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I do have photos. I hope these don't come out too big. x.x They're a bit smeary too, it's hard to get good photos of them. The first time I took a photo of my tank, I forgot to turn off the flash, they didn't like that. So whenever they see the camera, they try to stay away from its view. lol Actually, they're very smeary, but you can make out their shapes and colors. Sorry, it's the best I can do.

The first one is my gold female:

This second one has both my Gold dusts in it since I couldn't get the little one to stay by itself for a good shot, but you can see them both better. She's the orange and black one I thought might have platy in it, you can see she's pretty scarred up. Her right gill is scarred up the worst, but it's healed nicely and looks right, but you can tell it was nearly ripped off on one side, the gold one also has a small white scare on the top and left side of her head, and you can also see my black pregnant female and silver pregnant female wanted some attention as well. lo Most of her black has actually faded due to being chewed on, and possibly from growing older, her lower half used to be solid black, no markings. She was also still small when I got her and growing, so I am assuming she wasn't anymore than two-three months old when I purchased her:

And this one is the male black and gold one that beat her up and was given away. When I purchased them, they told me they were Gold Dust Mollies. It's a good shot of him, I had him for about four months before he caused problems:

In that second photo, you can also see one of my Marble mollies. She's kinda oddly colored, looks almost green/brown while the other female, which is pregnant and did not make an appearence, is mottled black and white, she has so many spots. lol I know it looks like they have ripped up tails, but it's actually because their spots stop before the end. I thought they were ripped up at first too! But they have perfect, un-nibbled fan tails. =) Thought I should say incase it was hard to tell on the photo. The other female has a few spots that go to the end making it look like her tail is shredded, but they aren't.

My two males, as I thought, are now fighting over my creamsicle female, unfortunatly for the silver one, both the sailfin and the female like to smack him at the same time. ^^; Heh, she doesn't want him, just the black sailfin male. I am keeping a VERY close eye on them to make sure no bites happen, it's mostly just tail flapping. If I see bites, the silver one may need to get re-homed. Last thing I want it ripped up males, even though fatal injury isn't too common, I don't want to risk it. Unless you have some ideas for me? :3

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Well, I gave away some mroe fry, so I have a little more room again. lol

Also, I got my new tank set up on the 31st I believe, Might have been on the first, I'm still kinda blah in the memory area right now. I've been adding a little water from my other tank every day as well. About half a gallon or so since then. I ended up getting sick the day I went to get my new tank, but I somehow managed to get it all set up! And I have been able to keep up with my cleanings somehow. I ended up in the ER two days ago with a bad lung infection and a 103.1 fever. x.x I was worried my tank would suffer if I wasn't able to do anything, but thankfully I have kept my schedule and it wasn't as hard on me as I thought. lol Yes, I was worried about my fish and ferrets over myself. XD I just can't help it!

Anywho, it's nice and densly planted, though a lot of the plants are still young. I moved one of the smaller plants into my ten gallon and swapped it with my huge plant! It fits perfectly in the big tank and thensome, it DID fit in my ten gal when I got it, but not anymore. I have a smaller version of this plant that I mved to the ten gallon. I also moved some of my viney plant monster things over to the big tank. I was worried about some of the plants, but they have gradually started looking better since I put them in the tank. Those things do NOT like being in air-tight bags and gel containers. I added a little fertilizer for them as well and they look better every day. It's going to be one beautiful tank when everything is finished, it's already very pretty! Well, it's finished being set up, the plants are still getting used to it and it's obviously still cycling. But I am VERY proud of how it's looking.

