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Is my platy about to give birth?

I just bought 2 platies and from what I see, both of them have some pretty good signs that they're about to give birth. My question is, am I right? I don't want to stress them and such, so if I can get any information as to when is a good time to put them in the breeding box would be EXTREMELY helpful. What I'm seeing so far is:

- Their stomach is starting to square off (shape of a square'ish that is).
- The white ball/bulb near their anus is visible.
- Those are the two biggest signs I was told that they're about to give birth

Also, I'm debating on whether I should use a breeding box or not. I provided a picture of my fish tank as well and the only fish living in it at the moment are these 2 platies. Is there enough plants and such for the frys, so that I don't have to use a breeding box?


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Hi Bryant. Welcome to TFK.
Looks to me like yes they are both likely pregnant. Well if they are live bearers from a LFS then yes expect them to be pregnant!! Yes you are right, the graved spot and the squaring off at the bottom front. I would say more so the orange one.
If all you have is just the 2 fish then I would not use the breeder box myself. I would take a couple of bushy plastic plants and just float them on the surface and let that provide some hiding spaces for the fry. It is said they will drop the fry in early morning hours so make sure your lights are off each night and try to peek into the tank in the morning without turning on the lights so that the Mom's don't see the fry and eat them. It does happen! Do you have another tank for long term? Chasing the Mom's with a net to put them in the breeder box is stressful too! And if you ever keep Swordtails, they will go NUTS with fear/anger to get out and can bash the lid right off or jump out. Swordtails/Breeder box ... not a good combination.
And I have found with both my Molly fry and my Swordtail fry that they are incredibly bored and inactive when kept in the breeder box after birth. They love to swim around in my 10 Gallon even when they are tiny. Just give them a ton of cover!! Don't worry about what it looks like!! Good luck!! keep us posted!!

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