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Stupid post time out. x.x;

EDIT onto last
Or not, I found some babies alive and well in the breeding net that musta just hatched. Huh. Neat...that also means that those eggs were stacked around the top of my aquarium for at least two or three weeks, and I don't normally let the water get that low, I'm shocked any came out of that. I found two more nests in the tank that I wont be bothering. >>; Maybe I'll get lucky and have some more after my stupidity passes from messing with things BEFORE looking, but I was curious as to what they were and didn't know they were eggs until I pulled them out. lol

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YES!!! YES!!! THEY DO THEY DO! Raspberry-like eggs out of the water = MYSTERY SNAILS!!!! Oh, how COOL! And you got a REALLY nice shot of 'em! Great work! I hope they do hatch. . . so coOl!!! *GRINS* Excited for a NEW kinda baby ;) Very exciting, Sylver!
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I know, when I looked up what they were from, I almost hit the ceiling too. You know I've wanted baby mystery snails. I just wish I had done proper research on them so I coulda watched out for the eggs in proper places! I assumed they would lay them on plants and stuff under water. Well, there are two nests still that I haven't messed with, but there's no telling if they will live since I didn't know they were there and they've probably been submerged, fully or partially, on several occasions. But like I said, there's about half a dozen in the net when I stupidly put them in water. ^^; They hatched though. Right now I have those two nests I moved on top of it near the bubbler. They aren't getting hit with water, but it is moist there. I hear keeping them moist but not wet is the thing to do if they are put in a hot location, like near the lights, or if you knock them down like I did. So I am very hopeful I'll get a few more out of those, and I'm hoping the two unbothered nests will hatch on their own.

Both the unbothered nests are bigger than the one I have a photo of, the other is about half that size. That's a lot of nests. lol So I think it's safe to hope I'll get at least a couple more. I'm very excited about it. The ones that hatched are in the breeding net, I hope they'll be ok in there. It's in the main tank, and my fish like to pick at it. x.x If they do get out though, I'm thinking they'll be ok in there anyways, my fish rarely do more than test nip snails, even the tiny baby ones. That's how I got over-run with pond snails last year. But there's a lot of plants in there, if they fall, they'll be right over some of them. I added in a piece of algae wafer, I'm tempted to just leave it there and hope it'll spread and be good food...or is that a bad idea? Will algae wafers rot? I've always removed extra, it usually blows apart when I do though and the fish gobble it right up.
Man those babies are TINY! You'd think with eggs that size, they'd be bigger babies, but they're about half the size of each egg. =o I hope they'll be ok in there because I am terrified to move them! lol I have some nice transparent babies, some seem to be white, others look a tad darker. :3 Maybe I'll get some blues and more pretty dark striped purple babies. Can't hurt to hope for some REALLY purple ones either. xD

Also, what can I do to make sure their shells stay nice and hard? I had some problems with snails getting damaged shells(actually they may have had the damage when I got them, they aren't usually in great shape when purchased at the shop, but one did look to get worse damage once in my tanks), been putting algae and veggies in a lot and it's seemed to fix them up a bit, but for babies it's harder to find foods they'd be after...any ideas on healthy food for them? Should I be feeding them something specific? I was reading up on it and all I heard was Algae Waffer! lol I had no idea they'd be so TINY! Damaged shells at this point would probably be fatal. =( Obviously I don't have the right water for them, I think everything is too soft, although the general hardness and KH is usually pretty up there, GH usually being about 120-180(the colors are fairly close so I'd put it at inbetween) and KH being around 80-120(colors also very close, it's hard to tell them apart but I do know it's darker than the first, but a little lighter than the higher ones on both GH and KH) or so. Is that hard enough water for them?

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Well... you have ONE!!!

From what I've read about Apple snails, some breeds are BORN that bright red color that you saw in the baby you have. It has to do with the fact that they've been feeding on the yolk sack while inside the egg, so their intestines are red - not the shell. From my understanding it'll fade away in most cases - though you have a purple snail, so. . . can't wait to see on that one!

My theory is that, if they layed once, they'll do it again! And this time you can be sure to keep conditions optimal for their breeding/growth! The females will often lay, regardless of the male, but since you already have ONE, we're sure you have a pair. They can be sexed, but it's a bit of a trick, and probably doesn't matter since you KNOW you have a breeding couple. . .

