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Cool platy birth sighs

hey if there are spelling problems sorry. my platy is like a blimp and its floating arourd by the heater not staying on the bottum is it about to give birth or what. by the way i can see a big black dot near the vent so i no its pregnant so am i exspecting
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Originally Posted by bary trotter View Post
Is anyone out there Okay 15 peaple have vewed it but no one replied am I doing something wrong

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it could nt be shock becase she still will eat.
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pictures usually help.

Sorry everyone. I'm gone. I can't use the forum anymore. My health issues are too much. I'll miss you all and I will return some day, just not on this account.
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my platy is bloated but still eating...unlike my guppies which stopped eating before giving birth in the breeder tank. can i put my platy among the guppy fry?? coz i dont want the platy to eat the fry when it gives birth.
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I tend to not notice any significant behavioral changes in my Platy girls before the drop, the only way I can tell with them is that their bellies become very squared out. Usually they drop within a few hours after I notice this.
As long as their are places for the guppy fry to hide from mama Platy, it should be fine. Though a few might get eaten, depending on their size and age.
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yea i took the platy out. my guppy fry by the look of it, i think there were few short. even though i still haven't been able to count them all. thanks for the help. cheers
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I use a heavy ground cover of plants as when born the fry seem to drop to the bottom of the tank, and if there is a heavy planting on the bottom the fry will hide in there and grow big enough so they won't be eaten. Personally I use a seperate breeding tank heavily planted, and move mothers to be to that tank, and as soon as they drop their fry, I remove them back to their original home. Works for me. I use a five or ten gallon tank for this. Good luck
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