I'll get a photo for you in about a week, as well as one of my new fry! I've got so many in that net, I can't wait to let them have the ten gallon to themselves. My silver molly is about to pop too. She looks like she's off and on in labor(She isn't very rounded, but she does look like she's ready to go, she probably wont have very many is all, which will be good for her since she had trouble last time), I'm worried she may be having a problem, though I don't see any babies stuck. But she's been acting like she's pushing for a couple days now. Other than that, she -seems- ok, I'm keeping an eye on her. She eats and swims normally most of the time, but sometimes she'll have an hour or so where she is swimming slowly in a corner or not at all, and looks like she is pushing. It LOOKS like she might have some little black babies, but I can't tell for sure. I can see a big mass of black in her, so I am assuming the babies are dark colored. :3 I am hopeful she will have some silver/black sailfin mix babies, my aunt thinks they may come out spotted. It would be nice to have some dark or black babies for a change. Either way, it doesn't matter. ^_^ All the babies are cute.

I wish I could change the title of this post to "Baby Mollies and updates" for other members to look at, you have given me some wonderful information, and I am sure I've had problems that many face as well. ^_^ Maybe I will ask an admin.
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My Silver molly gave birth sometime yesterday afternoon/last night. As always, it was while I was sleeping. lol Unfortunatly my Silver molly seems to be extra, extra determined to kill off any chances of descendants, she never leaves many babies behind and usually is bursting at the gut. I need to get something for them to have babies in, something that lets the babies escape and leaves mom high and dry! She did leave me some though, I am not sure how many. I am assuming around 10-12. I have counted 9 for sure, she got ahold of four babies before I could catch her, and one looks like it got mushed between the rocks by her.
They usually hide pretty well after they're born, so I'm thinking more will be coming out of the wood-works soon. ^_^ They're cute little things. I actually got a video of my tanks for you guys! My newer tank is all set up and has fish in it, it's still a bit crowded though, I'm gonna have to do something about that. lol The fry now have the ten gallon alll to themselves.

Also, for those of you who watch this, pardon my shakiness and cruddy sounding voice, I haven't been well for the last few weeks.

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I'm so confused! I replied to this, but. . . the reply is vanished!!!

Anyway, it looks like things are going great, the fish are really enjoying the extra space in there, and AWWW! BABIES!!! I'm really happy that you're taking the needs of your fish into consideration - you're doing so well! It's hard to part with a pet that you've had for some time, also difficult (for me) to give those darling little fry up for adoption. The tank is coming along beautifully, I can't wait to see those plants shoot off! Do you have any floating plants in there? If no, you should look into getting some - they will go a long way in keeping the water quality clean and add a lot of comfort for the fish - plus it's really easy to move them along with momma into the birth center, and the fry really appreciate the shelter :)

Keep up the good work - and I REALLY hope you feel better soon :( We're all sick over here, too. . . the moment school starts and the weather starts to shift, everyone gets sick *sigh*
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Yes, I do have some of those viney-like plants that can free-float. I had initially kept most of them in the breeding net...that I recently got rid of since I could let the fry out into the ten gallon. No matter how I tried to clean it, it had a rather nasty stink to it, and it wasn't the best net for fry anyways. =( I'd clean it once every two weeks. I'd suck out all the gunk in the net itself with, of all things, a turkey baster since it didn't bother the babies. Did that every two days or so since you could slowly suck up all the gunk without disturbing anything else. lol But to clean the net itself, I had to remove all the fry and put them in a pitcher that's just for the fish....So it was stinky(It's been in the tank for about three months, babies got big enough to go into the big tank and more were born). =( Today I bought one of those plastic ones that have removable compartments, it's big enough for three small fish supposedly, or one large one (In my opinion it's only big enough for two small ones or one large one, and for no more than 6-8 max!), and it has a grate in it the fry can escape through. No more stressed out mother fish being moved, and much less eated babies! I also put some of those plants in it...unfortunatly I think I moved some of those pond snails over with the darn thing, I saw a sack of eggs on it, and only fry and snails have been near them, so I know it was them, evil little monsters....I took off the eggs when I noticed them, but that doesn't mean some didn't fall into the tank. ;

As for the plants in the new tank, I like those longer green ones, the red ones are making me angry. The mollies like to forage, so when they poke the plants, sometimes they unearth themselves and float to the top where the mollies beat the leaves off of them, they also pull leaves off the ones they haven't unearthed and cleaning up the leaves is kinda a pain in the butt. They get plastered to my filter too. Sure, they're pretty and might grow up even prettier...but right now I just want to kill them. lol

What do you think about my gold/gold dust mollies? Are they the same breed like they said at the shop?

