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how do i do it?

I have a 46 gallon tank and it has 1 SAE, 1 Pleco, 3 autrailian rainbowfish, 1 male swordtail, 3 neon tetras, and 3 guppies. I have 2 male guppies and 1 female and was wondering if this would be good breeding conditions for the guppies.
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You should have more females then males. The rule with guppies or any livebearer is 2 females for 1 male. The males will chase the female to try to mate and stress her out so having 2 females so 1 does not get stressed or even 3 females would be good. The Rainbows will eat any babies unless you have alot of plants at all levels for them to hide. I would also cover your intake with pantyhose or netting/sponge filter so that the baby fry do not get sucked into the intake. I keep 1 angelfish in my 55 gal. tank so that it can eat any baby fry if I get to many. Those livebearers will have babies every month 20-60 or more at a time. I figure some will get eaten and some will survive. My 1 angelfish will be a population control so that my tank does not get overrun with hundreds of baby fish.
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