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Smile New Mollie Fry

Just had baby mollies aroung 3hours ago there 7 that i saved from hungry mouths, however they are just sitting at the bottom of the breeding tank are they ok? there all breathing and moving the tails, but concerned they are not swiming about.

couple of questions

1) when do i start feeding
2) what should i feed them
3) is there anything esle i a can do that will help them surive

thanks to all who reply
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Just make sure the water i the breeder is very clean!!
And im not quite sure when to feed them, someone will tune in soon..

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Thanks TheFishBoy
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They usually don't swim about much, they will sometimes dart ahead and then dive back to a plant or the ground.

I have heard conflicting things about feeding them, some say wait a few days and others say feed right away.... just use your own discretion. They are fairly sensitive to water quality so keep that as high as possible and a higher temp sometimes helps them grow faster.

You can feed them ground up adult flakes, put them in a plastic bag and just grind them until they are dust and use a wet toothpick to dip in the bag and just touch the surface of the water, small but frequent feedings work best (from what I have heard)

i had molly fry a few weeks ago but released them into the main tank at 2 days old... I don't think there are any survivors lol but I needed my smaller tank for something else.

Good luck!
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I believe feeding them straight away ...I have fed baby brine shrimp frozen and a product called first bites ...super refined can smash or grind up adult food as in above post ....I found setting up additional tank helpful....if you want to continue with fry they grow and trive better out of those breeder net things ...feed several times a day if possible
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