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Molly fry still born

I have a new tropical aquarium. Got all levels perfect and added new fish 5x Guppys 2x Mollies. Female Molly was very pregnant. Nitrate and Nitrite went up a little after 48 hours but not too bad and ammonia stayed a zero. 3 days after adding fish the massive molly gives birth, she hid in a cave which I cant see into so not sure whats in there but only seen one fry swimming and about 6 that appear to be stillborn while she was out of the cave. There is one that she had in a bush where others cant get to it and even he didnt survive. I didnt use a trap as I know mollies protect their young and we even saw the male molly guarding the cave entrance from the sneaky guppies.

Could it be the raised levels in the tank that killed the babies? im worried because we alse have a very pregnant guppy that will need to go in the trap very soon, but dont want to do that to her if the fry will die anyway.

also all the fish were very happy when they entered the tank, didnt seem at all stressed and swimming around and eating so im assuming the mother didnt give birth out of stress.

I would appreciate any comments
Thanks x
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There is a distinct possibility that she gave birth early due to stress. The stress of the move to a new tank, different water parameters, fluctuating nitrites, all of those could contribute. And molly will eat their young.

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thanks for your reply... I did consider those possibilities but im new to keeping my own tropical fish but we always had them when I was a kid.. Never had mollies though and I hearing both they do and dont eat babies...

Oh and I didnt see any sacs with the babies, should there have been?

Not sure what to do with my about to pop guppy now, maybe leave her in the main tank and let nature take its course this time?? My kids will be so upset, these fish were my sons 4th birthday present.
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The beautiful thing about it is, you rarely get to see the babies before they all get eaten. If you keep some of that plastic fake grass or a heavily planted corner you will keep some survivors. This proves to produce the healthiest fry anyhow.

"Good schools do not make one educated. The ability and desire to learn makes one educated."

"Knowledge does not make a person smart. Utilizing that knowledge makes them smart."
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