I also bought one of those variety packs of frozen foods, it's got brine shrimp, bloodworms and mixed veggies...they loved those veggies, but I can't say it did any good for the water. Thankfully my mollies are little vacuums and it was only a small amount! I defrosted them and dropped some into the tank and I swear it was an explosion of green stuff! I also put a small amount into my fry tank, and the rest will be saved for later.

I also gave away those three babies that were in the big tank. I had initially kept them because they were smaller than their six siblings that I gave away over a week ago. I was debating on whther or not I wanted to keep them in the first place, but I decided they'd be happier elsewhere. My aunt wants that male black molly. I was going to take him to the shop today with the three juveniles, but my grandma got upset about it told me she'd bring him to my aunt and I wasn't allowed to give him away. I have to say, he is rather gorgeous! He looks like he's got some sailfin in him, or maybe that's just how black molly males are. He's kinda got a mini sail, but it doesn't cover his whole back, just about a quarter of it, but he can put it up about half an inch or so. :3 He will make a beautiful addition to my aunts Tetra tank, I am going to offer her a second adult as well, he wont be happy by himself(as per problem below) I am thinking of giving her both of my adult black mollies. Problem is, one is a female sailfin and I don't know if my aunt wants babies everywhere, I'll have to discuss it with her. Either way, again, atleast two have to go now, I may even ask if she'll take a Marble molly(I really don't want to give those two marble mollies up, they're my favorites next to my big sailfin!). T_T Maybe I can squeeze in another tank! Wishful thinking. xDD

Problem...Made room and lost it again. =-=; My grandmother got me two balloon mollies. I don't really like them that much, or I didn't before today. She got me a male and a female(I think she's about to have babies, but I dunno with those little balloon monsters, guess it's a bonus for me, that'll be interesting, not so great on space, though they will go into the ten gallon after birth and only be kept until they're big enough to be re-homed), Butterfly Balloon mollies. I know NOTHING about them! She's like "Hey, I WANT these, these go in your tank, you have room now, you WILL get them for me." I was like no I don't. ^^; Well piffle! lol I think they look cute and all, but weird and never really wanted balloon mollies...Frank and new aditions. Well, I suppose these two are rather pretty....the male is bright red with a few white spots, yellow stripes and he has yellow arm-fins(What do you call those fins?), and the female is mostly white with orange/red on her back and also has yellow fins. Prettiest Balloon mollies I ever saw, but they aren't some small fish...Ehhh....My grandma needs to get her own tank! >_>; She also forced me to get those two black mollies in the first place. LOL Well, I suppose it'll be ok once my aunt takes a few of them, I'll see about this happening on Friday. They're such odd looking little bobbly aliens, but they have pretty colors. lol big do those get, and are they aggressive, or just like any other molly? x.x Anything in particular I should be aware of for them? I would sneak them back to the shop...but I don't want to get...well...uh, let's just say my grandmums feelings would be hurt and she kinda takes it far...she'll never help me again. >___>;;

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HAHAHA!!! Every time you start to clear out, you get overstocked again! Too funny!!! Well, with all of the help that your grandmother has given you, I *guess* it's fair that she gets to pick out a couple of fish, lol!

Balloon Mollies. . . personally, I am NOT a fan of ANY of the various fish bred and marketed for the 'balloon' defect, but many people (including your grandmother, apparently) think that they're gorgeous. Personality-wise, they're sweet as any other Mollies, but. . . essentially, the balloon molly started off as a Sail-fin Molly that has been selectively bred (and inbred) in order to produce genetic deformities to the spine that give it that 'balloon' shape. They DO have many health issues because of their shape, and are far less 'hearty' than other molly breeds are. In general, they have a shortened lifespan, and they're very susceptible to bloat, constipation, swim bladder, and digestive issues in general from what I've read. They can interbreed with other types of Mollies, and the balloon defect may or may not be passed down to their fry - you might get some that have it and some that don't.

