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Wink My Baby Guppy and Swordtail Pictures

Eating Cory food.

My favorite lil guy. The only surviver of a litter from a red eyed high fin lyre tail swordtail and orange and black swordtail.

Mickey Mouse Swordtail
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very nice, possible full tank shot? what size tank, whats in it, what camera, filtration . . .?
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Very nice pics! :)
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Wink Whole Tank

This is a Via Aqua (manufactured by a local fish store) 10 gallon with built in filtration. In the tank I have a handful of baby Sunrise guppies, a few others that I cannot name, a few orange Mickey Mouse Swordtails, one Pineapple Swordtail, one Red-eyed High-Finned Lyre-tail Swordtail mixed with an Orenge and Black Swordtail. Also I have a white Mickey Mouse Sword that just gave birth to a few fry the other day. I don't know who the father is... I know it seems as though I probably have a few too many in this 10 gallon, but I do weekly water changes (20 percent) and they seem to be thriving. Some of the larger Sunrise (I call them Bon-Bons) are almost big enough to be moved to my main tank. Also there is a Cory, Otto, and Chinese Algae Eater.
I shot these with my Nikon D300 with a 300mm macro lens, ISO 1600, 1/60, f/4.

I put netting around the filter intake because it kept sucking up the newborn fry and I got sick of fishing them out with a spoon. Also, I put in java moss for the newborn fry to hide in. Also, this particular tank has A LOT of flow.. I think it's a good thing.. keeps them strong. I feed them Mysis shrimp, frozen bloodworms, LiquidLife Marine Plankton, flakes, sinking pellets, but mostly Daphnia.

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baby , guppy , swordtail

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