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Platy Fry Care

I am getting a pregnant sunrise or mickey mouse platy and I want to know how hardy the fry are because I have a five gallon tank for them to be separated into but it has no heating. I also have a breeding net if that is big enough fo the fry.
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It's supposed to be more beneficial to just have a lot of plants for the adults, and a 5-gallon is too small for the adults anyways, or is the 5-gallon a grow-out tank? They will both need to be kept probably in the 70s in temperature, though.

Currently wondering how long a baby Zebra Danio waits until maturity.
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Please respond to my topic in Fish Breeding, it has been nearly/just over a week.
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the 5 gallon is the grow out tank by the way.
my danios are taking forever to bout mature so I don't know about your question
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5g is way too small for a growout tank. Anyway, if you don't have any alternatives, consider heavy water changes DAILY. about 50% or more. But when your fish will become bigger, you'll have to move them.

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