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My guppie just gave birth!

I wasn't ready for it, I was getting the breeder safety thing tomorrow, right now I put the fry in a container with tank water, how long will they be okay until I get them in the tank in a safe environment?

I'm just full of questions today! It's okay though, I'm officially a fish daddy
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i dont no i think they should be fne for one day
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I'm also curious, could I raise the fry in a fish bowl (filterless) with cycled water from my tank if I do frequent water changes? I have read it will only take a few weeks until I can put them back in the tank....since I have plenty of cover that is.

I only have three fry so far, I think she's done. I think I caught her after most were eaten, but hopefully at least a couple of these three can survive to adulthood!
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yes but they would probley grow slower .
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Well I'm a complete sucker, I just went out and bought a 2.5 Gallon tank for 3 fry

I am still getting an in tank unit for the next group of fry, and then I'll use this one for something else as a little bedroom setup, but as of now it looks like a big seamonkey exhibit.
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Well I'm a complete sucker, I just went out and bought a 2.5 Gallon tank for 3 fry
Hey these are you first babies... i would too, in any case you'll probably use the maternity next time round as well...good luck with the fry :)

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shouldve just separated the mother

unless you have other fish in the tank

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i have a 2.5 gal for my fry!!! they should really b filtered and it will b about 3 months before they reach non edible size(dependin on the fish u have) i have a 6 week old molly fry no way big enough to b let loose yet!! although i have a filter i dont have a heater in the small tank and they do well without it!
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