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Surprise!! pleco babies...

To my surprise yesterday, I found out that my bushynose plecos had fries. I had a pair, but honestly did not expect them to have fry, I mean i didn't even set up any spawning environment, they just did. anyways, I guess i should try to raise them, so whats the best way to raise these fries? should I put them in a breeding net or something, should I keep them with the dad? he seems to really be protective

Another thing, unknowingly I took the female away into another tank for a completely different reason, and am wondering whether or not I should put her back in with the male and fries. Do you think that they would remember each other, it been about a week since I took her out. any possibility of a "peaceful" family reunion?
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I don't think so, a male can be pretty territorial around his young (I think)
About food, I'm not sure.

Currently wondering how long a baby Zebra Danio waits until maturity.
Owner of Gourami, and Danio
Please respond to my topic in Fish Breeding, it has been nearly/just over a week.
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I doubt they'd have a problem w/ a reuniting.

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Do not put the female back in until the fry are grown or the male is removed. With BN plecos, as most fish, the male is the protective one and the female does her own thing. Many times the male beats up the female and will not tolerate her. You are better off leaving everything where it is, the male will tend to the fry.

As for breeder net, it depends on what else is in the tank. And for food, many things will work but a bit of zucchini will give them nutrients.

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wow.. pleco babies.. would love to see some pics.. also how many did they have
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how wonderfull,congratulations on the fry,
i agree,pictures would be fantastic.

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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