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Does anybody know a good place to sell mollies? I have 40 fry right now.
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you can try to post on but i believe they have a no animal policy unless you are donating to a good home, which would be another option because you most likely wouldnt get much for them anyways. you could also see if your LFS will except them for some store credit, which again prob. wont be much. if you have predator fish you can use them as live food, if you have friends getting into the hobby or thinking about it its also nice to donate a few fish.
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You can most certainly post animals on craigslist. We posted our horse on there, and found the one that we replaced her with on there as well ;) It's worth a shot. There's also a classified section on here.

20 gallon long: 3 adult Neolamprologus similis + about 11 fry of various ages; low light planted tank
20 gallon long:2 freshwater dwarf puffers (Puff Puff and Poofer); medium-light planted tank
10 gallon: 1 male betta named Wormy; low light planted tank
10 gallon: 1 male betta named Dante; low light planted tank
2, 5.5 gallon tanks that are currently empty (I see more fish on the horizon )
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sometimes you just have to feed them to the Angels.

55 Gallon

-10x Zebra Danio
-3x Angelfish
-5x Velvet Red Swordtail
-3x Albino Cory Cat
-3x Clown Loach
-3x Black Mollie
-1x Red Tailed Shark
-1x General Pleco
-1x Snail

10 Gallon


37 Gallon (Wanted)

Not Sure

150 Gallon (Wanted)

-5x Bala Shark
-2x Neon Blue Goarami
-5x Clown Loach
-1x Black Knife Ghost
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