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Molly Fry Advice

One of our mollies gave birth (somewhat unexpectedly!) to 6 fry 8 days ago. We put them in a floating hatchery

We have some friends who are going to take the fry.

We have two questions:

1. How long do we keep the fry in the hatchery before releasing them into the tank (the tank has two female mollies, 3 males guppies, 2 male swordtails, 2 dwarf gouramis, and 2 cory's)?

2. How long before the fry can go their new homes?

Any advice would be much appreciated - I am new to fish keeping and this came as a bit of a surprise!
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hey the fry will be ready to release literally when you think they are to big to be eaten. and then generally at this point they will be ready to find new homes. hope this helps
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If your friends have a tank set up for just the fry, move them now. Otherwise the fry need to be sheltered from hungry mouths until they are big enough not to get eaten. My own experience with only mollies in a tank is that they survive quite well if the adults are well fed, from the first day. This picture was taken the day these fry were born and the second picture a few weeks later.

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I have experience with guppies, mollies, swordtails and platies. Mollies are usually a lot better at not eating fry than the other ones. That said, make sure everyone is getting enough food and that you have shelter available for the fry if they need to hide. As mentioned by others, if it fits in the adults' mouth, they have a good chance of being eaten.

They will also grow faster if they are not in a breeding trap. If your friend's tank is ready, they could go now. Just make sure the temp and other parameters are similar to yours.

good luck :)
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