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Talking how can you tell a male and a female angelfish apart?

i have 2 angelfish. i dont know the species of them but i am trying to find them out.they are both different species. i have a white and black striped one and a pure whiteish yellow one. my yellowish white one is chasing my zebra looking that a sign of spawning. i had a koi angelfish and a black and white angelfish with my yellow one and it never did that a sign of spawning? if u can post a pic of a male and female angelfish. cause i dont want ANOTHER one to die.when the zebra comes close to my yellow one, the yellow one nips at it. i have never read something like that online. so is it spawning? and what is the difference bettween male and female angelfish?
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Angelfish are tough to sex at a young age, as they mature, the male develops a slight hump os his head above the eyes, not as severe as some cichlid and other male fish species, but it is visible.......This will only develop as they reach maturity and even then its not a sure thing.......Determining sex by looking at the vent of your fish is possible, but i have tried on mine as still cant tell for sure......
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FP is right, Angelfish are very hard to sex. You can't tell the sex until they are ready to spawn and you can see the shape of their genital papillae (breeding tube). The males is pointy and the females is more rounded and blunt. I know my angelfish is female only because she lays eggs about every 4-6 weeks even though she's the only angel in the tank. A few days before she lays eggs she will vigorously clean a spot (the filter intake tube is her favorite place to lay eggs) and she'll get very territorial by chasing off the other fish if they get too close. Also, her breeding tube is more pronounced and easy to see.

Your angels chasing eachother is more likely aggression.

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Yes, agree with above sounds like agression. What size aquarium do you have them in, and what other fish are you keeping them with? If you want a pair of angelfish its better to get a group of 6 or so and let them pair off naturally.

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I can't tell a male from a female but if you raise a half dozen together, the ones that pair off will be a real pair. The rest can be sold off as large angels to the pet shop. The pet shop seldom gets the chance to buy large angels so they should be willing to take them.
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thx good info.i have a 36 gallon tank with 2 angelfish,4 swordtails,3 cories,a pleco,2 flame gouramis,and 2 silver yellowish angelfish is bigger than the new one we have. i dont know if i will get a couple more angelfish because my dad thinks we have to many fish already but i will ask. can u post a picture of a male and a female angelfish or u can post a website that has a picture and labeled? thank u ive been looking EVERYWHERe. i cant find anything.i wonder why its aggression because it never did that before.
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There is a newer member that joined a few mohts ago his s/n is Evan he is a commercial angel breeder try sending him a pm he will definately know how to tell.

o yeah heres is the source of my knowledge of this.
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i did just one angelfish today is really wierd it looks like its cleaning an area on my big rock and when it leaves the other one comes in and does the dame thing. what are they doin?can different types of angelfish breed together?
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dude send a message to evan. . .
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i did send him a message about 3 days ago.
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