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neolamprologus brevis

This is a discussion on neolamprologus brevis within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> hello everyone, i have finally found some shell dwellers for my tank, two awesome n. brevis! so i have just added them in yesterday. ...

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neolamprologus brevis
Old 07-12-2010, 10:12 PM   #1
neolamprologus brevis

hello everyone, i have finally found some shell dwellers for my tank, two awesome n. brevis! so i have just added them in yesterday. i know it's early but better to have the information early than later and in a rush! so i have some questions. so i was wondering...

1) how long will they take until they "warm up" to me and be okay with me being in front of the tank watching them and they keep with what they were doing before?

2)they started with no shells in the tank i bought them from then while i was adding water to acclimate them to the bag i put a shell in the female was in there( and i didn't no it) for about 3-5 hours scared me to death that it had gotten stuck or something, anyway now they're sharing the shell the female was in. well more the female in the shell very timid right now and the male never farther than like 3 inches away from the shell. but so i here they do this when they have spawned could they have spawned already?

3) if they do have fry will they be okay with eating the "crumbs" of the adults food as i have read that is what multi fry will eat.

4) how long until they will breed?/ how long from the time they are introduced to a tank until they will breed or even think about breeding?

5) anybody else on here have any experience with this species and able to share how they bred them? any advice on how to breed them?

6) how long do the fry typically stay in the shell?

7) will the fry be okay with younger generations like multis are? will adults be okay with the older fry?

thanks bunches!!!!!!
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Old 07-12-2010, 10:22 PM   #2
i dont know anything about breeding but wow u must be a lucky man!(or woman no assumptions here)

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I don't know either but I'd love to see pictures of the pair!
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Old 07-13-2010, 01:35 AM   #4
okay I will try my best at pictures as I have a crappy camera and they are both still timid and the female has not left the shell yet, visible and by the mouth of the shell but not out, as for the male I try. Sorry I'm a little confused on why I'm so lucky...... Maybe it's just the long day. As for my gender I am a man.... LOL FYI
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