It might be more difficult during the winter months, because the air is so much dryer than in the summer (around here, anyway) The eggs need a high humidity level, but not to be actually under water to survive - this depends on the type of apple snail that you have, but if I remember correctly the eggs from those types of snail tend to be more brightly colored; pink or orangeish. It's been a while since I've done my research, so you might want to double check me here (probably already did, lol!).

If I were you, I'd be sure to close off as many of the openings in the tank lid as you possibly can - even the gaps where the filter goes in, etc. Don't do any glass wipes for a while on the sides and back of the tank, to give the infants (and the adults) some nice algae to graze on when they're born, and put a mark on the tank with masking tape or something, and be careful not to fill past that point for a few months.

I'm willing to bet that you'll be okay, and that at least *some* of the eggs in the remaining two clutches will hatch! People accidentally get baby apples all the time, and evaporation/water changes happen! You're the baby lady, I HIGHLY doubt you accidentally killed 'em all. It's just your luck, I think - I won't be surprised in the least if you start finding baby Apples all over the place! If you do. . . I might have to buy a couple from you. I'd love to know the exact age of my snails, I suspect that many of the ones I find locally are already fairly mature when I bring them home :D

Last thing. . . be very aware of your nitrate levels. These snails are super sensitive to flux in nitrates, and the babies even more so. . .

As for the water softness, you really need calcium content to keep those shells nice and hard. The thing that seems to be confused a lot with snails vs soft water is this: Soft water WILL erode the snail's shells over time, but they need to INGEST the calcium in order to grow the shells in the first place. Because of this, it's really MORE important that the snail(s) receive a calcium-rich diet. A lot of people give this by feeding calcium-rich foods - like kale, soft-steamed broccoli, turnip greens, collard greens, dandelion greens, etc. But you can also get a cuttle bone (like for a bird) and feed that to the snails or 'shave' off the powder and mix it in with their food. . . they also sell calcium tabs especially for the snails. . . . You can also increase hardness in your water if you want to, even adding a cuttlebone to the filter box will help with this, but be wary of your other fish who might not like the increase in hardness.

That said, IF your test strips are accurate (and I've seen SOOOOO many examples of those things giving consistent readings that turn out to be dead wrong so I really have to encourage you, again, to get the liquid test for $8!) As for the interpretation on the tests. . . you seem to be in the medium hard category - again, IF your test is accurate. . . see the chart below for clarification:

0 - 4 dGH 0 - 70 ppm very soft
4 - 8 dGH 70 - 140 ppm soft
8 - 12 dGH 140 - 210 ppm medium hard
12 - 18 dGH 210 - 320 ppm fairly hard
18 - 30 dGH 320 - 530 ppm hard

The Kh has no direct impact on the fish, the Gh is the number that you have to know. Kh's 'JOB' is to 'buffer' the Gh - if you have a lower Kh reading, then your Gh is more likely to shift and change, where if the reading is higher, it's more likely to stay stable. I'd say that you're probably fine, as long as you're feeding the snails a calcium rich diet - though neither your snails NOR your live-bearers would mind going up a few dGH!

Ooooh, Sylver! I'm excited for you! Did you know that Apple Snails are becoming difficult to get in some parts of the country? Not sure WHY this is, but so I've been told. You *might* be able to sell these babies for a profit! It'd always be nice to have a little bit of extra money to put into your obsession!

GOOD LUCK! Keep me posted, please!

** sorry for the edits, I get excited and hit send - then realize I forgot to answer your questions, lol!
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I do double check info a lot, it's an OCD thing, I close a page just to re-open it thirty seconds later. LOL

You really are a huge help to me, thank you! I am going to look into a little bit of calcium supplements, it's harder to get fresh foods that my critters will even pay attention to. Usually I do that emerald entre, it's got a lot of those in it, but less-so I THINK when frozen. It still has some though, and since I started using it more for my larger babies, they snails enjoy it greatly and have started healing their shells. But I'm gonna look into some stuff at the store if I can make it there today, I need to pick up some baby brine shrimp anyways. lol It helps my baby fish have some lovely bright colors, is the perfect size, and a great treat after dusted flakes and algae for the most part. =) I also give them daphnia, they love it. So do my adults if I have some left over.

