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Serpae Tetra?

I noticed some eggs in one of my tanks this morning. I have never bread fish before, so I have some questions.

There are three just like this on the glass of my tank, this one being the smallest. It looked like the other serpaes were trying to eat the eggs so I moved plants closer to them as well as some java moss.

First off, are these Serpae eggs? The only other things I have in that tank are a snail and one lonley corydora.

Second, can I feed really finely ground up flakes or do I need brine shrimp? Will the adults eat all this? Will it all get sucked into the filter?

I can move the adults if it is completly necessary, but that will require taking out every plant in the tank and re-planting (UGH!) But would give me an excuse to move a few of them to my new 58g. What do you all think?

Are the eggs fertalized once they are placed or does the male need to fertalize them? (maybe that was the "eating" I saw?) If so, Should I move the java moss barriers I have setup?

If anyone else has any tips on helping these suckers to survive (IF they ARE serpae eggs and not that snail pulling a fast one on me) please let me know. I was just about to buy about 6 more of these guys so they would have a bigger school. there are only 5 of them right now.

Also, if I left anything out, just ask me and I will give as much detail as I can.

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What kind of snail do you have? I would guess that they are snail eggs. Most tetras tend to lay their eggs in the substrate. It would depend on what type of snail you have though?
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I think its a ramshorn (its the generic petsmart snail). I took the adult tetras out last night, if these are snail eggs (now that I have googled it it kinda looks that way) would the tetras eat the baby snails if i put them back in?
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