Kribensis wont BREED!!!
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Kribensis wont BREED!!!

This is a discussion on Kribensis wont BREED!!! within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Hi, I have a pair of kribs in my 10 gallon tank, they have paired off but they won't breed. They were originally in ...

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Kribensis wont BREED!!!
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Cool Kribensis wont BREED!!!

Hi, I have a pair of kribs in my 10 gallon tank, they have paired off but they won't breed. They were originally in with cories, danios, and another krib. I took out the other krib when they paired off and they were attacking her, they killed two danios so I took the other two out, and they attacked the cories so I took them out too. Now they are alone in there, the female is definately in breeding mode but she doesn't seem to care about the male and the male has a slightly pink belly but he doesn't care about the female but sometimes he shakes in front of her, but not very often. I do daily water changes and tried to feed them baby guppies(the female ate two and I felt too guilty to feed them more babies :( I dont know what to do. Maybe they need dither fish? If so what can I put in there that they won't kill? Tiger barbs maybe?
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Try feeding the Kribs once,or twice a week with frozen Blood Worms,Frozen Brine Shrimp,and or Krill. Cut the cubes in half for one cube would be too much for the two,and that which is uneaten will foul the water.Remove what they don't eat. Water changes can sometimes get them in the mood as well. Were it me, I might try changing the water 25 to 30 percent twice a week,maybe an hour or two after feeding the above mentioned foods,or at least on the same day as feeding the above foods. These foods should be fed along with the flake and pellet food but ,alternate the days, say one day, feed flake,another day feed pellets,and another day,the frozen foods mentioned. Good Luck.
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1077 is along the right track, I would actually lay off the water changes for two weeks, then do them 2-3x a week, also, need to have right type of "spot" for them, normally if you have driftwood in the aquarium that has alot of nooks and crannies then will help them quite a bit. A change in the aquarium like the water changes after two weeks will help stimulate this, and lots of spots for them to lay the eggs too hence the driftwood.

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