Also, I didn't know apple snails had breeding pairs. =o I do know one of my ivory/blue snails was hanging out with my dark striped purple and pestering her, or so it looked. She was trying to buck it off, looked like they were fighting. I was giggling about it even though I wasn't sure, what could you do if they were? LOL I got it on video SOMEWHERE. I might have to post that up. But anyways, I have all the snails but her in a different tank, I hope I didn't bust up a pair. x.x I had moved them hoping they'd have babies in the tank NOT full of babies and assassins. But my assassins now have a proper food source, so I'm not as worried as I was. I'll probably move the two blues I have left over. I'm also thinking about fidning a gold snail later today, and maybe some more of the other colors.
It's true, a lot of things are getting harder to find, and I've noticed the snails have been less in the masses at shops lately. I do intend to sell if I get a lot of babies big enough to be safe selling, even though they should be ok going after a few weeks I am sure, I would like to watch them grow. I have space for a large group of them. =) Grandma wants some as well, so if I get some lighter purple and darkerblues like I am hoping, I am sure a purple and blue would look great with Twilight Sirius the Betta. lol

I am gonna pick up a couple more if I can. I unfortunately lost one last week, I dunno why. It was alone in the betta tank for a while and then just suddenly died. It was eating the algae and veggies I put in for it, so it didn't starve, I am thinking I hadn't yet cleared out all the salt and medicine yet, I had done three changes before adding in the snails, and the zebra nerite is fine in there. x.x So I dunno. That's the second apple I've lost in that tank in two months. Maybe it's the tank. Smaller tanks, I hear, have more trouble keeping proper bacteria colonies, so I've started adding in a bit myself. Everyone seems happier for it, maybe that was the problem and it'll be cleared up. I also would like to get a couple more zebra nerites, lovely little snails. Had no problems with them aside from the occasional escape attempt, they're rather durable! I would also like some of the more spotted ones...I think they're called tigers(leoperds would be more exact by how they look all orange and spotted, but I'm not the one who names these things), because the one I had was dead when I bought it. >>; It was so pretty too, but they only had the one so I could't replace it.

Speaking of Sirius, I can't seem to get rid of his cloud eye, I don't know what else to do. He's even gotten stress lines lately which makes me worry more. I tried pimifix and melafix, I also tried salt and heat over the last two months or so. The mass around his face I assumed was part of the infection or another fungus is completely gone, but the cloud eye shows zero signs of healing. I've gone to just keeping his tank nice and clean, but still no change for the better. =( And also, there aren't any places that sell the maracyn combo around here anymore. Or any other real medications for that matter, unless they have a vet on site all medicines were removed from the shelves a couple weeks ago, so I have no idea what else to do for him. I've been keeping his water nice and clean, he's got a couple plants and a vase decoration to hide in. But he's just not getting better in the eyes. Everything else seems to have healed, his colors have returned quite a bit, but he's not up to snuff on them yet, and I think he has a tad of fin-rot. x.x The only thing I have is pimafix and salt, everything else was removed from the shelves before I could get more melafix. =( Let's hope I wont need it any time soon for my other fish, I use it quite often for issues and it takes care of it pretty fast, I like that combo. ^^; Gentle and works! Usually...
I have some ampicillin still, have't used it. Do you think that may help? I wnated to try the stuff I knew well first, and I'm not looking forward to using the stuff. It makes yucky bubbles and stains the gravel...but then he has dark gravel, so it shouldn't show. It turned some of the sand in my other tank dark and yucky looking, makes it look like my tank is dirty, but you know I clean up good. It's just kinda embarrassing to have my tank look like that...I'd remove it, but it's sand, I'll never get it all, I've tried. xD

Ah yes, if I raise up any babies, I'll be more than happy to send you some if you pay shipping. I wont charge, you give me such great info and help, but shipping and handling is something you'd have to pay for since I am completely broke. I have $2.82 and that's it. LOL

Yeah, I also edit a lot, so it's ok! LOL

OH, another edit: I have a seventh baby snail. lol I may actually have more, they go right through the net. ^^; I'm gonna put them in the mesh net and see if that helps...The main tank is really the only one I can guarantee keeping the rest of the eggs moist but not soaked since I have that bubbler. It does put off a bit of water up top thanks to it. lol If I see any little ones going up the window, it'll be just fine with me if they're let be. I could probably try to move them back to the tank where mom is...but I'm so afraid I'll break them, they look so delicate!
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Well... remember that these snails live longest in cooler water, and only last for around 12-18 months in tropical temps. You have no idea how old he was when you got him, so. . .

