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Hello, meh, yeah I messed up that link, here's the correct one:

Fancy guppies should do just fine in your tank, although personally I wouldn't add more live bearers, as I like variety. Could I ask the size of your tank? That would really help to plan stocking.

I'm still in shock that your LFS sold you a paradise fish as a loach. Loaches are, in general, snakey looking bottom dwellers and pfish are kinda weird looking versions of gourami. Pfish breath atmospheric air and are very much top dwellers. Truly, I wouldn't recommend trading those fish in. I would go back, demand a refund, and take your money to a different store. We really shouldn't give fish stores like that our business. It's extremely irresponsible and I would have a lot of distrust for the health of the fish at that store (how can you care for a fish if you can't identify them!?).
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Okie, I am completely with you on the LFS thing. We are a very small town and there is lots of drama here. The LFS was owned by the daughter of a good friend of ours and it did pretty well when she had it. Then they had family drama and he handed over management to someone else. That gal sucked, I have to say (dead guinea pigs, fuzzy green fish tanks, brain dead name it). Now family has made up and the original owner has it back. I will give it another chance because I have never dealt with this gal before. It is some 50 miles to get anything outside of Walmart or this particular LFS. I am hoping that she will work with me on mistakes made by her temporary replacement.

So, the consensus is to get rid of the paradise fish and CAE? Perhaps get snails for algae control? It is a given that the paradise fish is going to eat any cory fry that may come of the eggs on my glass, huh?

Fish are very complicated creatures to keep, aren't they? They have certainly made me run around the track a few times, lol.

Oh, I forgot to answer the question asked: I have a 29 gal tank.
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hi i am mitcore
and i would agree with the others that the eggs are the cory's and yes the fish in the pic is a male paradise fish
they are awesome i have a pair

congrats on the spawn
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I'm of the opinion that shrimp are much better cleaners than snails. Plus, they're more colorful and generally cooler looking. You could definitely put a bunch of red cherry shrimp in your tank.
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Well, once you have an algae "problem," the only solution is to get in there with the scrubber and go to town. My mystery snails seem to prevent me from ever getting to the point of having an algae problem, though. Some shrimp can make great algae eaters as well, but the more interesting ones are more expensive and there's always the possibility that they'll end up as fish snacks. You could always buy a few ghost shrimp (the LFS sells them for 15 cents here) and see how those do. If they survive for a few weeks, an investment in more expensive shrimp could be worthwhile.

My cories breed and lay eggs on a regular basis. The biggest predators of cory eggs in my tank are the cories themselves. The mystery snails also try to eat them, but are less successful at scraping them off the walls. I enjoy my cories, but I don't particularly want to start a cory factory so I'm fine with letting the eggs get eaten.

If you're returning the algae eater and paradise fish, you should think about getting something that will eat your livebearer fry (that is, unless you are trying to breed them). Spotted leaf fish would do a great job of keeping your 4 platies from turning into 100.
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Well, it doesn't look like I'm going to be breeding any corys. Someone ate the eggs. Can't say I'm real upset about that as I really didn't want to breed anything if I could help it.

I think I'm just going to keep the stock I have right now and see how they do. The paradise fish has been in there for months and the only problem I've had with him is the betta. Since the betta has been taken out he has gotten along with everyone ok. I'll watch him with my platies (if he helps with population control without actually attacking the ones I bought, that might be ok). It will be awhile before the CAE causes a problem, he's just a little bitty guy right now. If he becomes aggressive, I will get rid of him.

I don't have an algae problem right now, per se. The water has kind of a greenish tinge to it, but there is no actual algae on anything. I think my daughter may have gotten hold of the algae wafers and commenced to feeding the fish. I did a partial water change and will do another in a few days to see if that helps. I was trying to prevent an algae problem before it actually took hold with the CAE. I may look into getting a snail or two if I can find them. None of my fish will eat them, right?
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