 79(did this last night, it's not quite there yet since I'm doing it slow, though it's not a huge change, it's enough to shock should I do it fast), and I added a little aquarium salt, she has pepped up a lot and looks more alert. I am hoping this will fix it. Heat and salt is a treatment for some fungi, so hopefully that will keep my other fish from getting it. I'll also have to do a small water change sooner than planned. Very small, I don't want anyone else getting stressed. But after living in my ten gallon, most of my fish are used to those small, often water changes.

Hopefully all is will be well...I'll be moving my black molly to the nursery in a breeding pen probably in the next 24 hours or so. She's started squaring off and is doing that "Hey, I'm hanging out in the corner now." Thing. Once her dorsal fin starts hanging down I'll know she's ready to go into labor soon. Yup, more babies. But like the Creamsicle, these are ones we've waited very impatiently for. Balloon's and Black mollies are my grandma's favorites, and she's hoping she bred with my other black molly male. I told her "Fat chances, I have three boys in there, and he's the most docil one of them all." lol Plus, I saw her breeding with both my sailfin and my silver lyretail. :3 I certainly wont be unhappy with the results, so long as the birth goes well for mom!

Ah, I'm getting the hang of this all. I think I am going to do a big study session on diseases mollies can get, it'll be a long week. If there is one thing I can surely say I am an expert at by now, it's how to tell when a molly is going into labor, and when she's due for it atleast two days before.. ;D But atleast there is one thing I can brag about that's really helpful: I learn pretty fast! Knock on wood so I don't get jinxed any further, especially with space and illnesses!

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Quick update here for you guys, I seem to have the infection under control. The balloon molly seems to be back to her normal self (She's eating, swimming normally and seems energetic, still in the QT though), and the fungus is shrinking back and falling off, her eye looks ok too, no more giant shell of yuck! Still a bit filmed over, but it looks alright underneath. She can obviously see with it too Over the last couple days I've turned the temp up from 79 to 84 degrees and added salt little by little. I know mollies like it warm and I hear they can handle up to 85+ degrees, but 84 is doing it just fine. If that's too warm to survive long in, how long can I/should I keep it like that you think? It's visibly doing its job killing the fungus, and the fish don't seem to mind. lol Only one other caught it, the same day my Balloon molly gave birth I noticed my black molly had it on her eye, but I caught it early with her and it didn't spread, it's already almost gone. I see none on any other fish. I wish I had noticed sooner, I almost had a heart attack thinking my tank may be wiped out. T_T The store wont reimberse me for damages, nor will they take her back, said they don't have a QT tank, I told them she had it there and they said they'd already sold the other Butterfly Balloon molly that was with them. =-=; I'm not shopping there anymore.

As for her babies, unfortunatly most of them died. I've seen three of them swimming around in my fry tank nibbling on the algae wafer I put in for my cory(All my fry love to mob to those, but the little ones were first since they still hide near the bottom). They look ok, there might be more, but I doubt it. ^^; All the fry from my oldest batch and a few of the black and orange ones that got big fast are in my adult tank and doing well. =) In a couple weeks they can go to new homes.

Still waiting on my Creamsicle Molly and my Black molly to give birth, they're both being stubborn...which is just fine, they'll have the babies when they are good and ready! =) It's hard to wait, but it's not like any of us have a choice. xD Babies come when THEY want to.

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Glad to hear things are going better for you over there!
I'm sorry, it's been so hectic over here, I haven't had time to check in. . .

It kind of depends on the illness that they have, but if it's ich, turning the temp up to 84 is the perfect solution. They'll be fine at this temp until everything settles back down, but in general I'd say a temp of around 79-80ish is a better place to run the tank when everyone is healthy. It wouldn't hurt to run a course of Pimafix through the tank. It's a very safe med for all the fish in your tank, won't harm the bacterial filtration, and will act more as a prophylactic to keep the others from getting sick.

