Pregnant Balloon Belly Molly
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Pregnant Balloon Belly Molly

This is a discussion on Pregnant Balloon Belly Molly within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> My wife and I have two Balloon Belly Mollies in our fish tank. One has been identified as a male by its long fins, ...

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Pregnant Balloon Belly Molly
Old 12-24-2007, 11:53 AM   #1
Pregnant Balloon Belly Molly

My wife and I have two Balloon Belly Mollies in our fish tank. One has been identified as a male by its long fins, and the other has small fins. Lately we have witnessed them mating. They are both about an inch, and are not very old. I had a few questions regarding Balloon Belly Molly babies, and the pregnancy term.

First, here is a picture of our female. It is the best we could take. She is younger and has a much larger belly than our male.

She has been pregnant for approximately a few weeks, and you can see dark fish bodies move inside of her.

We were curious how long the pregnancy for a Balloon Belly Molly is? How many, and how large will the babies be? What should we feed them? And how long does it take for the fry to grow until they should be safe from our other fish?

Thank you in advance for any answers to my questions.
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When you fish is "squared off" it means it's belly is slightly squared. this mean it will give birth in about 24 hours. I would recommend a breeding tank. when your fish i9s squared off you should put it in the breeding tank. When she gives birth take away the mother. if your mollie gives birth without a breeding tank it will most likely eat the fry. hope this helps.
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