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Platy ready give brith

I'm fairly new to breeding with Freshwater Fish. I noticed my platy looks a bit chunkier then usually a few weeks ago, I'd say about 2-3 weeks ago. I purchased a floating breeding box today and placed her in there. She does not seem to like it one bit. Shes desperately trying to get out.

I was wondering if someone experienced with breeding can tell me if she looks like shes gonna give birth soon and if putting here in the breeding box was the right thing.

I will attach 2 youtube video links:
First one was taken today

and this one was taken a week or so ago

Thanks for the help.

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Stressing her out isn't going to help her or her young,
Stress can very easily cause her to abort to early,

I would release her back into the tank where shes more relaxed.
Give cover for the young to hide into and be diligent in recovering the young when you see she has had them.

I'm not going to load the vidoes.
Because honestly a picture can be deceiving not to mention the fact that fish can and often will hold their young until they decide to drop them, So it could be tomorrow or it could be another month or more before she has any fry.

Always in NEED & looking for more Tanks!
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Agree with the above, I have never used and will never use breeding traps its too stressful on the mother fish to see all the other fish and not being able to interact, let alone what being in such a small area will do to her. If you have an extra tank then set that up and throw her in there if you are trying to save as many fry as possible, if you don't then do chicklet said and just let nature take its course. Just provide as many chances for the fry to survive as possible, this involves surface cover at ground cover for the fry to hide in, surface should be a mixture of plants like in my case duckweed, hornswort and anarchais. A mixture as this seems to give the fry a good amount of hiding room while keeping the bigger fish out.

On a similar note one of my platies gave birth about 24 hours ago in my main tank, I estimate around 15-20 fry were born and now I estimate there to be about 10-13 left, if 2 survive to adulthood I will be really happy but its all in how smart the fish are and how much cover you give them.
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have to agree with what has been said, for my mollies i just waitted and kept an eye on the tank and cault her giving birth the fry willl just hide srainght way so lots of hidding places are important, i then removed the other fish to allow me time to catch the baby fry. of course its down to you really in what you think is best. oh worth noting i did not move the mother as she was tired from the birth and was of know threat plus did not want to upset her.
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