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Platy and Balloon Molly Crosses?

I had a sail fin molly, a balloon molly, and a red wag tail platy all together in a tank and then decided to add in what I think is a calico or tiger platy. Within a few days there were about 14 babies in the tank! I assumed they were either from the red wag tail platy and the tiger/calico platy mating (though I don't know if there was enough time for long do platys need to be pregnant for before they can give birth?) or that maybe the new platy was pregnant when I bought her. Around a month or so later there was another batch of fry, which made me think it was more likely that she was mating with one of the fish in the tank (although I think they can store sperm...?). The older babies are now getting on to 2-3 cm and here is what I don't get...half are definitely balloon mollies and half are platys (some sunburst tux platys and some calico or tiger platys)! The balloon mollies are a similar coloring. I didn't even think they could breed, but if they could I just assumed you would get cross bred fish, not half and half!

Sorry for the small novel, didn't want to leave any details out. Can someone explain the most likely mating scenario for this?
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How long had you had the balloon belly molly? is it a female? I've read that they can store the sperm for up to 6 months although they dont usually do that, maybe thats what happened, and after six months she fertilized her eggs inside her, and at the seventh month out popped balloon belly mollys? I'm not sure
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Oh an platys must carry the eggs/fry for 28 days for the fry to come out fully developed. give or take a few days depending on temperature
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What are the sexes of your mollies?

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Mollies and platies cannot cross so you need to look for another answer. A sailfin molly can breed with a balloon molly if they are of opposite sexes. Any of the fish you have listed, if female, can and often do carry sperm packets for 6 months and will contimue to produce fry with no males present. Assuming there are no males at present to breed with the fish, you could still be getting fry every month from a platy or every 5 to 6 weeks from a molly.
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