Yep, Apple snails. . .well they don't form dedicated pairs. . .but they are NOT hermaphroditic like pond snails and many other types of snail, meaning that they DO require both a male and a female in order to mate. It's a bit of a trick to tell if you have a male or a female, but it CAN be done, and is a bit easier with these guys than many other types of snail... Males tend to have a more rounded shell opening than the females do, but the most obvious way to tell 'em apart is that. . .well. . . boys have a penis! You can see it when they're coming out of their shells, especially if they happen to be on their back. They'll be okay out of water for a short time, so take a snail, put it on it's back out of the water, and wait for it to open. When it does, and before it's ALL the way out, take a peek on in the shell cavity. . . on the upper right side, really near the edge of the shell, you CAN see the base of the 'penis sheath' *giggle* Otherwise, if you catch them mating, the male will be on top, and he actually does. . .um. . . poke his manly parts INTO the female, lol. Like live-bearers, these guys are fairly obvious about their parts when mating!

Ahhhhh, yes! Lovely Nerites! You're referring to Neritina natalensis, I believe. They're most commonly called 'Tracked Nerites,' though yes - they DO have quite a few common names. I have one, Prints Charming, in my 55g tank, and a pretty little 'Olive' in there too. Both of these are males, so they're 'allowed' in the 55. I also have several female 'Zebra Nerites' in my other tanks, but after a while I got really tired of trying to get their eggs off of everything in the 55, so I moved them into tanks where the eggs don't bug me as much :) Pretty little things, and yes - VERY tough! I have yet to kill a Nerite snail, have had some for a year already!

Poor Sirius! You know. . .it often does take MONTHS for a cloudy eye to heal, depending on the cause. . . if it was due to an injury, they sometimes may heal up with a bit of residual damage permanently left behind, or even lose the eye (though in these cases an otherwise healthy fish can survive perfectly well with only one!). It *may* be that his stress is from all of the rapid changes in environment due to medication and temp changes. . . personally, unless it's showing signs of getting worse, or a fungal infection, I'd leave him alone. Keep the water as pure and clean as possible, give him lots of duckweed/floating plants to shade him and keep the water even cleaner, and let him be. Some things just take time to heal up. . . hard to look at that and be patient, but sometimes it's best to let the fish heal themselves. I hope he's on the road to recovery, poor little thing!

Wonder what's up with meds being pulled? I haven't noticed that around here, but I haven't been needing any meds lately - aside from the General Cure for the Kindy tank. :/

ROFL! Glad I'm not the ONLY insane editor on the forum - OR the only long-winded story-teller! Congrats on the baby snails, so very excited for you. And I'm glad that my babbling has been able to help you in some way or another! I'm not an expert by any means, but I DO read an awful lot - my book collection is growing every day, and I just find the world behind the glass so fascinating! I love learning through others experiences, too - which is why I enjoy following people's tank threads. . .speaking of which, you should PM a mod and ask to have the name of this thread changed, and perhaps have it moved into an area of the forum where tank journals go - maybe more people would see it then, and learn from it - or have more info/advice to give! "Estimation on how many babies will my Creamsicle molly have?" is SO not what this thread is about anymore, lol! Maybe something like "Me and my Millions of babies" would be more like it! Or "Adventures in Livebearers" or even "Tanks full of TINIES!" LOL! The options are limitless!!! ;)

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"Prints Charming" is a brilliant name for one of those snails. LOL Made me giggle.

