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Thats mine, i call him zorro
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Originally Posted by mastermindc3pro View Post
Will a Black Sailfin Molly breed with a regular black molly?
I don't know for sure about Mollies...but,the black colour can be a lethal gene if bred to another black. I've had trouble with Guppies and this problem,and this also seems so with Bettas! Does someone here know about this lethal gene in blacks? When I've bred Mollies,I've usually used 1 black,and then a black marble for the probs with that! But,black with black?...just don't know with Mollies!Good Luck tho!

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I went to a LFS today and they had a bout three sailfins that looked VERY close to the one in the picutre, they were about 3 inches long.

Check out my tanks. :)

3 Female Convict Cichlids
1 Male Convict Cichlid
1 Young Convict Cichlid About 1"
11 Convict Cichlid Fry
2 Plecos
3 Platy's (Sunburst, Panda, Bumblebee)
1 Platy (Sunburst)
1 Male Molly (Dalmation)
1 Female Molly (Dalmation)
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Well we should find out soon, one of my female mollys, is getting so fat so i beleive she is pregnant. Im not sure how long it takes for her to give birth or when i should expect it. So im going to keep an eye on here and set the breeders net up just in case.
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The black is a lethal gene in swordtails, not mollies.
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Ok my mollies at night recently seem to be grouping up together in a row by the heater and sleep together and my mail sailfin keeps shooting up his fins chasing my females.... I have no idea what they are doin. Do any of u have any idea, they never used to group together before at night
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Almost all of my tanks have fish that are sleeping in a group somewhere at night. If you sneak into the fish room and don't turn on any bright lights, there are rafts of fish in some tanks while others group near the substrate. Still others are hanging around a plant. Almost all fish find a place with relatively still water to sleep in.
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Ok so my Molly is now HUGE!!! she looks like she is about to pop, But the last 3 days now she swam into one of my decors and now just sits in their. Is that natural??? is she dying?? should i be worried?
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There are several possibilities with a female that is hiding. Most often when that happens in my tank, she is getting ready to drop fry.
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i got her in the breeders net i am ready for these bad boys to come out. But how long can she stay in the net before getting stressed..i dont want her to be stressed

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