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guess i was wrong. I just heard it from somewhere that breeding domestic angels isnt valueable, probably because they have spawned so many times before.
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Originally Posted by Marbellohsdad View Post
guess i was wrong. I just heard it from somewhere that breeding domestic angels isnt valueable, probably because they have spawned so many times before.
I'm in a group on Facebook and I regularly see people selling and buying angelfish. Angelfish are very marketable and valuable.

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And then there were none....

I let it play out and the numbers continued to dwindle until they were gone. It seemed like the male was eating them. I tried to keep the parents well fed, but they were so occupied herding the fry around they just weren't eating much.
Assuming there is one, I think maybe on the next spawn I just might do a rescue when the fry reach the swimmer stage.

I don't know about selling them. This pair cost me $3 each and the store is always sold out of angels very quickly. It might be worth it, but it's certainly not a get rich quick scheme. I can't imagine $10k a spawn on any fish.

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Don't feel bad about it, I wiped out several spawns figuring out how to breed angels many years ago. It's always something though, I usually stop breeding for the early spring into summer, sales slow. Had a spawn from a new pair a week ago, what the heck, one spawn for the summer won't kill me. They started swimming late yesterday, time to fire up the bbs hatcher. Just checked on the bbs hatcher, air line came loose. Great. Years of doing this, that never happened. Glad I loaded it a bit heavy, hopefully have enough for the day, probably not enough for the rest of the tanks as a treat. You're not alone in the world of loosing angels.

No, you won't get rich breeding domestic angels, but if it pays for a day of fun it's worth it. If I sell to a shop & come home with a bag of groceries paid for by the fish my wife is much more tolerant of my insanity. Years back there was a huge angel breeder maybe an hour east of me that was shutting down, 300 forty gallon tanks on a centralized system, 300 gallon tub full of bio balls as part of the filtration, huge UV units, just a massive setup. He had to work a part time job just for health insurance, he & his wife were getting up in years, with the associated medical issues, so he figured it was time to call it quits. The bigger you get the more expensive it gets to run, I have yet to see any fish breeders on the Fortune 500 list.

There's a handful of people who have bred altums in the world, and as it goes with any difficult to breed fish the F1's are quite valuable. Sure, you may have a 10k spawn, but at what price for time as well as fish & supplies getting there? Unless you really plan ahead don't quit the day job thinking you'll make a living breeding fish.
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Its a fun idea though. breeding rare wild angels- me personally Ill keep them as pets thank you very much. I would love to own wild angels but don't because I don't have a big enough tank plus the risk of farmed angels giving a disease to the wilds.- I have a domestic that will need a bigger tank. I plan on geting either a 55 or a 90. sometime this winter marbelloh will be in his new digs with luck.. Right now hes in a 20, only fish.
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