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Some of my mollies/platies haven't given birth?

Well, mollies have babies every month-ish right? How come several of mine haven't had babies since I've had them? (a little over a month ;x) And some of them look huge (I looked at pictures from when I first got em) but they have looked huge for weeks now!
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I think they can choose to delay birth if they're stressed, but don't quote me on that.
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Well, I don't think they are stressed.... They all seem happy to me! Maybe it's because some of them it's probably their first time giving birth?
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Hmm... I really don't know.
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That's fine. :) I'm hoping for some more answers anyways.
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the females that havent gave birth are probs ones that are having more fry which may take a few extra days compared with your other females......i think.....(not 100% sure) mollies and platys pregnancys can last up to 5-6 weeks (usually4 weeks/1 month) but like i said im not 100% sure on this ...i think i read it somewhere on the internet :):):).......this may be a stupid question but are you sure there females and do you have males????? ....if your not sure then upload some pics i could tell you from pics:)

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I'm sure they are females, and I have 2 male ballon mollies and 4 females. 1 male platy and 4 females, and 1 male guppy, and 2 females. Idk what's wrong with some of them. :p Must just be taking longer.
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A number of things could be wrong. Live bearers can hold back fry if the conditions are not right. If the tank is overcrowded or if the temperature is not right. Mollies can handle breeding temperatures of up to 86F!

I currently have 3 female mollies and 1 male molly in a 10 gal breeding tank. The temperature is at 86 and they do fine. I guess the heat triggered their appetites! They just wont stop eating or nibbling at the hornwort.

Just wait a few days. Their could be 2 or more spawns in her.
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I think they ended up giving birth and I just didn't notice somehow. My platy that is red with black tips I would have never noticed gave birth if I didn't have 4 babies that are red with black tips in my baby tank! (I thought they were the other platy's fry!) So I think some of their stomachs I just don't notice and most of the fry get eaten or I don't see them.

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