As for your Gold-dust Mollies, they look like mollies to ME. . . but if this is the same shop that takes YOUR fry, remember that you could be getting any kind of weird crossbreed, since they're probably also taking them from others, as well. They're probably basing the type mostly on coloration, and who knows how they were raised before being taken to the shop. She could have been stunted growing up in a tiny tank, or maybe is just naturally smaller. . . it's really hard to say!

Fins 101. . . I *think* you might be referring to Pectoral fin when you talk about the fish's 'hands.' The Pectoral fin is on the SIDE of the fish, just behind their gills. Then there is the Pelvic fin, which is located on the fish's underbelly, closer to the fish's front, while the anal fin is the one that is more toward the tail, and used to determine gender with Mollies. The Caudal fin is the tail, Dorsal fin is on top, and some fish (like Tetra) also have a little fin between their dorsal fin and their tails which is called the Adipose fin, but Mollies don't have this one

Do you know what types of plants you have? If you can give me an idea of what they are, I may be able to help you figure out what to do with them, lol! viney-like. . . is probably a stem plant, but it could be one of many options. I'll go back and look at your video and see if I can get a better idea of what it is. . .

Glad you get to keep some of the mollies you're attached to by sending them to your Aunt's! That's a good way to solve problems, lol! And who knows? She may STILL not be able to breed them (for whatever reason) Glad to hear that you got a better breeder box, though. From the sound of it, you'll be putting that thing to much use!!!
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Ouhh...I had no idea it was a deformity that was bred into them for looks at the cost of the fishes health! I make a point to NOT purchase such things. They are kinda fun little things, but I still think they are more cute and less pretty, the colors are pretty anyway. That hunched back gives them odd faces... Now when they breed a fish for beauty but also health, that's fine with me. This is why I like to have more than one kind of molly in my tank, less chances of inbreeding and problems. Mutts are usually the best for a lot of animals, like fish dogs and cats. lol Although it does sometimes make issues...I am hoping that my nice healthy fish breeding will create some bigger gene pools and make less chance for such issues, not to mention have some interesting fish! I am sure I may get some problems here and there, but hopefully less than I would breeding just one type of fish. They may not be pure-bloods or whatever, but they should be nice looking, healthy fish.

This is actually a video of my fry nursery again, I was cleaning out some water at this time and found when I moved the light over to one corner so I could get at the water, a lot of the fry moved over. You can see I do have some pretty babies in there, three broods of different ages, and the lighting is MUCH better!

This is my new breeder, it is indeed NOT big enough to fit three fish in it like they say, I mean if you got pushed maybe two, and only for a very short time period in an emergency. lol I'd rather have no more than one at a time, but sometimes the fish have other ideas. I ended up putting my balloon female in there, you can see that she is about to explode...I initially thought she was just fat, but she is showing all the signs of being a very short time away from delivery. I actually had to stay up for a time last night to do research on balloon mollies during pregnancy, I don't want any problems if I can avoid them. But she also got picked on, by of all fish, my smaller gold molly! And the black male...And she looked like she was trying to go into labor. From what I've learned with my other females, is they will gag and get very moody just before labor starts, which she was doing, she was also hiding. She did not have her babies, so I put her in the main tank when I got up. She actually seemed MUCH less stressed than when I first put her into the tank, but she still hides, which is a thing for balloon mollies apparently, through -most- of their pregnancy, not just THE day of. Haha.
But here's that photo of her in the breeder, it also has one of those "Viney" plants in it, they can be free-floating or attached to a rock...they don't like to attach though. I don't know what that big leafy one is called, I DO know I have an Aquatic fern though. lol You can also see the male balloon in the background, he does have a rather brilliant red/orange coloring to him. Her belly is about double(Maybe even more than double) his belly size. I sure hope she pops soon, she might break her poor back if she gets any bigger. ^^; I hope not, but it does worry me when they're shaped like that.

