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Exclamation Surprise Angelfish Spawn @_@

So basically, I rescued/adopted a couple of angelfish (and some other fish, all together in a 5 gallon tank). Didn't know their genders, always saw them chasing each other and stuff, thought they were just aggressive, didn't think the odds were in my favor that i had ended up with a pair.

Obviously I was wrong. I noticed one of the angels chasing danios today, and I thought it was probably hunting them. My two albino zebra danios and a leopard danio had disappeared recently, so i assumed they were snacks, since they weren't as big as my regular zebra danios. I though maybe the angel had just gotten a bigger appetite or something. I finally took a good look at the tank, and HOLY COW ALL OVER THE FILTER!!!

So my problem is this: since Papa Fish is being aggressive to at least the zebra danios, and fiercely guarding his brood of eggs, I know I need to move most if not all the other tank members. My biggest problem is space, so I think i need to make some plans to either rehome to a less than ideal tank, or rehome to entirely different people.

Honestly, it wont kill me if the fry dont make it, but I also hate to scrape them and toss them. But I also want to keep all my fish. AND now that I know i have a breeding pair, I wonder if I should keep them if they're going to spawn again, or sell them so I have my community back. A lot of hard decisions need to be made.

Any helpful tips would be GREAT. if you think I could leave my bottom feeders, like the cories and plecos, that'd be a great relief. They are some of my favorite fish in that whole tank. I could semi happily rehome my danios and my swordtails but i'd hate to give up my pleco and cories. I just have so little tank space, i don't know what to do.
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Plumkin, one of our members bred his angels and he had a 75 Gal grow out tank...just for the fry there were that many!! Haven't seen him on here in a long time. But he did post a long thread with lots of pics and videos. Do a search on his name but I think this is one of them.
Have your angels bred? I NEED HELP im so confused
He used to breed Discus too.
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djembekah (10-17-2012)
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Okay. So it looks like my eggs have been eaten. But I'm still concerned about more spawns in the future. Its time to research! Thanks Jakie :)
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Hey Bekah!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Such wonderful news - those angels are so much happier now that they're under your care! It sounds like the eggs vanishing may have been a bit of a sad blessing, but I'm sure they'll do it again - and hopefully, you'll be able to be better prepared the next time around! Three cheers for happy fish!
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djembekah (10-17-2012)
post #5 of 10 Old 10-17-2012, 02:45 PM Thread Starter
I am very pleased to know they are happy! I have gotten a lot of help from people, so I have a good idea of what i need for if they spawn again. I'm going to pick up a spare 29 gallon (there's another $20 one at the thrift store), some filter sponges, a spawning slate, air pump, a few other things. Not sure if I can set something up right now though. For the future though, like WHEN i have my own place...i hope i still have my pair by then!
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I want your thrift shop... :)
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me too girl.

Ugh. I'm starting to think I might need to temporarily rehome the angels, or even sell them. Since they're a pair, its just a matter of time before they spawn again, and i'm worried about the other fish. I can get that extra 29 no problem, i just have literally no other place in my house that I could put another 29 gallon tank- I was trying to downsize my tanks, not get another big tank!! xD

I'm also considering giving away a few of my female bettas, or all of them, I dunno. Tank space and living space is really confusing. I don't know what to do.

I want my angels, i want my bettas, i want my catfish. I just dont know how to go about all that while i still live at home.
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post #8 of 10 Old 10-17-2012, 05:29 PM
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LOL! I hear ya, I have the same problem and have my own house! Too many tanks... :) I'd rather have one massive one, though! You'll figure it out, I'm sure!
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i dont want to give anyone up but it might come to that
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post #10 of 10 Old 12-06-2012, 08:22 PM Thread Starter
they are at it again :) still have the 3 danios and the two swordtails though. they will probably munch on eggs.

also i still dont have space to raise a spawn. makes me happy they're happy enough to do it though! they must appreciate the plants :)
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