Well, I got a couple photos of my new baby snails, not the best since they're so tiny, but you can see a couple of them. lo

And yeah, I haven't changed Sirius' around in a while, nor have there been any meds in there aside from a little salt, for about three-five weeks now I think. But yes, I imagine it'll take a while to get it all out if my weekly changes along with very small partials every two days, haven't done that already.

As for sexing mystery snails, I thought it was the other way around. =o I thought the males had a bit of an odder shaped shell and the females had the more rounded one. I've seen the male parts before, but my snails have a more round with a bump kinda opening to their shells, two have a more perfectly rounded shell. I had hoped my two zebras would be male and female or hemophradites and have eggs, but to my knowledge they have not. =( They have done wonders cleaning up my ten gallon tank though, even though I only have the one in there now. The other is in the five gallon and seems to like it there. lol They are lovely cleaners and lessen my work load a bit. A bit is a lot when you have a bunch of tanks and one or two always have something that needs extra care.

Ah, speaking of duckweed, it's nigh impossible to find! Is there another plant that does the same, just as potent at it, as duckweed? How about the "Giant" Duckweed? I heard it's much the same, just bigger..but I heard that from a petshop worker so there's no telling if it's fact. >>; MY duckweed that I finally managed to get my hands on vanished. My filter used to eat it and it was easy enough to put it back where it belongs, but a few weeks ago I noticed it was ALL gone, can't find it anywhere, checked the filters, other plants, moved things about as much as I could without freaking out my fish and stirring things up, it's just plain gone. I heard mystery snails will actually eat it, and so will my fish...and I did see a few fish nomming on the stuff. >__>; So I think I need something less....disappearey, but just as good. Any suggestions?

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*SQUEE* for babies!!! Dunno. . . you could be right, but from my experience with these snails, the males had the rounder shell openings. *shrugs* STILL, considering how many different species are lumped into the 'apple' or 'mystery' snail category, it could be that there are some differences in gender determination.

Giant duckweed and lesser duckweed is the same thing. Duckweed starts bitty, and grows bigger :) Filter issues and general messiness are deal-able to ME, but a LOT of people have been put off by them, lol. The mollies *may* nom on it, but in a healthy tank, the stuff will take over WAY quicker than you can kill it - and the snails you have *shouldn't* eat healthy vegetation provided they have enough veggies/algae in their diet -and I know you make sure of that (depending on the type you have - not 100% sure on the assassins, but since people PUT them into planted tanks, I doubt they'd be eating it). Snails WILL climb all over the stuff, and use it to lay eggs on, though. . . MY guess is that yours got sucked into or pushed behind the filter were it died because of lack of lighting. I've had that happen before, too. I have loads, send me your address and I'll ship you some, if you want it.

Another BEAUTIFUL (my favorite floater) option is Frogbit. The root systems are glorious. . . hopefully in the future I'll have enough to share, but not at this time (you can see a few pieces in my 55g full tank vid, I think. . . of the loaches) In my experience, the Mollies WILL eat the root systems of Frogbit and WaterSprite - I had zero luck with these plants in my livebearer tank - but that was also when I was new(er) to plants and tanks, so who knows? The real issue here is that NO floaters like a lot of water movement - they don't grow naturally in areas where the surface is turbulent, and with HOB filters, well. . . its hard to avoid that! So I'd say stick with super cheap and easy grow-it-in-a-bucket duckweed for now, or it'll end up a waste of money. My daughter's betta tank and my frog tank have filtration, but it's set so low and baffled so the surface is fairly calm and the plants are still. She has a BEAUTIFUL covering of duckweed and Frogbit that her Betta really adores. Bubble-nests EVERYWHERE, and the nitrate is very low. . .

Here's a picture of a couple of the 'corals' I made out of materials on-hand to keep the duckweed OUT of the filter, and to give the floaters a calmer place in the tank to grow and thrive out of the turbulence, just to give you an idea of what you can try. I use versions on this same concept in 2 10g tanks, and the 29g live-bearer tanks, a friend's 30g goldfish tank, and have even done it on the 55 until I got the filter flow right and removed it. I just so happened to have taken and uploaded these pics for a friend of mine the other day who wanted to see what I was trying to explain to her, after I sent HER some duckweed and she was having the same problem, lol.

