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Originally Posted by saganco
Looks like I'll end up with one of the hydro-sponge filter using a "T" fitting on the air pump so I can have two of these filters in the tank so when I need the qt tank set up, I already have a seeded sponge filter. It's my understanding when I do this, that I don't have to use an air stone. Any suggestions/thoughts/criticisms or other comments on this idea?
Not a bad idea but it's my opinion.:) At least, two sponges would allow good filtration although one is already good.

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What about cramming a bunch of plants and other structure on one end of the tank, and then have the filter in the open end where the babies will be to afraid to venture? You could also just use an under gravel filter. I know that lots of people hate these, but they should still do the job without sucking up your little fishies. Just cut back on the vegetables. If the fish aren't eating them, what's the point of putting it in your tank only to have it mess up your water.
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Originally Posted by saganco
Actually I'm not "married to" my Aqua-Tech - in fact, I'm not all that fond of it. I am open to any good suggestions on a better filter for the 10g tank who's role here is 1. fry grow out, 2. emergency hospital, and 3. QT tank for new purchases. So something that I can "adapt" not to suck up the fry - but does a really good job of cleaning the tank.

Are internal filters better than HOB for this size tank and it's uses? If so, tell me more???
HOB always beat internal. Here is my list from the worst to the best

Internal with one type of media that is changed monthly
HOB with one type of media changed monthly
Box filter (very rarely used nowadays)
Normal flow undergravel
Internal with two different medias, one gets changed monthly, the other never changed
Reverse flow undergravel
HOB with bio-wheel or a media that doesnt get changed
Canister with bio-wheel
Wet/dry trickle

There are more types of filters like fluidized bed filters but i dont know much about them
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Whenever my pregnant guppies start to "show" I isolate them in a side tank.

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Yea, I accidentally killed like, 5 or 6 of my guppy fry with the filter. The best solution i have to offer is to get rid of the filter and buy an algae eater or some algae eating snails.

Another solution would be to get a wire mesh and section off the area were the filter is so they can't get sucked in.
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Perhaps you went ahead and purchased a sponge filter???

I have an old AquaTech 5/15 on my 5 gal fry tank. I use a Fluval Pre-filter sponge on the inlet tube. To reduce the output flow, I just raise the inlet tube slightly and put a piece of sponge material under the bend to keep it up.
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Does anyone realise this thread is over 6 years old?

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

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I only read your post not the comments so my guess is your filter isn't covered they have sponges to add to your filter. This way they will still get filtered but not sucked it! It will only take a few more weeks and you can take it off! How old are your fry?
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