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Pregnant Variatus?

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YAY!!!! congrats! I'm so jealous!
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Oh, thank you! I checked a few hours ago, and she had had 5 more babies. So, now there are 44 alive. She probably had around 55-60. CRAZY!

I moved her into the main tank after being in the "recovery room" (hahahaha) by herself all day, well, she and the 5 more babies that she had. But now that she's back in the main tank, she looks so happy! Her boyfriend is already right at her side, but being nice, not pushy. And she's swimming around freeeeeeee from all those little ones. So cute.

And they are so cute! There are only about 5 that aren't pretty dark already. The rest of them have various amounts of black on them already. It'll be fun to see them develop!

It's a good day =)

Britny, are you hoping for babies with your guppies and molly's??

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i curently have around 55 baby guppies :):):0....
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Actually my platy's and molly's! I've had 2 females start to give birth, then die. And all their babies died too! So depressing! I'm glad your babies are happy and healthy! I'd LOVE to see more pics if possible!
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Old 04-10-2010, 08:29 PM   #15
The fry are so small that it's difficult to get good close-ups of them. But I tried... =)





I've got a yellow mickey mouse female that has baby eyes showing in her tummy. She's still looking pretty normal... not looking 'about to burst' at all... So who knows. I'll have to put her in the 5 gallon by herself and watch, and WAIT. lol
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Dang those are great pics!! Their all so different! Your gonna have a ton of gorgeous adults!
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there awsome pics well done :):):)
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Old 04-20-2010, 04:49 PM   #18
Congrats!!! A question for Fryup and Babydevilsangel... what type of filter do you have in your fry tanks? I like the idea a a maternity ward for mommies to be. I think this may be what I will have to do to protect my babies.
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Old 04-21-2010, 10:52 PM   #19
I have an AquaClear in my fry tank. It has nylon material on it so the fry don't get sucked up into it, and I keep it on the lowest flow possible, and it's still pretty strong. I think the movement of the water helps the fry to grow faster, as they have to swim with the current as they are moving about the tank.

In the maternity ward that I've set up, it is just a 5 gallon tank, and I have a whisper, in tank filter... I think it's for 5-10 gallons. They have one that is for 1-5 gallons, but it's just a tiny bubble filter, so I got the bigger one. It is also covered with material so the babies don't get sucked up in it.

Just had 21 more fry tonight!! =) They are TINY compared to my last group now... those ones are getting so big!
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congrats! I'm proud that you have went through this and hope you can again.
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