It's hard to tell, but I actually removed all the compartments but the bottom one that keeps the fry safe to give her all the room. I wish they'd think of the mothers and give them more room, this was the medium sized one...ended up being smaller than I thought!

I've got a bunch more research to do, again...but atleast I have MORE than enough room for all my current and incoming fry. I have to relearn the signs of mollies in labor for the Balloons as well, since they seem to be a little bit different. And hopefully she will have some non-deformed babies with this brood, I am assuming will be "Pureblood"(Since she was only in a tank with one other male and female balloon molly and rosebaras), and will breed with my other fish to lessen the chances further. As for the male, if he breeds with my non-balloon mollies, there probably will be an extra chance of them being ballooned, but maybe it will help their health and life-spans, and have a less extreme deformity. I feel so bad about helping to pay for deformed fish I actually want to cry now. Sure, they don't always know, and may have better lives when well cared for, but that just sucks. It's like choosing to have a baby with cancer because youwant to tinker with their genes! (Like wanting to force a baby with dwarfism instead of having a normal baby)

As for the petshop I take them to, I take them to both Petco and Petsmart. They usually state if the fish are "Mixed" or if they got them from breeders. =) And they usually put the "Mixed" fish in their own tanks. Petsmart puts them in the back room, but Petco gives them their own, well-planted tanks on display in the main area. That's where they put the three juveniles I brought them, and the lady was rather happy about how pretty they were. ^_^ I really wanted to keep that black and gold one, he had some lovely markings and colors, but I just can't get enough room! I'll just have to be content watching them grow up and go to new homes. =) I do, afterall, have about 15-20 or so just like him in my nursery right now! And with a ten gallon all to themselves for the first 3-4 weeks, I shouldn't run out of room for fry. Haha. Famous last words! Right? You want some? xD

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HAHAHA!!! NO! I do NOT need any more fish at this time, lol! But I would be happy to know that any of my mollies came from as good a caregiver as you :) Right at the moment I'm down to only one adult, Danny. He's *technically* a Dalmatian, but looks much like your black male, with the amazing topfin. I've had him since day 1, and he's one of my favorite fish. Since he's been with me, he has fully matured and lost ALL of his spots, so he really just looks like a black molly at this point. He's getting old - and HUGE - but he's a gorgeous and ridiculously sweet little man! I also have three of his babies - the others have all been re-homed, and their mother recently died . Once the 29 gallon Molly tank settles a bit more, and I have room in my QT tank again, I'm planning on getting a couple more - one being a creamsicle lyre-tail :) I suspect I'll get 2 females and leave things at that and see what happens from there.

Don't feel bad, first of all - YOU didn't know about balloons! Secondly, it was for your grandmother, so. . . you were kind of bullied into bringing them home, anyway! Plus, with all the aid she has given you in expanding your tank and such. . . well she kind of deserves to have her pick with at least a couple! And Third? Unless EVERYONE stops buying balloon versions of everything, they won't stop making them. Since you've already gotten them, just do your best to keep them safe and healthy (I know you will!), and be glad you could help the poor critters out!

I've never kept Balloons, should be interesting for you to figure out how they differ from the 'normal' Mollies in behavior. . . I've always wondered how to tell a pregnant balloon molly - guess I know now! I hope all of the stress from the move didn't upset her pregnancy. *fingers crossed* for a healthy brood!

Your video didn't work for me, BTW. Might be my computer being a fool. I'll try again later :)