Don't be too fast to blame the shop. Many of the illnesses our fish get are already present in the water. Just like catching a cold, they're more likely to succumb to these illnesses when under stress - though their immune systems have been keeping things under control previously, the added stress gives the uggies a foothold to cause problems. Old fish, fry, and those who are have just been moved are obviously the most at risk, as their immune systems are the most compromised. As always, the best thing you can do for your babies is to keep their water pristine at all times, and avoid stressing them out as much as possible!

Keep an eye on your plants, SOME plants do well with salt, while others can't tolerate it at all. In either case, you may see a melting and re-adjustment period as they get used to both the salt and the higher temps. Be sure you remove all dead/dying leaves, so they don't add to the bioload of the tank and cause ammonia to rise! If you plan to keep your mollies in salt for a longer period of time than is required to get the illness out, you might want to do some research into the type of salt you're using. Usually, basic aquarium salt is used to medicate, but there is another type of salt (which is used in saltwater tanks, I believe) that would be more appropriate to use long-term. I'm just looking into all of this myself, so be sure to do your own research here!
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It's not ich. She had this rough, swollen white patchyness on her back that spread to her eye and kinda left this grey shell over it. Not a film, it looked like an actual shell of yuck. It looked kinda like a shedding snake when it started popping offif that gives you a better idea. One of my black mollies got it on her eye, but it hasn't spread further. When it starts coming off a bit, it has a fuzzyness to it more than rough-patcyness, so I'm pretty sure it's a fungus, that and I heard from someone else with the same problem on her mollies and guppies. The heat and salt seem to be causing it to dry up and shrink, it's falling off of the eye, but I do still need medications.

As for blaming the shop: The reason I am blaming them, is because she had it when we bought her. Meanign -they- should have seen it. Ignorance isn't an excuse on my part either, but they still shouldn't sell sick fish to people who may not know about such things. The other reason I blame them, is because the Platy Tank I had for about eight months was ruined from buying a sick fish from them. One of the guys there, when I told him about it, was miffed that someone there sold it without checking the fish. I had bought a bumblebee platy and a Redfin Rainbow shark, both had it. I had never seen Ich, so I didn't know what those speckles were, I thought it was just part of their color! It killed my entire tank in about a week. I am hoping to keep this from happening, and as I said, I'll be doing all kinds of research on fish illnesses and diseases so this wont happen again, hopefully. If it does, I'll atleast know what to do! =)

As for medications, I intend to get some. We couldn't go yesterday because we were babysitting, we intended to go today, but we got a surprise visit from my baby nephew again and my little cousin. lol We're still going to try to get there today, and I'm going to mark down that medication you mentioned and have a look at some others. It can't hurt to be careful. I am also going to get my water tested to see if I need to make any other changes, maybe even figure out what it is.

As of right now, my black molly seems to have fully recovered. Her little shell on the eye dropped off and her eye seems perfectly normal. She only had it for a short time though...regardless, I can't let things stand as they are and put more fish at risk. But they both seem to be doing better. The balloon molly is back to going at her food like a greedy gut, so I have to be careful no to over-feed. LOL I have two fish that are so-called "Greedy guts" her and my Creamsicle, so I have to make sure I spread out the food or they eat it all before the others. Haha. While they're doing better, they should be able to handle a little change, like the temp. It goes down at night on its own, this could be a problem in winter, I'll have to look into things to keep that from happening. lol But it only goes down to 82, and over-night, so that shouldn't shock them since it is normal in the wild, atleast I'm hoping. ^^; And they should be able to take medicated water, they don't seem to be in the critical anymore. I was really sure that the balloon molly would die and prepared myself for it, I'm happy she pulled through and seems better.
She also likes her Quarentine area. lol Doesn't seem stressed, eats well, doesn't act crazy. I have her in a net in the tank, which probably wont stop it from spreading, but I unfortunatly don't have another tank to put her in. I'm going to see about getting a little 2-5 gallon tank JUST for quarentines. In anycase, this is the old fry net, it's big enough to be about a half gallon or so, not big enough to LIVE in ofcourse, but big enough to recover in. I also put some plants in there for her, she seems perfectly happy. I just have to suck out all the extra food and poo. It has nice circulation in it as well, so she wont suffocate, I just have to manually remove the filth every day, which doesn't bug her. I just slowly stick in a turkey baster and suck it out, nice and slow so it doesn't scare her. It's unfortunatly the best I can do, but it seems ot have done her good. I am hoping to clear this up soon, she can't stay in there much longer, regardless of seeming happy about it...she wont be for long. lol But if she's in the main tank, she risks spreading it more, AND the other fish pick at the stuff growing on her and she hates that, this is probably how it spread to my black molly in the first place. Still no signs of it on the others. I've noticed with the two that had it, they seemed lethargic, uninterested in moving, eating or anything really, and then the next day their eye shelled over. None of that from my other fish, but I am watching them like a hawk!