These are TOTALLY ghetto and done on the cheap with materials on hand. . .but they WORK. You just have to mind that the water level stays right because THESE pieces of tubing are very narrow, so normal tank evaporation can cause the water level to drop below the corral and allow the duckweed to 'escape'. Of course, a mess will happen during water changes, but I just splash it all back after fill up, and haven't had a problem with it. The BLUE one is just the plastic piece from a 10g tank divider hooked onto 2 suction cups I had laying around, and the black one is aquarium tubing that happened to fit onto those suction cups. Some of the other ones I've made are the same concept, but with slight variations. I have one that I used the suction cup from stick-on thermometers (I break them and end up with the suction cups!), where I tied the tubing through the loops on either side, and another one like the second pictured, except that the tubing fit OVER the bumps on the suction cups. . . You can also cut thicker-than-tubing strips from your failed tank dividers to make the divider 'thicker' so that evaporation is compensated for. Maybe cut a slit in the suckies so they can just slide in? The options are endless!

If you want to see a NICE and properly done one, DKRST was sweet enough to put up a thread for me with pics on how he did his - they're amazingly, and really well-done - not slapped together like mine, lol! I should prolly put my 'ghetto' pics up for people who don't have the money to spend or the skillz necessary to build a beautiful one like his, lol!

Anyway. . . hope that helps? Lemme know about the duckweed. Seriously. Tons. I feed it to my friend's goldfish, and it keeps growing. Since I'm about to shut down some tanks I REALLY have enough to send to a new home :)

OH! And. . .about your snails. If you have MALE striped nerites, I'd be happy to 'trade' you for one of my females! The only thing is that, though the females WILL lay eggs everywhere, they can't hatch outside of brackish water, and even if they DO - the infants need brackish to survive. So I'm not sure you're really at a point where you're ready/willing/able to try breeding these babies just yet. I love them, though! And yeah - Prints Charming. . . *giggle* ALL of the fish in the 55 are named after stories/fairy tales, so it's really appropriate! The Olive is named 'Pea' from the Princess and the Pea *giggle*
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Ah, your duckweed stopper didn't make sense to me when I was tired yesterday, but I see what you did there. lol Clever.

Anywho, so new babies. I messaged Chesh that my Neon Red Swordtail finally gave birth, unfortunately I only got one baby. Seems to be a thing here. lol I got two from that platy day before, but one was born in the net, the other from the main tank I rescued. There were three born in the net when I went to bed, she was still going...however when I woke up and turned the lights on only one was in the net. Either mom or the other fish got to them, sometimes the babies sleep near the sides and adults pull them through, very sucky trick they figured out, it used to NEVER happen to me. x.x;
Well, I have three new babies anyways. lol Also, the swordtail was the one I was worried about giving birth, even though it was about two months ago or so that she blew up like a balloon from some problem I NEVER figured out. And as I thought, she did have complications from giving birth, looks like she wasn't fully healed like I had hoped she'd be by now. She seems ok, she's just completely worn out and isn't interested in swimming or food, which for her is not normal. She's the greediest fish I have in my tank next to my gourami's and my creamsicle molly. I am hoping she'll perk up by this evening or at least by tomorrow. I have her in a large planted mesh net, where she seems content to just hang out. I added food, but she wants none of it. She's been in the net before without problem, and always was interested in food. But it looks like it's all taking a toll. =( I'm sure she'll be ok, for any other fish acting like this I'd say it's a bad sign and she'll probably die, but this little fish is amazing. She's survived illnesses and injury I never thought anyone would live through. So I have high hopes for her, but we'll see. I'll update on that later on.

