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Nest of bubbles??

This is a discussion on Nest of bubbles?? within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Right there with you. I pretend to have a life. But I also admit that I don't lol...

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Right there with you. I pretend to have a life. But I also admit that I don't lol
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So where are you in Merica? I'm in Sacramento.
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double post

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If your gourami does breed in a community tank its going to be stressful for all your fish. Your male will chase and attack anything that comes near the nest. Gourami babies are very delicate. They will not be able to swim for the first few days. Any current will just pull them around. The male will get stressed trying to keep them in the nest. If your tank is not sealed at the top the labyrinth organ will not develop properly and the fry will die. The eggs and the babies are so small they will probably drop between the gravel and disappear from the males grasp and die. Just about every fish in the tank will try and eat the eggs or fry. The male will attempt to protect the eggs and fry and try and kill anything that comes near it. A large majority will probably be sucked in and ground up by your filter.

When they hatch they will have a yolk sac and feed off of that for a few days then become free swimming. This is the critical time. They must remain in the bubble nest. Once they become free swimming they need to get to the top of the water to get their first breath of air. This helps fill the swim bladder and develop the labyrinth organ. Thus the need for a sealed top to create a moisture layer. Also once free swimming they will search for food. The first few days they will eat Infusoria. They are small microscopic organisms. The frys mouth are so small that they cannot eat much else. They are hunters and want food that moves. They will not eat dry food, not even hikari first bites. As they get older, about day 3 or 4 you will need to feed them live baby brine shrimp, micro worms or vinegar eels.

Just to give you some perspective of their size they are about the size of this comma , when born. No breeding net will contain them. In the end you will probably have no fry, some dead or injured fish. Even if you move the gouramis to different tanks you probably won't be very successful in rearing the young unless you are prepared or lucky enough to have some green water that you can dump them in. If you are able to breed them you could have anywhere from 50 to 200 fry to raise.

You should do some research on how to breed these fish. Then decide if you can handle it. Anyways you might just want to let them breed then scoop out the eggs and throw them in some green water or just dump them if you can't be bothered to rear them. This will reduce the males tendency to attack other fish to protect his nest. Hopefully he will not kill or injure some of your fish.
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