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Pregnant guppies

I have a 15 gallon tank with 5 expectant female guppies.. I tried the plastic "fry catcher". I came home to find that I lost one of my females due to her tail getting stuck in the slot.
I dont want to attempt that again.. I have a 2.5 gallon tank, and I was wondering if I should set that up for the next guppy that is about ready.. Would it be better if I left them in the original tank, or segregate them? I'm trying to prepare for the fry the best I can.. any suggestions??
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dont do any moving around or breeder net things. Just heavily plant your tank.
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ok thanks so much

30 gals cichlid tank

20 gal saltwater tank

10 gal community tank/livebearers

...i love breeding all sorts of fish...
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When I had the feeder guppies I never removed them at all and did not have many plants. The parents didn't eat the fry like you get with swords and plattys. I also didn't have to remove the fancy guppies either although the total number that survived was lower there was more than enough that I ran out of room quickly.
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i have been breeding guppy for a year now and i dont do anything special for the birthing process. Like what was said before just heavily plant your tank. I'd suggest a few bunches of hornwort available at petsmart for around $1.45. (in IA at least.) All this stuff you hear about nets and traps are just suggestions and i chose not to follow them and try my own ideas. As I am only 15 i cant afford much i come up with my own little ways to do this stuff. I have around a 95% survival rate of fry in a 10 gallon with only a few plants of moneywort and a plant of vallesernia. The only decorations i have are a piece of coral a small cave and rocks. so they survive just fine.

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