The plant in the basket looks like Anacharis. It's a very good and quickly growing stem-plant - great for removing toxins from the water, and wonderfully resilient for a beginner - they're hard to kill :) They usually come in bunches with a lead weight holding them together. This weight CAN be put into the tank. If you still have the weight, you can wrap the ends of the stem(s) gently with it, and the weight should help to hold it down until the new root systems can form. Once it roots into the substrate, the roots will hold it down so you can remove the weights and the plant should stay stuck. I often will break a larger weight into 2-3 smaller pieces, so that I can root several separate groups of plants
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Ah, those are a little out of control, but they really aren't the problem now that I've figured out I can tie them to other plants and rocks. They didn't come with a weight. The ones causing me a problem are the ones with the red leaves in my big tank(Although the Anacharis does like to occasionally drop a small piece of itself off and clog the filter or wrape around it, I can re-angle them). They continuously lose their leaves and they get stuck in my filter, other plants, the fish think they're food, and they just clog up the whole top of my tank! My mollies do like to forage, but when they even touch those little red plants the leaves pop right off and go everywhere. I pull out ten-twenty leaves per day. They LOOK alive...but they've looked pretty much the same since I bought them, they were in one of those air-tight bags, and I don't think they liked them. They may actually be dead or dying. ^^; If they lose all their leaves, I'll just get rid of them. There are two or three that actually started to pick up and look good, the rest still seem a bit...wilted? I guess that's the word. Well, I'm doing great with all my other plants, aside from the big one that has soem snail bites in it, but there aren't any snails in there now that will chew on it. Atleast I hope not, I haven't seen any. I do have an apple snail, but I hear they wont mess with plants. I feed my plants API Leaf Zone Plant Aquarium Plant Food. I put some in there when I was setting up the tank, and I put some in for this week as well. You're only supposed to put a certain amount in once per week. My other plants are absolutely flourishing! Maybe I finally found a plant that I suck with? lol I am a beginner and know very little about plants, so it's a shock to me I've managed to keep my Anacharis, Aquatic Fern and my big leafy plants alive for so long. Hard to kill or not. But then I have always been very good with plants and gardens...Maybe I have a green thumb.

As for my babies, boy they're growing fast in the main tank compared to how they grew in that cramped breeding net! They all look happy and energetic, and forage on their own quite often like the adults. Of course I still feed them 3-4 times per day. I've discovered they too, LOVE algae wafers. I usually drop a small corner off of one in there for my cory every two days or so(With those plants and food too big for the fry, he gets enough to eat), and the fry will occasionally mob him off of it. LOL If there's anything left in 20 minutes or so, I remove it, but that's rare since my cory usually eats half of what I put in, and my 40+ fry eat the rest, occasionally there's a tiny smidge left for me to remove. I've got a video of them mobbing him. lol

You can find me on Youtube under the same name: Sylverclaws. =) I have a lot of videos up of my fish and ferrets. lol Even have one of my cat getting a bath after he got into fertilizer! He likes water though. :3

Oh yes, I did have another question which you may or may not be able to answer considering it's about the babies. I have a few fry that came out brown in color, few light browns, few dark browns. Some have some spots, others have perfect stripes going down their bodies from head to tail, right through the middle. A few have only the one stripe, but one or two have three stripes. I am assuming it was from the mix of parents. lol Have you ever had some fry come out brown with or without spots or stripes? I am thinking they may grow into marble mollies or something similar(the ones with spots anyways), do you have any guesses? =p I DO actually have a female marble molly, who is not a mother yet, that has brown where her whites should be between the black. Maybe they will look like that. I know they change colors as they grow sometimes, I can't wait to see how they turn out in a month or two!

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huh, that's really interesting! I've never seen a striped molly!!! They DO change a LOT as they grow in my experience, though - so maybe those stripes will break into spots as they age. Mollies in their wild form are more of a brownish and greenish color, so it isn't uncommon for these colors to come through - especially in a mixed batch! It'll be really neat to see how they develop - keep me posted!

Any babies from your balloony girl yet?

Have you any idea what plant it is, exactly, that is giving you the trouble? Stem plants (like the anacharis) are really easy to keep, as is Java fern. . . I'm guessing that your 'leafy plant' might be Anubias, which is also a very tolerant one. It could just be that you got a plant that requires conditions different than what you have in the tank - like higher light. Or maybe it needs a root tab. If I knew what the plant was, I might be able to help you. Can you try to take a clear picture of it? Won't hurt to try!
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babies , creamsicle molly , fry , net info , number estimate

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