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i think my molly is pregnant is fishbowl tank O.K?

i think my molly is pregnant and i was wondering can i put her in a old school 1 gallon fish bowl to have the fry in i saw a post asking if there molly was pregnant and people responded saying it was due to how her body looked and mine loks very identicle so i was going to put her in the fish bowl to have babys then i would put her back in the 55 gal tank but does the small tank still need a filter and airstone or is just plan water ok any advice would be grea i didnt relize this was going to happen becaus i was told they where both females and i found out they where wrong
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The bowl is simply too small to house the mother and fry once she gives birth...
If this is her first time holding then do not be discouraged if the fry do not make it, it would be best to give her a larger tank to give birth in and then separate the mother from the fry to prevent her potentially eating them.

They would still need a filter (sponge filter cycled) is fine for a smaller tank, along with a heater as well.

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I'm not sure a 1g fishbowl is going to support a heater and filter, let alone a handful of fry for more than a very short period. If you really want to raise the fish, you should consider a 5g tank as a minimum.

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im lookin on craigslist now for some thing i have been wanting to get a 30g tank so i guess now is the time to do so
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