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good luck. Keep an eye on her and make sure she really is done otherwise she'll eat all the fry
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lol IMO, the tank is overcrowded.

You have like 6 fish and a newt in one 10 gallon tank with about 7 gallons of water in it.

10 gallon tanks dont cost much.



20 Gal Long
Justice-Hatchling W. Painted Turtle
Tweek-Chinese Algae Eater
African Driftwood
Fluval 305 Canister Filter


10 Gal-guppy breeding tank
2 Pregnant Guppies
Anacharis, Corkscrew
Some random power filter
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I agree, too many fish and not a lot of water! IMHO the legos arent to my taste, but each to their own.

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Originally Posted by Matt
funny thing is i put her in the net earlier today.i must have good timing.
I wouldn't recommend placing a gravid fish in a net much more that stress will become the issue here rather than the fry cannibalized by their tankmates. I would leave the fry alone unless you can accommodate all of them.

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the tanks not over crowded its that stupid lego house for the newt.
(my little cousin built it for me)
and the water level is a lot higher then the pic shows that was in the middle of a 25% water change. i had to empty the bucket and my sis took a pic.

also its changed, and the reason that it looks crowded is that breeders net on the left.

and the fry are going in my hospital tank to grow them out. then there going to the lfs.the reason that the net is still in there is because the mom was giving birth and i realized it in the middle of the water change so i stoped and took another pic.
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if u look at it for real its not over crowded and the gold fish are going in a pond next week. also were buy a 180 gallon tank in 2 weeks.
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First, I am a little disappointed that the focus here has been on the idea that the tank is overstocked and no one has bothered to explain why, including myself. Also, it is not our place to ridicule a person for what they put in the tank. I personally think the legos were a good idea and I will use them for my stepping stones if I ever set up my newt or salamander tank. I also think that fake plants are uglier and more unsightly than a home for a newt made out of Legos but I won't tell someone that their tank is ridiculous just because they have fake plants in it.

Ok, let's set a few things straight here. First, I see absolutely no problem with the legos. They are light weight, can be made into any shape that a person wants them, they serve a purpose for the newt and for some people they are used for everything from nick knacks to full sized furniture. On top of it all, they are absolutely safe and non-toxic and will outlast any aquarium ornament and the paint that is used on them. A slate cave has sharper edges, is heavier on the bottom of the of the tank and if dropped when trying to remove will destroy a tank not to mention the limits of the shapes that can made with slate and the potential for contamination and leeching of chemicals by the slate.

Second, the tank is overstocked and I will explain why. A newt by itself needs to have at least a 10 gallon tank half full for itself. The platties number 6, which is 12 inches of fish and that by the rules of stocking makes them more than enough for the tank. The betta is being stressed by the other fish and should not be in there with that kind of biomass. As for the goldfish, you are doing good by taking them out soon but regardless of their size they are not meant to be in a 10 gallon, with any other fish. BTW, the general rule of thumb is 1 inch of fish per gallon of water and that is what is used to determine bioload and overstocking. For amphibians, that rules is 0.5 inches per gallon so a 5 inch salamander is all a 10 gallon tank should have. A pleco also produces too much waste and even the smallest needs a 20 gallon for both bioload and for room to move. Neon tetras on the other hand are such small producers that you can get away with 20 of them in a 10 gallon tank if that is all that is in there. Even with that, 10-15 is the max for a 10 gallon for even neons because of the tank size.

Overstocking is not the "look" of the tank although it could be but that is not the issue here. The waste produced by the newt is too much for the tank and the fish in there will be stressed by it. It could have been the cause of the death of the babies from the platty. Goldfish by themselves produce enough waste by themselves to overpopulate a 10 gallon tank. 1 goldfish in a 10 gallon produces too much waste to have any other fish in there. Again, I am not picking at this because you are removing them soon.

Also, an often overlooked item that is used in overstocking is the fact that waste is not just the stuff that your filters remove. There are dissolved solids in the water that you can ONLY remove by doing a water change. It is a simple fact; the more waste an animal produces, the more dissolved solids you have in any given amount of time. You may not even see any fish waste nor mulm when you do a water change and a gravel vac but the dissolved solids will buildup and eventually cause stress and fish death. This is all too often overlooked by even the seasoned fish keeper and is a cause of death even when we think the tank is balanced and should be safe for our fish.

Please take this is an education post and not a stab at your fish keeping practices. We all have to learn and I had hoped that others would have given a reason your tank was overstocked instead of bantering you about it. The site is meant to be educational and when someone new comes along and seems to need some helpful advice we all need to give it to further the education for the hobby and not to ridicule and deter others from wanting to keep fish and do it properly.
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Hmm im 14 and i have spent over 3000 on fish just imgain how angry my mum is...

I dont see why any of you's could keep such small tanks!i have a 6x2x2,4x2x2 and a 2x46x46!

Even if the tank looks overcrowded it doesnt matter if the fish look happy and there are no beaten up/sick fish and they are breeding i say its all good...

Just my honest opinion

everyone has a right to express there own opinions os i dont want to see this thread get nasty

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well i would love a million gallon tank, i wouldnt mind the ocean, the reason why i have sich a small tank is because im not allowed anything bigger. I was lucky enough to get a 20 gallon (78 liters)
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All, pls don't make me close this thread just for the diversion of the discussion from the original topic. As Chris has explained, this topic is not all about overcrowded conditions other than what was asked in the first post.

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