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ha ha... i love study halls!!! :) The teachers are ok with it because they consider it "biology" And hey I hope you get some mollys :) Also if you ever want some flame tetras after mine lay their eggs... Ill mail u some free!!!!! :)

Bow down to MTS!!!!!!!!
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Hi! I have 3 dalmatian mollies and recently, after reading they like a bit of salt in their water, I got aquarium salt and put in a bit less than it said on the box...2 hours later I had 10 baby mollies!!! and a week later baby platys. These were my first. You might want to try that :)
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she died.... I am soooo sad. Only one lone molly left now.....

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i never bread mollys before,but im sure that that red spot is a baby
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im so sorry I wish i could give you some if i had any left!!!

Bow down to MTS!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by jackblack1112
my guppy had the same thing wrong as your mollie but it died i asked the pet store and they said she got too stressed as she had nowhere to have her babys maby you should put her in another tank, or a breeding net or maby put more plants in.
my guppy has a red spot right under the black one
i put her in a baby cup thingy,mabe i put her in too soon?
or is the red spot suppost to be theire?
its not on her butt,just right UNDER the black spot
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with only two fish in the tank and if it is over ten gallons i woulnd bother getting another tank unkess the babys have no where to hide, but if you give them hiding spots where the adults cant get them then they should be fine
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Fishbabymom, if you are going to add salt to a tank to make it brackish, use ocean salt like they use for a saltwater aquarium. So called aquarium salt is only going to make the water saline, not brackish. The only use I know of for aquarium salt is for treating ich. Some mollies come from areas in the wild that are somewhat brackish and if you happen to have one of those, the sea salt would help them. Many livebearers can tolerate some salt for a while but it should not be used indiscriminately. Unless you know that your mollies require some salt, raise the water hardness and pH instead. All of the common livebearers do better in hard water with a pH from about 7.5 to even 8.0.
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