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I spent about an hour crushing my adult food into a fine powder.And that seems to work..

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By adult food, do you mean the flakes? Say for mollies?
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Day 10!

So it's day 10 and I have been feeding the fry from an infusoria culture I made the day they where spawned and some of the Hikari First Bites. I can't tell what they are eating, they are still hiding in the plants and in the gravel but at one point I saw 5 separate fry scavenging. Some are a little smaller than others but they all seem to have full whitish looking bellies when I see them. So far so good. I've been doing small water changes every day but I've been afraid to do any siphoning on the babies side and only getting the food on top of the gravel on the adult side. Anyone know how long it will take for them to get big enough to put with the adults? I think the divider in the tank is stressing the adults out. Thanks all.

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