Thank you for all your help and kind words! =) It's allowed me to get even more into my Go-Mode to get this done without losing hope. Critism, even harsh critism, is always welcome in my book as well. So really, thank you.

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Oh dear! Was I being critical??! I didn't MEAN in any way to criticize!!! I think you're doing a great job - all you can do with what you have on hand, and they're recovering, so FANTASTIC!!! I'm sorry if you took that the wrong way, I've been so exhausted and running around like a nutcase lately, lol!

I'm sure you're right and that it's a fungus, there are so many different types out there. . . and I'm nowhere near expert enough to even try to help out here, but it looks like you've gotten the situation under control! Definitely good to look into other meds. I suggested Melafix because it's something that I'm comfortable with, it's all natural, and I know it won't do any harm (I'm NOT comfortable with many medications!) but it is very mild as far as meds go. If you decide to get something else, be very sure to do your research on the med, make sure it's safe for Mollies, will treat what you want it to specifically, and don't mix any two meds together if you aren't absolutley sure it's okay. Also check and double-check to make sure that the med won't interfere with your beneficial bacteria, or your plants (you can always take the plants out if you have to) I know all this sounds obvious, but. . .you'd be surprised at what people do If you decide to use medications, make sure to remove the activated carbon from your filter, and keep in mind is that increasing the temperature and adding meds make it harder for the fish to get oxygen, so if you have a bubbler, or if you can turn up your filter, it's good to do so while the heat is high and/or medicating! LAST WORD OF CAUTION about medication . . . then I'll leave you alone! It is always stressful on the fish to be treated with meds. If this is clearing up on it's own, and not spreading. . . don't use them!!! Clean water is the best thing out there in treating your fish, and if you don't need it don't use it.

Sorry if I'm stating the obvious - just be super careful!!!

If you can get hold of a 5 or 10g QT tank, that would be wonderful! It's SO much easier to put the fish through QT before they cause a ruckus in your main tank - great that you are able to close her off from the rest of the group, good idea - if they were picking at her that certainty isn't going to keep her calm and stress-free! I was sad to hear about what happened with the ich. How horrifying. . . yeah, you shouldn't use that shop anymore! It sounds like they don't care very well for their fish. . . the GOOD news is that, with the rate your Mollies are reproducing, you won't NEED to buy another fish EVER again!!

Anyway, I NEVER mean to be harsh, so I'm sorry if it came out that way - the last thing I'd want to do is hurt the feelings of someone who cares so much and is obviously trying to do the best she can for her fishy friends! Hope all comes out well!

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Not at all! I was just saying that helpful critisism is welcome. =)

I identified the fungus as Columnaris Flexibacteria. The images they had of it were exact, as were the symptoms. One of the broad spectrum treatments they suggested was Pimafix, it's all natural medications and works against several types of fungi, internal and external bacterias, as well as fin-rot, which usually acompanies this fungus and some other things, it shouldn't hurt anyone or anything in my tank. At this point though, it may or may not help her, but it'll help my black molly. Ballooney doesn't look NEARLY as bad as some of the photos did, tail-wise. A lot fo them had really rotted fins, hers is just starting to get there, so maybe I can save her life, and her tail while I'm at it. ^_^
Aquarium salts and high temps are also a treatment for it, but it's one of those might work, might not work, but it helps prevent others from getting it and looks to have retarded its growth and dried it up a bit. Yay for quick thinking. x.x

