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Smile How old are my guppy fry?

Hi i recently did a complete redecoration of my tank, and in the process found 10 fry, which were all tiny, I've separated them into a different tank and they have thrived. This was 2 weeks ago, they were about 3mm in length when found and had no fins.
They now have fins! With slight black colouring in them and have grown to about 12mm. I have been feeding liquifry number 2, but today they have started taking crushed up flakes and crushed up bloodworm. How old are they now roughly? And how often do they need feeding now?
I have mollys, plattys, guppys, swordtails and balloon mollys in my tank, i can only assume they are guppys due to the shape they are growing into.
Any ideas on age and feeding regime now would be great
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It sounds like they had only just been born maybe just a few days old if that when you found them. I have had two guppys give me fry (the last just 1 week ago) and from what I have here it sounds like your fry are about the 3 week mark. I also feed Liquifry 2. I give them this 3/4 times day. When I move onto the crushed flakes I still tend to give them 3 meals as they are only little with little tummies. I do this until they are about 1/3 of the adults size then I put them onto the adult flakes. I have also found that frozen brine once a week helps them to toughen up a little, and is a good way to keep their diet rich.

Hope this helps

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Hi thanks for the help :) i just upgraded them into a bigger tank. They are the cutest things ever my family adore them and enjoy feeding whilst i'm at work! I've just got them some powdered fish food especially for fry and they seem to love it :)
How long until they can go in the big tank with the grown ups do you think?
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Guppies are growing good and their showing some beautiful patterns :)
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Once they are about a month old if need be they can go in with adult guppies, at that time they are fast enough not to get eaten. If you have the space and are worried you can wait a little longer.
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