Help!!! I have new fry!
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Help!!! I have new fry!

This is a discussion on Help!!! I have new fry! within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Hello, I have some new red platy fry in my tank. The store said they gave me all males (I have 3) but now ...

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Help!!! I have new fry!
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Help!!! I have new fry!


I have some new red platy fry in my tank. The store said they gave me all males (I have 3) but now I have unexepcted babies in my tank. They are hanging out at the top with my floating plants. I don't have any other tanks to separate them. The only other fish I have are 3 panda cories and lots of plants. The aqaurium has only been running for 4 weeks and I am still working on getting my nitrites/nitrates down.

Any advice?

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Platies are tough. I have bumblebee platies in a outside unfiltered tub pond. All of them are doing fine but I have water plants in there. You can do nothing and some will survive in your plants and some might get eaten.

If you have a female in your bunch you will have new babies every month even without a male around as the females can store sperm for 3-6 months and give birth with out a male around. If your tank is new if you have the right plants like Hornwort, and Anacharis these plants are good to make the water better for new tanks. I would do no more them 20-25% water changes a week. I would also get a test kit to check the water.The babies like to hide in the floating Plants

Don't worry so much about the babies as you will be overloaded with fry every month. feed the baby fry some crushed flake food like a fine powder. When they are big enough not to fit in the mouth of one of your fish they will be safe. You can alway go get one of those breeder boxes, or breeder nets and keep the fry in that with some floating plant til they grow bigger in your main tank. Platies take a long time to develop into males. They sometimes look all like females and 6 months later you will see one develop into a male. All my bumblebee platies look like females and I have had them for several months. I have no male platy but one of the female keeps having babies now and it's been at least 5 months. I keep my babies in the main tank. My females do not eat their babies but some female will.
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