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Thanks for all the help and I know I've asked alot of questions but I've just really decided what Im going to do. Im going to put three convicts ( 2f/1m) and once two of them pair off i will return the other female to the LFS then I will put in a group of zebra danios, a gourami, an otto as dither fish. I dont know how much you know about convicts but I know quite a bit and I know they are bottom dwellers so they should stay at the bottom while the others (except the otto) live at the top of the aquarium... hopefully the otto will be fine otherwise I will put him back in my community tank (guppies, swordtails and dwarf gourami-10 g)
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I know plenty about convicts. My question to you is, do you have a place where you can get rid of the fry? Once you get a M/F pair, then they will breed. They are the rabbits are the underwater world.

I would do at least 3 Ottos as well, as they like company.
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If I really have no where to put the fry I will feed them to my dwarf african frog and my fish in the other tank but otherwise I will try to sell them to my LFS for store credit or give them away to someone else. I dont think i will keep any in the tank because they will end up fighting with their parents I guess once they pair off and find a territory. Oh and just to be sure are ottos long brown and black fish that have vaccum like mouths and are kind of like plecos (they clean the tank partially)? I currently have one and I could get a couple more. Is it a good idea to keep only 1 gourami or could i get like 4 or 5 more to make a school of them. I heard that when there are 3 or two of them they will fight. I have a three spot gourami could I mix in other species of gouramis?
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It's an old post but if your still here i think the barbs would be perfect just get 5-6 of them.Check the ph requirements i didn't.Danios don't bother my gouramis but they roll together all over even on the bottom and mating cichlids won't have that, i know that much.
P.S.your cave work sounds spectacular. How did you build 4 caves in a 29g ?

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3 of them are just flower pots covered in rocks and two of them are right beside each other and the other one is made of two rocks leaning on eachother.
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Would love to see some pics of the caves

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