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Exclamation Help! I don't know what to do - *angelfish eggs already laid*

OMG!!!! my angels paired up and laid eggs in my 75 gallon tank on the powerhead today. i kinda had an idea that they were pairing up b/c they were protecting a territory and cleaning the area off. but here's my dilemma...1 - tomorrow is my water change day and i don't want to disturb the process but i need to change the water. 2 - they're in my community tank so i have a lot of fish in there (some carnivores), i would assume some of them would love to feast on the eggs or the fry after they hatch.

now, i have a 10 gallon quarantine tank available, but i'm currently housing a baby electric blue jack dempsey, albino shark, clown pleco, and 3 ghost shrimp in that an option for the fry? will they die if i attempt to transfer them to that tank? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!
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if you keep them submerged and put the powerhead in a bucket in the tank with water then lift it with water in it and lower into the 10 gallon it would work. i would take the fish out of the 10 galon because they will eat them. just add the angel pair in the tank and they will atch themselvs. you could also just let them be eaten then get better prepared with a tank on the side and let them have another batch

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Yeah i agree with the Let them be eating this go around... but really its what you want to do either way you will have to separate the fry asap or its going to equal death once hatched unless the parents become very agro.. just my 2 Cents
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ok so lets say i transfer them to the 10G. can i put the shrimp in with the community or will they get eaten? how about the EBJD? he's only about an inch big, with the black ghost eat him? or will he terrorize the tank even though he's so small? and should i cover the filter intake with anything cuz its too powerful and might suck up the fry?
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Personally, I would let them get eaten. Since you know you have a proven pair, they will probably produce eggs at least once a month.

Do you know what you're going to do with 30-40 angelfish?

You normally have to grow them out to an inch or two before they're sellable... Even then, selling fish can be difficult.... (I have some green terror fry that are a pain right now.)

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is a 10G good enough to hold all those little guys until they're big enough to sell or just give away? and if i put the parents in with the eggs, will they protect the eggs from the shrimp and fish or will they still get to the eggs while the parents are sleeping?
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Congratulations on the Eggs (Y) ..

What a wonderful dilemma to be in .. Oh the problems we face when looking after these beauts, tropical fish keeping is awesome =D ...

Sorry, I cannot help lol, Not enough experience under my belt .. But im sure you'll get the right feedback here, too many awesome fishkeepers around !!

Defo helped me out in the past !!
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thanks! yeah and the 2 that paired up are amazing...a marble and a koi...babies should look sick! now i just have to make sure they make it
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