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pregnant mollie?

This is a discussion on pregnant mollie? within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Originally Posted by pj30notts THis is a picture of my mollie but I am not sure if she is pregnant either, any suggestions ? ...

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Originally Posted by pj30notts View Post
THis is a picture of my mollie but I am not sure if she is pregnant either, any suggestions ? She seems to be rather rounded at the bottom.

Wow. She definatly looks preggo. :0 A few more days and sh'el probably be dropping fry all over the place!
is her belly kinda squared off?
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yeah it seems to be well developed and after looking closely it looks as though the bottom of her bump is going a bit flat too, I have just put her in a trap for the fry in the main tank , so will turn the light off soon and who knows, I will keep her in there for a few days and see what happens otherwise will return her to the main tank. I am just wondering if to keep my spare tank ready and if she drops then will put the fry in the tank to develop further. .... Thanks
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Is it normal for the male Mollie to keep hounding after the females? I have a male Marble Lyretail Mollie that WILL NOT leave the females alone. It is to the point that I am fearful for the health of the females in the tank. He goes from one to the other nonstop without even stopping to eat. I've thought about putting him in a trap to give the females a rest. Is he trying to mate with them or has he already done it?
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I guess yes.
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Both.... mated already and still trying to mate. They are incessant at pestering the girls. Swordtails are just as bad. I have pulled the Female a couple of times to my 10 gal and given her a rest, and my male charges around the tank frantic looking for his mate. And then incessant again when I put her back in.
More females (to give them a break) means more fry. My last Swordtail drop was... without a word of a lie, looked to be about 50-60 fry. OMG all in my 10 gallon. With the previous 9 6-week olds.... hang on... day 35 is fast approaching....she will have to drop her fry into the 75 gallon this time and I'm not likely to save any this time.... there are too many "others" (mouths) present.
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