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New Molly Fry

I recently got a black female molly from my friend not expecting her to be pregnant. She began to get bigger and bigger and a few days ago she gave birth to about 20 babies. Just thought I'd share some pictures.
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cute! what are you going to do with them?

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those are nice babies... I hope they live

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Awesome!!! I had about 30 molly and platy fry a couple months ago. And a bunch of hybrids. Does your cam take vids, I would love to see more of the fry.

Also, is your whole tank filled with marbles. Is that hard to vaccuum?
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I'm going to keep some and put them in my bigger tank and give the rest away. My camera does not take video sadly. I was using my cellphone to take those because my digital disappeared. I only have marble in my small tank so I don't think it is hard to vacuum.
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Cute ! I have tons of molly fry! the black mollys for some reason seem to take forever to grow!!
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I just recently got a dalmation and an orange lyretail molly. My black and orange ones are both females while the dalmation is a male. Does anyone know what fry from them might look like?
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