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It is always so sad when they die, I actually was crying when the mommy molly I had died. I am pretty attached to the biggest fry she had, the only one who survived out of her first round....she gave birth on Christmas Eve. I get teary when any of my fish die actually lol, I love them all. Sorry to hear you are only down to 5, I really hope at least 1 makes it for you.

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If you lose them all, no worries. I have the perfect solution. Zip up to the local pet store and but a molly that looks like shes about to explode. Put 'er in your tank and voi la! More babies! lol Best of luck to you. I've been sitting infront of my tank all weekend waiting for someone to pop out a few fry. I'm getting SOOO IMPATIENT!!!

Originally Posted by juliewiegand
thanks for the replies. i had them only at 74 so that could have been the cause. i have since put the temp up a bit since i put them in the breeder unit but im not hopeful for the now 5 remaining. they just seem to be fading away - getting less and less energetic until eventually they just die. im gutted. i was so excited about having fry and i seem not to have given them a chance of surviving thoguh i dont now why this is.

if theres a next time ill just scoop them into the breeder uni but keep them in the tank that they were born in and see if it makes any difference

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i think alice was pregnant when i got her. she wasnt too fat when i got her but i only had her for a little less then a fortnight which isnt enough time for her to have got pregnant in my tank. well, now there are no fry left :( i feel especially bad as theyre so tiny and helpless. 2 of my black mollies have been mating so hopefully i will have better luck with them. ill definitely just put them into the breeding unit and see how they go from there. it could be that they were stressed from being moved into a different tank i guess. or maybe the water was a little different.

at least this rules out the cories as the last 5 died while in the breeding unit by themselves. is it possible that maybe they had a disease or soemthing that alice was fit enough and able enough to fight off but she had passed it down to her babies who werent able to fight it off the same?

ill also have a look for that "first bites" you mentioned and get it for next time.

thanks again evryone for your help
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