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hello, this is pretty much my first post but breeding kribs is exactly what I am trying to accomplish right now! sounds silly... but I'm slowly trying to established a little "at home" breeding center in my spare bedroom I have a 10 a 20 and a 30 gallon tank, the kribs (2 small female and one full size male) are in the 10 gallon while they await the 20 gallon's finishing touches... so I was just wondering if anyone had any advice before I put my little threesome in the bigger tank, my females are about 1" and the male is prbably 1.5" -is that too much of a size difference? the pet store told me no... either way I think I'll go back and get a larger female to make 4 kribs. as for tank decor and bredding conditions, I've got lots of hides, caves,I'll post pics of my kribs as soon as I can but can anyone else with krib experiance give me any advice?
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experiance in Kribs.... i have none.
however the little bit i have read over the net
seems to point to using the bigger tank.
and i also read that for first time breeding purposes
to remove the male when the female is watching the eggs.
Then the next breeding session to leave him in there.
don't know if that has helped any.?
interesting little fish.
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I had no breeding tank to move my kribs and their babies to. They indeed defended their young vigorously, but every day another 1-2 babies would disappear and now there are none.

Once babies are born, is there any hope at all that they will survive in a tank with 30 other community fish in it?


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Originally Posted by gilfish
Once babies are born, is there any hope at all that they will survive in a tank with 30 other community fish in it?
Unless your tank is large enough with several thickets of plants, chances are the trend of having the fry disappear in a few days will simply continue.

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My Kribs are breeding again. I saw an ad for those aquarium divider things, where you can separate fish inside the same tank. I was thinking of dividing into like a 75/25 area, where the kribs and fry could safely live in about a quarter of the tank, while the others get 75% of the tank without access to the babies.

Anyone have experience with these? Will the whole tank continue getting filtration?

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