Now for my current babies! Those molly babies are absolutely huge. They're big enough to be in the main tank with no problems at all...however, I am afraid to add them in there since I had illness go through the tank less than a month ago. It seems cleared up, but I'd like to be sure before adding in delicate babies. One of those creamsicle babies is mostly silver with a nice lyretail, I assume she bred with my silver lyretail male a while back to have such a baby. The rest are more goldish, some have a little silver, some even have red and black speckles, they're very nice looking babies! But that silver one has an extreme lyretail, all have it but his is really nice. He's also closer in shape to a silver lyretail than he is to a creamsicle. Makes him look a bit odd, he's got a mix of both, but he's gonna be one pretty fish when he grows into those fins. x) He's got a male shape to him, but we wont know for a few more months! They are going to be two months old on the 28th, give or take a day in a month there. lol They've grown faster than any other baby fish I've had before. They're all an inch or longer, and rather wide in body shape to boot, they'll have no problems with the adults. But I probably wont add them to the main tank for another week or three. LOL Depends how comfortable I am, and whether or not they cause problems for the smaller babies. So far they haven't really, not that I have seen, though they did poke one newbie, they let him be. They're big enough to swallow three day old guppy fry whole. >>; But they don't, yet. ^^; That'd be terrible.

My platy and swordtail babies are really doing well also! They're about half the size of the mollies, but they're different fish. And I've noticed many types of fish grow slower than mollies. But boy are they lovely, nice bright colors, personalities kicking up too, and wonderful markings on many of them. My Calico platies went from white to a light pink color, and many have gotten spots! I have some that came out blue with twinbar marks on their tails, I assume they'll be Mickey Mouse platies when done growing. But who knows! I think they came from the same mother, so that's platies aren't very IN this year, but you never know. =) I also have some very orange/red babies in there, I think they're swords, but I am not sure. I have no idea who mom is, but I am thinking thye MIGHT actually be one of the four I saved from the main tank when my bumblebee platy gave birth. It's possible she bred with my red tiger and had these colors pop in. Who knows, they're either platies or swords. I am thinking swords though, they're more swordtail shaped. Platies have a very distinct shape, even as babies...that sorta triangular shape with rounded heads, tand these babies are kinda inbetween the two...but yeah, most likely they're swordtails. Infact, they look like the baby I got from my red neon last night, so it's possible she had a couple a few weeks ago. They do that sometimes. I guess we'll see later on! Eventually I'll do a video tank update again for you guys, been almost a month. ^_^ You'll be surprised how big some of those babies are, but lately all my bright and colorful red and black babies are being dwarfed by all the white and lighter colored babies I've gotten in. LOL

Oh, I almost forgot the guppies. The rescued babies...I have only found one. I am not sure if the rest died, got eaten by the adults, or just plain blend in! I have one male in there, he was the older one of the group, I had three or four of those but only found one. He was badly damaged when I got him, but he's healed up...he's a bit gimpy though, one of the adults at the shop must have injured his lower back/upper tail area. I dunno if it'll ever fully mend or not, but he seems perfectly happy and able. I also know he's a male because of those colors and that tail! However...lately I have seen some rather brightly colored females, so youjuyst never know until they're older.

As for the newest baby guppies from my yellow/gold female, they're all doing well and holding their own at the dinner table. =) They all like to frenzy, so I'm always putting in food that will spread out good like baby brine shrimp, dusted flakes and daphnia. Or algae wafers since nobody can run off with them. ^_~ Everyone gets something to eat, but it does make messes! lol Well, they've more than doubled in size since their birth about...I dunno, three or four weeks ago now. I think closer to four, I still had Leo with me the day they were born and he passed on the 5th of this month. So they're almost a month old! It's been a month of loss and new life. Maybe I will name that little baby guppy that is a bit gimpy after him as a tribute. lol Hm, actually when I checked the date on my facebook, those guppies were born two days after Leo passed away. But the bigger babies I saved from the shop were here when he was. So, if the shoe fits. lol Actually thinking about naming my gold gourami after him. Haha, well, anyways, babies. :3 I have them and they're all doing wonderfully. They need the bigger space soon, so I'll see what I can do about that, and also see about that video....eventually! I've been a bit procrastinatey lately. xD

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YAY! It sounds like things are really going well over there this week!!! So happy for you! Y'know. . . I've had it happen before that a fish actually only DOES give birth to one or three fry. . . not sure why, but it DOES happen. If she was involved in the illness/medicating, maybe that had to do with it? Or maybe whatever issue caused her to blow up - that was so weird - either way, I'm glad she's doing well, and that you have some new little ones!

We need pics! I just love lyretail mollies. *sigh* I'll really miss my Molly tank when it's finally closed. . . such amazing and sweet little fish :)
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