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Molly Breeding Filter

I have a 20 Gallon long tank that i have 10 mollies & 4 Platties in right now. I am breeding them as feeeder fish for my Native species tank (Turtles & Sunfish) I have 3 filters running right now, 2 Aquatech 5-15 & Top Fin 20 . They are filters i have collected over a few years for my previous 10 gallon tanks.
I am wanting to change my filters so their is just 1 running. . . my question is what filter is best for my needs ?
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Ok so im thinking of adding a Marineland 350 filter to my 20 gallon long tank. Is this gonna be overkill ? or you think it should be ok ?
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its prob fine,epecialy with all the waste that the molly and fry will produce

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Ok thanks. I was also wondering if the "waterfall" effect will create too much surface movement since the tank is only 13" wide. I know i have to fill the tank to stop the sound being to loud, but its not going to overflow on the opposite side is it ?
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For a 20 gal. I would get one for a 35 gal. tank or 40. I have a 20 gal. tank and I bought a Foster & Smith Bio System Power filter & Oxy surface skimmer. I payed $21.69 for a 35 gal. size 160 gph. It has 2 Bio3 reg. cartridges. I had a 350gph filter for a 75 on my 55 gal. tank and it was really strong. I would not use that for a 20 gal. I took the protein skimmer off the filter as my small fish were getting sucked into the filter larger fish would be ok. This filter has a dial so that you can control the water flow from low to high which I like.

You can order the filter I got on-line at The filter I mentioned above are all on sale 25% off. I have one of these filters for all my tanks, The Bio3 filter cartridges are great because they are easy to change out. They sale a 24 pk for a only $12.69 on sale also. I order most of my aquarium supplies from this place because they have great prices.

To bad you picked mollies/platies because they are big poopers. You should have got endlers or feeder guppies they breed like rabbits and less waste. For feeders endlers are the best. Maybe you can rehome the mollies/platies and get endlers. I have endlers they are smaller in size then guppies. I know a pet store that sells the feeder endlers for .17 cents each. I can ship them to you if you pay for the shipping and heat pack.

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wow thats a great price ! even the 75 is cheap. Thank you Eileen, i sent you a PM btw about the driftwood.
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Ati makes a pre filter with a sponge filter that will adapt to any power filter helps since it will not suck fry into the filter and also will act as a bio filter works great.
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I use a netting over my intake to my filter. You can get some at the fabric store it is the same as a fish net. You can rubber band it or I use tie wraps to secure it.When it gets dirty I take it out and rinse it. Great for shrimp tanks and fry tanks. It's cheap and works well so does panty hose but the fine netting is better for water flow.
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