Oh yes, I've counted my babies finally, I have 42(Yes, the answer to everything, the secret of the universe). I had 46, but my filter of all things ate a few of them! I haven't had that happen before. They were big enough that should not have happened, the only thing I can think of, is they weren't very healthy. I did notice a few slow ones. They were stuck to it, not in it. >_>; I hate that, maybe I can get something to put around that part that wont hurt the cycleing abilities. I moved the littler ones into a different breeding thing I got...o-o; And yeah, I did it this time, can't blame my grandma...they FINALLY had some Dalmation Lyretail Mollies that looked absolutely gorgeous. I gave them my ten gallon and the fry get a smaller nursery I set up. I know I shouldn't have, but I had been looking for some of those for over six months! All this year they've had sick batches or ones that traveled badly, ich, fungus, irresponsible carriers and too much heat in the wrong traveling packeges have been their excuses for having really badly shaped Dalmations and Creamsicles. I got two of them for my ten gallon until I can find homes for four of my other adult fish.
I'm still waiting for my aunt, but I have decided to give her three adults instead of just the one. She'll actually be getting four or five really, two of my adult black mollies, an adult marble molly and if she wants, two of my gold dust jeveniles(Which will actually make five, but I never count the juveniles), I should have more than enough room after that! A ten gallon should be ok for my Dalmations for three weeks, they'll have it to themselves and one Cory cat. Besides, the female looks pregnant. She's lighter with a lot of nice spots, but the male...oh my goodness...he has a SAIL, and a good one at that. It's different from sailfins though. And he's very dark, he only has a few white lines over his black. He actually looks more like you'd expect a dark marble molly to look like, he's drop-dead gorgeous.
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When I looked at my Balloon molly a little while ago, one of her "Patches" turned into a bump with big fuzz. x.x I really hope the Primifix does it's job! It certainly wans't fuzzy and swollen a few hours before. I don't like how fast it suddenly moved, it worries me.

Anywho, those two Dalmations I got today, they're in my nursery, the babies, as I said, are in the smaller breeding thing, it is supposed to double as a nursery, but doubtful for very long. I just want this yuck under control and wont add any fish until then, so my dalmations have the nrusery to themselves. It may work in my favor a bit, the female looks like she's pregnant, not too far along though! I'll be keeping them in the dark for a while to keep stress down. To my knowledge, adn to the petshops knowledge, they were just shipped in that day from a breeder and hadn't been with any other kinds of fish or mollies, just dalmations. I am hoiping to have full mollies, but you know how it goes with those girls. lol

They have that ten gallon to just the two of them, that's ok for them for two weeks with regular cleaning, right? I want to give away all my older fry and some adults, and also kill the fungus before I put them in the big tank(Or give any away of course lol)... or do you think I should do a little extra, but subtler cleaning like I was when the ten gallon was my main tank, even with just the two of them, or will regular maintenance do, you think?

Anywho, this is the male I got, he's gorgeous! I was so excited about them, I've been spamming this photo like mad to all my friends. LOL I also put it on here to make sure that glow on his tail wasn't something bad, but so far I've only heard news it's a "Normal, and desireable" trait. Apparently I got lucky if that's the case. The female is much lighter with speckles, he looks more marble-like color-wise. He's also a little bigger than my creamsicle female, I'd say he's about three and a half, maybe a little bit more, inches long. The female is about half an inch smaller.

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He is BEAUTIFUL!!! My black molly used to be a dalmatian lyre-tail. His tail was nipped in the shop, though, so I never knew it! :( Since I've had him, he's lost nearly ALL of his dalmatian coloration, and is just black. He's so pretty! I love your new little boy. I can't BELIEVE you have 42 fry, lol!!! I'd think they'd be fine in the 10g to get through their QT. Good luck with the fuzzy babies. Columnaris can be one of the most vicious illnesses out there and wipe out a tank in a day - looks like you got lucky and have a more treatable strain of it, thank God for that! Hope everything goes well, and they're all feeling better in no time! You can use Pimafix AND Melafix together, and in this case, it might be a good idea to do so. . . just something to look into. Hopefully this fades away really quickly, it seems like things are going well so far.
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